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EXPGUI Revisions List

This page describes all revisions logged for changes to the EXPGUI source files, sorted by date. See the EXPGUI Wish List for a more descriptive listing.

since 1-Jun-2009

since 1-Mar-2009

since 1-Nov-2008

since 1-Jul-2008

expgui 1.83 2008/07/14
change button labels to suit convention
addcmds.tcl 1.44 2008/07/14
Add CIF import to Add Hist window
cif2fxye.tcl 1.1 2008/07/14
Initial revision
excledt.tcl 1.18 2008/07/14
minor cleanups -- change some button labels to be more conventional
remove ^C binding for windows
excledt.tcl 1.17 2008/07/14
put deiconify back (probably not needed)
excledt.tcl 1.16 2008/07/14
fix "crazy line" bug due to tick mark numbers
make msg boxes a child of excl plot window
eliminate bind of for windows, since it prevents the window
from changing size
gsascmds.tcl 1.66 2008/07/14
change some button labels to be more conventional
gsascmds.tcl 1.65 2008/07/14
change Set to Continue for getstring (so that initial window has Continue)
use variable to hold disagl window name
add code to export a phase to clipboard for Andrew Will's VaList program

addcmds.tcl 1.43 2008/07/02
Fix bug on ImportAtoms (see 1.42)
fix blunder on replacephase3 (no args)

since 1-Jul-2007

addcmds.tcl 1.42 2008/06/30
fix bug on ImportPhase with 1 format (e.g. .cif on Windows)

expgui 1.82 2008/04/15
macro recording
implement "Prompt after GSAS run option", replay macro
addcmds.tcl 1.41 2008/04/15
major revision for macro recording
introduce cell symmetry constraints
check for trailing R on s.g. in Rhomb. settings
add .fxye to list of raw types
stop conversion of raw files to fixed record length
fix bug stopping review of inst prm files with a blank line
atomcons.tcl 1.14 2008/04/15
macro commands
excledt.tcl 1.15 2008/04/15
fix child window parentage
record macros
export_shelx.tcl 1.2 2008/04/15
fix occupancy for macromolec input
gsascmds.tcl 1.64 2008/04/15
macro recording
implement prompt/no prompt in GSAS window
implement run macros
new proc to run GSAS programs w/o a terminal window
gsasmenu.tcl 1.28 2008/04/15
macro menu
instedit.tcl 1.8 2008/04/15
new button to import diffractometer constants in instedit
liveplot 1.45 2008/04/15
add comment (bkgedit not macro enabled)
lstview 1.19 2008/04/15
implement new capability as macromon (macro monitor routine)
allow routine to be called directly (opens .LST file)
odf.tcl 1.8 2008/04/15
macro recording
orient.tcl 1.10 2008/04/15
macro recording
profcons.tcl 1.8 2008/04/15
macro recording
widplt 1.20 2008/04/15
do not load widply_ files for absplt

before 2008/04/15

expgui 1.81 2007/01/17
warn on windows comspec problem
fix convergence spelling

graceexport.tcl 1.2 2006/07/31
missing tickmarks (new BLT version?) add fix from Bogdan Jurca

expgui 1.80 2006/04/30
Indicate a new release
gsasmenu.tcl 1.27 2006/04/30
Add gsas2map into menus
liveplot 1.44 2006/04/30
remove last of background function #3
compute Q in same manner as in calcbak (results still differ)

expgui 1.79 2006/03/29
Mark release
addcmds.tcl 1.40 2006/03/29
Allow use of d-min or Q-max when adding multiple histograms (IPNS request)
dumpprof.tcl 1.3 2006/03/29
return diffractometer constants
support starkit
gsascmds.tcl 1.63 2006/03/29
Associate profile names with term labels
gsasmenu.tcl 1.26 2006/03/29
Add mustrplot to 2nd menu
gsasmenu.tcl 1.25 2006/03/29
remove now obsolete tofnorm; add new mustrplot
instedit.tcl 1.7 2006/03/29
support profile editing (& grab from .EXP) in instedit (IPNS request)
don't hard-code profile names here (grab from gsascmds.tcl)

