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(edit) @1250   7 years toby use svn ps svn:eol-style "native" expgui to change line ends
(edit) @1236   8 years toby workaround for GSAS fprime bug
(edit) @1226   9 years toby fixes for anom and fourier GUIs
(edit) @1220   9 years toby fix chem constrain add row bug; Add Fourier to export_drawxtl; new …
(edit) @1215   9 years toby Split restraints & constraints; add compositional (chemical) constraint
(edit) @1213   9 years toby routine for chemical restraint added (ChemConst?)
(edit) @1211   9 years toby manage abs constraints; changes to support MakeHistBox? in dialog
(edit) @1209   9 years toby start on Fourier calc and absorption constraints
(edit) @1208   9 years toby Add routines for Fourier map access
(edit) @1189   9 years toby fix bug in releasing fixed atoms; finish interface for fixed parms in …
(edit) @1176   10 years toby fix missing scale factor record
(edit) @1173   10 years toby fix RB where atoms are missing in sequence; turn of X flag when atoms …
(edit) @1162   10 years toby liveplot: make sure path is updated for tkcon; readexp: anomalous f' & f
(edit) @1152   10 years toby a bit of cleanup
(edit) @1115   10 years toby scan .EXP files for GENLES blowups; update web pages
(edit) @1109   11 years toby recent changes: fix coordinates, rb start
(edit) @1106   11 years toby more fixes to validreal for small nums; add more RB control routines
(edit) @1032   11 years toby fix creation of soft constr histogram
(edit) @1021   11 years chlake add disagl edit & viewer
(edit) @1020   11 years toby fix string to work with older Tcl/Tk?
(edit) @1018   11 years toby Set DISAGL dist/angle options
(edit) @1017   11 years toby read default radii from AFAC records
(edit) @1016   11 years toby read & edit DISAGL distance/angle radii
(edit) @1015   11 years toby mapexp: set expgui(mapstat) to trigger trace; move tab disable from …
(edit) @1007   11 years chlake relabel constraints tab (need a better label!) readexp: breakup lines …
(edit) @1000   11 years toby readexp: fix return list distrest: new routines for s.c. editing
(edit) @999   11 years toby Add Distance Rest to Constraints (sandbox)
(copy) @998   11 years toby tag Copy head version to create a branch to play with
copied from trunk/readexp.tcl:
(edit) @997   11 years toby fix awful bug introduced with prev. code rearangement that should not …
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