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(edit) @1250   9 years toby use svn ps svn:eol-style "native" expgui to change line ends
(edit) @1172   11 years toby fix/enhance rigid bodies some
(edit) @1152   11 years toby a bit of cleanup
(edit) @1139   11 years lake
(edit) @1138   11 years toby fixes for SetRigidBody? and SetRigidBodyVar?
(edit) @1137   11 years toby change rb.tcl as per CHL request
(edit) @1136   11 years lake
(edit) @1134   11 years toby prepare to vary RB multipliers
(edit) @1130   11 years toby add labeling to rb plotting
(edit) @1127   12 years toby fix TLS reporting
(edit) @1124   12 years toby remove debug code
(edit) @1123   12 years toby resolve conflict
(edit) @1119   12 years toby conflicted
(edit) @1114   12 years toby more RB capability
(edit) @1112   12 years toby fix save as bug, expand rb.tcl to delete & handle gaps in body lists; …
(edit) @1108   12 years toby relabel xform atoms; more RB stuff
(edit) @1107   12 years toby fix rb bugs: ReadRigidBody? needs nested list & SetRigidBody? writes …
(edit) @1106   12 years toby more fixes to validreal for small nums; add more RB control routines
(edit) @1102   12 years toby make rb tcl8.4 compatible
(edit) @1101   12 years toby new routines for RB editing, more to come
(edit) @1100   12 years toby fix RB
(edit) @1098   12 years toby add z-matrix conversion
(add) @1036   12 years toby fix bug on replace atoms; clean up loading/creation of exp files; add …
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