expgui 1.78 2006/02/22
Plug GSAS on window head
Make histogram selection look like a button
fix bug in global setting of phase fractions/damping
make history not like a button
remove control-C exit from Windows version
addcmds.tcl 1.39 2006/02/22
fix bug in 2theta max for multiple hist addition
implement re-evaluation of multiplicities (ResetMultiplicities)
add button to Reset Multiplicities to edit menu
update Multiplicities after an origin change
better explain origin shifts
gsascmds.tcl 1.62 2006/02/22
Recompute Multiplicities prior to Composition computation
gsascmds.tcl 1.61 2006/02/22
Allow composition to work on Magnetic phases
gsasmenu.tcl 1.24 2006/02/22
add seqgsas & seqplot to menus & minor menu fixes/duplication
instedit.tcl 1.6 2006/02/22
no significant changes -- allow KRATIO to be edited, but restore as the variable is not read from an instrument parameter file
liveplot 1.43 2006/02/22
bkgfit: prevent use of more than 36 bkg terms, since that is all GSAS allows

addcmds.tcl 1.38 2005/12/16
make spacegroup search case insensitive on Origin 1/2
comment out debug puts statements

readexp.tcl 1.46 2005/09/13
fix buggy EXP create routine

addcmds.tcl 1.37 2005/09/12
add missing proc
dumpexp.tcl 1.5 2005/09/12
add package require code & new heading to remind me this is an executable script
readexp.tcl 1.45 2005/09/12
change formatting of ODF records to match most recent GSAS release

expgui 1.77 2005/09/07
tag for new EXPGUI release
addcmds.tcl 1.36 2005/09/07
Add origin 1 --> origin 2 xform option
export_drawxtl.tcl 1.3 2005/09/07
fix use of delete window decoration (== quit)
fix display arrows options; warn on old GEOMETRY program
use .drawxtlrc to find DRAWXTL5.x program

expgui 1.76 2005/03/24
fix up resize for OS X
add LS band width as option (thanx RBVD)
note Pawley phase (thanks RBVD)
attempt to fix missing expmap(atomlistboxcontents) bug
(not sure why this happens, so at least trap errors)
Reset phase selection in GetPhaseFlags in case this causes the missing expmap(atomlistboxcontents)
prevent use of TRNS & SHFT when ZERO is refined
add new print option (#10) (thanx RBVD)
export_drawxtl.tcl 1.2 2005/03/24
major revision
Allow arrow colors, number comments on arrows
Look for DRAWxtl (not in enough places) and offer to launch it
oops -- the entire arrow routine is new.
gsascmds.tcl 1.60 2005/03/24
add defs for function #5 (thanks RBVD)
fix # & labels for terms in Profile #4 (4/m -3R -3 -3m1)
fix bug in Set on change profile for multiple histograms/phases
lstview 1.18 2005/03/24
fix bug in save options
Add unix capability to print selected text
(should work on OS X if lpr points to desired printer -- I think)
orient.tcl 1.9 2005/03/24
change designation of preferred direction
profcons.tcl 1.7 2005/03/24
profile type 5 (RBVD)
readexp.tcl 1.44 2005/03/24
new validreal
support LS Band parameter (in part RBVD)
add xtra digit to PRNT (RBVD)
widplt 1.19 2005/03/24
support function #5 (thanks RBVD)

readexp.tcl 1.43 2004/11/17
fix unformatted date -- belt & suspenders

expgui 1.75 2004/10/04
Require BWidget (remove non-BWidget code)
excledt.tcl 1.14 2004/10/04
remove unused diffvec
redo vector variable access -- fix bug
exclinit.tcl 1.2 2004/10/04
remove diffvec (not used)
liveplot 1.42 2004/10/04
redo vector access
odf.tcl 1.7 2004/10/04
BWidget is now required
orient.tcl 1.8 2004/10/04
remove non-BWidget code

expgui 1.74 2004/09/28
use winutils or winexec
catch expgui when called with .Oxx (archived .EXP) files
to eventually offer rename choices
catch Mac Reload EXP? bug
gsascmds.tcl 1.59 2004/09/28
use WINUTILS if present in place of WINEXEC
on Mac use Rez & SetFile from dist, when not installed

export_drawxtl.tcl 1.1 2004/09/21
Initial revision

expgui 1.73 2004/09/20
add "package require Tk" for starkit use
gsascmds.tcl 1.58 2004/09/20
force all output to instfile to be in ASCII
this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file
liveplot 1.41 2004/09/20
>> add "package require Tk" for starkit use
lstview 1.17 2004/09/20
add "package require Tk" for starkit use
mkdictindex.tcl 1.2 2004/09/20
add "package require Tk" for starkit use
readexp.tcl 1.42 2004/09/20
force all output to instfile to be in ASCII
this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file
readinst.tcl 1.4 2004/09/20
force all output to instfile to be in ASCII
this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file
widplt 1.18 2004/09/20
add "package require Tk" for starkit use

export_cif.tcl 1.1 2004/09/08
Initial revision

expgui 1.72 2004/05/13
add open console
excledt.tcl 1.13 2004/05/13
add new zoom binding
liveplot 1.40 2004/05/13
add open console
deal with starkit problems
ignore bad element attributes (colors, marker types, sizes...)
update binding stuff (yet again!)
avoid bug on fit with no points (bkgfit)
lstview 1.16 2004/05/13
open console
widplt 1.17 2004/05/13
add open console
deal with starkit problems

gsascmds.tcl 1.57 2004/05/04
save .EXP before call to bkgedit (bug fix)
instedit.tcl 1.5 2004/05/04
fix ipola buttons ("None" was broken)
disable KRATIO as it is currently unused
readexp.tcl 1.41 2004/05/04
fix diffrence from EXPEDT; change kratio=0 to 0.5

expgui 1.71 2004/04/27
new number only to track other changes
addcmds.tcl 1.35 2004/04/27
add O-1
export_xml.tcl 1.3 2004/04/27
remove unused proc
flag origin 2 space groups when in space group table
gsascmds.tcl 1.56 2004/04/27
update non-modal dialogs to match newer versions of Tk
add window resize for OS X
instedit.tcl 1.4 2004/04/27
add ITYP entry in init
liveplot 1.39 2004/04/27
plot (obs-calc)/sigma
Add ability to scan zoom region with arrow keys

excledt.tcl 1.12 2004/04/26
Fix bug with OSX BLT (all new versions of BLT)?
Add ability to scan zoom region with arrow keys

expgui 1.70 2004/04/03
fix clock format command
atomcons.tcl 1.13 2004/04/03
fix sort undefined bug
report warning when nothing selected to constrain

expgui 1.69 2004/01/30
Add code to set app/icon in OS X, remove applescript generation
browsecif.tcl 1.9 2004/01/30
update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.
fillcif.tcl 1.6 2004/01/30
update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.
gsascmds.tcl 1.55 2004/01/30
Add code to set app/icon in OS X
gsascmds.tcl 1.54 2004/01/30
update putontop to match new version of CIF routines
import_cif.tcl 1.12 2004/01/30
update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.

mkdictindex.tcl 1.1 2004/01/12
Initial revision

expgui 1.68 2003/12/16
add droplet capability to AppleScript

expgui 1.67 2003/12/05
more AppleScript fixups (find xterm location & offer a startup directory choice)
expgui 1.66 2003/12/05
add file menu command to create applescript shortcut (OSX only)
excledt.tcl 1.11 2003/12/05
only display peak options for phases that are present
implement keyboard shortcuts (1,2,...) for showing reflection tickmarks
fix peak options menu bug
liveplot 1.38 2003/12/05
force bkgedit to always use unnormalized plots

expgui 1.65 2003/11/22
advance EXPGUI version number to reflect bug fixes in other files

addcmds.tcl 1.34 2003/11/21
fix "replace phase" bug
liveplot 1.37 2003/11/21
fix "save options" bug
widplt 1.16 2003/11/21
add export to grace & .csv options

expgui 1.64 2003/11/13
add powpref nagging after "SaveAs" & rename of archived .EXP
expgui 1.63 2003/11/13
Updates for OSX: window resize & catch puts
clean up the way "use new name" works for archived .EXP files
remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke
browsecif.tcl 1.8 2003/11/13
remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke
gsascmds.tcl 1.53 2003/11/13
remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke
add code to support URL lookup in OSX & clean up for UNIX
don't allow archived files on initial open
fix parse of .EXP file for >999 LS cycles
liveplot 1.36 2003/11/13
catch puts output for OSX
Resize window for OSX
revise interface to LOGIC and CMPR
lstview 1.15 2003/11/13
Resize window for OSX
widplt 1.15 2003/11/13
Resize window for OSX

addcmds.tcl 1.33 2003/11/05
add missing cleanup routine (afterputontop)
browsecif.tcl 1.7 2003/11/05
prepare for OSX -- catch puts
gsascmds.tcl 1.52 2003/11/05
add mozilla to browser list
fix missing browser error msg
fix bug in Chinese Windows where history record gets corrupted
instedit.tcl 1.3 2003/11/05
prepare for OSX - remove puts
notebook.tcl 1.3 2003/11/05
prepare for OSX -- catch puts
readinst.tcl 1.3 2003/11/05
prepare for OSX

expgui 1.62 2003/08/11
remove Bkg functions #3 & #9 since they are gone from GSAS
addcmds.tcl 1.32 2003/08/11
add support for adding multiple histograms
code cleanup -col -> -column
browsecif.tcl 1.6 2003/08/11
significant revision for CIFTOOLS
cleanup for Mac OS X
improve error reporting
make variable for max line length (defaults to 80)
cifselect.tcl 1.3 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
excledt.tcl 1.10 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
fillcif.tcl 1.5 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
gsascmds.tcl 1.51 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
import_cif.tcl 1.11 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
instedit.tcl 1.2 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
liveplot 1.35 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
liveplot 1.34 2003/08/11
remove BKG function #3 since it is gone from GSAS
liveplot_FoxExport.tcl 1.2 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column
lstview 1.14 2003/08/11
code cleanup -col -> -column

odf.tcl 1.6 2003/05/27
autoselect 1st phase if none are previously selected
add comments

readexp.tcl 1.40 2003/05/24
fix absorption correction bug

expgui 1.61 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG
addcmds.tcl 1.31 2003/05/22
Add instrument parameter file editor
dumpexp.tcl 1.4 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG
dumpprof.tcl 1.2 2003/05/22
initial tweaking
gsascmds.tcl 1.50 2003/05/22
Workaround for win-XP bug where archive fails because rename does not work
gsasmenu.tcl 1.23 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG
Add instedit
instedit.tcl 1.1 2003/05/22
Initial revision
liveplot 1.33 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG
liveplot_FoxExport.tcl 1.1 2003/05/22
Initial revision
lstview 1.13 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG
readexp.tcl 1.39 2003/05/22
cleanup ABSCOR usage (blank = type 0) -- fix reported bug?
readinst.tcl 1.2 2003/05/22
remove error message display used for debug
widplt 1.14 2003/05/22
Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG

dumpprof.tcl 1.1 2003/05/13
Initial revision
liveplot 1.32 2003/05/13
save more stuff, use gsas.config on windows
readinst.tcl 1.1 2003/05/13
Initial revision

expgui 1.60 2003/04/10
change header
autostart GRWND option for Win-95/98/ME
warnings to run POWPREF
read customization from gsas.config as well as .gsas_config (no doc yet)
warn on directories with spaces
insert date in gsas.config & .gsas_config (use gsas.config on Win)
move a,b,c... to separate menu
addcmds.tcl 1.30 2003/04/10
leave filenames up for rawplot
set tmin properly for TOF
show text for bank selected
add Qmax option
add "run powpref" warning
dumpexp.tcl 1.3 2003/04/10
use filename rather than arg (why?)
excledt.tcl 1.9 2003/04/10
Major revisions to fix TOF bugs
(use EXPEDT to set TMIN)
move conversion routines to readexp.tcl
many new comments
export_xml.tcl 1.2 2003/04/10
fix missing tag
gsascmds.tcl 1.49 2003/04/10
implement GRWND startup (Win-9x)
warn on names with spaces
liveplot 1.31 2003/04/10
change header
keep weights (for export)
use normalized data for BKGEDIT (fit is incorrect for TOF w/o)
allow export routines (for FOX)
allow 1,2,... keys to turn on phase tickmarks
lstview 1.12 2003/04/10
change startup section
readexp.tcl 1.38 2003/04/10
more sig figs on small numbers (switch to scientific notation earlier)
implement powpref warning
update absorption correction to blank spaces
add data conversion routines (from excledt)
widplt 1.13 2003/04/10
change header

browsecif.tcl 1.5 2002/12/30
updated pleasewait
implement CIF(maxvalues) to control max CIF size
define contents of CIF(status) , to be displayed on "pleasewait" & check
CIF size against maximum
check to see if skip forward is in fact going backwards (prevent infinite loop)
scroll text box while parsing -- looks neat!
implement (&comment out) multiple selection of looped items
fillcif.tcl 1.4 2002/12/30
new comment; change name of CIFBrowserWindow to CIFOpenBrowser (for latest browsecif.tcl)
gsascmds.tcl 1.48 2002/12/30
update pleasewait to include latest options

readexp.tcl 1.37 2002/12/27
fix MM read bug

expgui 1.59 2002/10/31
do better job reporting gsas_config errors & write to file better
liveplot 1.30 2002/10/31
trap gsas_config errors & write to file better
lstview 1.11 2002/10/31
trap gsas_config errors
prevent infinite loop in readsum
widplt 1.12 2002/10/31
trap gsas_config errors & write to file better

liveplot 1.29 2002/10/24
Add export capability to comma separated value (.csv) files for spreadsheets
and graphics programs

browsecif.tcl 1.4 2002/09/24
quote reserved "words" (DATA_ LOOP_ SAVE_ STOP_ GLOBAL_)

expgui 1.58 2002/09/05
trap error in localconfig and .gsas_config
add CIFselect
addcmds.tcl 1.29 2002/09/05
why did I do this? Deal with missing description?
browsecif.tcl 1.3 2002/09/05
Major revision.
Implement undo
get rid of "Save Changes"
change use of icons
don't show tables with more than 100 loop values (by "column")
browsecif.tcl 1.2 2002/09/05
add categories to loops
improve number parsing
lock edits in text window
(above grew from suggestions by B. McMahon)
cifselect.tcl 1.2 2002/09/05
fillcif.tcl 1.3 2002/09/05
Revise to use updated browsecif:
implement undo
changes made in-memory automatically
manual editing of cif must be enabled
fillcif.tcl 1.2 2002/09/05
minor update: eliminate reference to window by name (.file)
import_cif.tcl 1.10 2002/09/05
Major rework to use text-based browsecif.tcl
liveplot 1.28 2002/09/05
remove octave stuff
profcons.tcl 1.6 2002/09/05
make sure a phase & histogram is selected to prevent error
handholding: if there is only 1 histogram/phase select it.

browsecif.tcl 1.1 2002/08/09
Initial revision
cifselect.tcl 1.1 2002/08/09
Initial revision
fillcif.tcl 1.1 2002/08/09
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.47 2002/08/09
fix table size sync.
add ExpandScrollTable (used in cifselect)
orient.tcl 1.7 2002/08/09
correct labels on pref. orient. axis to uvw

expgui 1.57 2002/07/18
GSAS2CIF & fillCIF changes
excledt.tcl 1.8 2002/07/18
fix binding with yet newer versions of BLT
export_xml.tcl 1.1 2002/07/18
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.46 2002/07/18
remove iconify from excledt -- seems to work better on Windows
gsasmenu.tcl 1.22 2002/07/18
GSAS2CIF & FillCIF changes
readexp.tcl 1.36 2002/07/18
fix excluded region read error (in EXCLEDT)

expgui 1.56 2002/07/03
minor stuff:
1) networked path may be OK, warn, but no error
2) catch invalid .EXP file names
3) avoid error messages on grab's
export_spf.tcl 1.2 2002/07/03
place only 1 TITL line in file (as requested by Lachlan)
gsascmds.tcl 1.45 2002/07/03
catch invalid .EXP file names
import_cif.tcl 1.9 2002/07/03
minor bug fix
profcons.tcl 1.5 2002/07/03
Bug fix: cancel button was broken on Add/Edit profile constraint
Enable continue button on "Editing New Profile Constraint" menu only if
terms are selected.

import_cell.tcl 1.3 2002/02/11
make sure file gets closed
import_cif.tcl 1.8 2002/02/11
Change quote processing of CIF's -- strip quotes as items are read (keep semicolons)
fix bug in spacegroup validation
liveplot 1.27 2002/02/11
add cursor display (livecursor) -- requested by Lachlan
lstview 1.10 2002/02/11
Bug fix -- repeat is was not set (error if .LST file is large)

expgui 1.55 2002/01/25
Add absorption correction to histogram pane
move damping on histogram pane, to save space
bug fix: global ref. w/alpha1,2 the ratio param were in wrong spot
readexp.tcl 1.35 2002/01/25
more absorption correction terms
widplt 1.11 2002/01/25

widplt 1.10 2002/01/24
bug fix: update plot after "Apply" with change in absorption coeff.

addcmds.tcl 1.28 2002/01/23
fix bugs related to adding ValidateAtomsBox
launch import (ImportPhase/ImportAtom) when a import format is selected

expgui 1.54 2002/01/22
Significant change in display of atoms on phase panel:
changing an atom queues an update for that atom only
using new routine UpdateAtomLine
avoid duplicate refresh (killer for big lists)
Display atoms in MM phases
Add a Export coordinates menu cascade that gets built
when used rather than every time the software is loaded (better speed)
new routines: FormatAtomLine & UpdateAtomLine so that only 1
atom can be updated at a time
CompressList now divides up the list with if a maximum
length is supplied
Remove AddAtoms & ReplacePhase buttons for MM phases (not supported)
addcmds.tcl 1.27 2002/01/22
support changes MM phases (where appropriate)
create a atom type validation routine ValidateAtomsBox & remove from
addatoms and replacephase2
call UpdateAtomLine to refresh display of selected atoms
fix minor bug, if a phase is replaced & the number of
atoms remains unchanged
atomcons.tcl 1.12 2002/01/22
Major changes to add MM constraints
source profcons.tcl when the main pane is created
create the subpanes each time the main pane
is created (in case phases get added)
Most routines now take the phase type as an arg
dumpexp.tcl 1.2 2002/01/22
don't dump mm phases
export_shelx.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
export_spf.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
export_xtl.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
graceexport.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.44 2002/01/22
support absplt in widplt routine
move export to .xtl to separate file
change order of date-sorted .EXP files, put newest on top
gsasmenu.tcl 1.21 2002/01/22
add absplt, remove export routines now in own menu cascade
add gsas2pdf * ref2... & ramafit
import_cif.tcl 1.7 2002/01/22
more complete space group checking
import_spf.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
import_xtl.tcl 1.1 2002/01/22
Initial revision
liveplot 1.26 2002/01/22
Major revision:
export to GRACE
BKGEDIT use linear least-squares & fits bkg functions 1-6
add label by phase name
edit phase name in "edit tickmarks"
make obs & calc pattern less obscuring in bkgedit
lstview 1.9 2002/01/22
Major revisions
add plot of R's & shifts
update parse routines to changes in .LST file
Add capability to delete sections of file
opts.tcl 1.8 2002/01/22
Add small checkbutton font for LSTVIEW plot
readexp.tcl 1.34 2002/01/22
writing of real values: if a field has more than 6 characters &
too few significant digits will show, switch to scientific notation
-- example: set val .001234; validreal val 8 4 -- val is 0.0012
set val .0001234; validreal val 8 4 -- val is 1.23E-04

new routine for MM phases: mmatominfo
add abs correction parameters to histinfo
handle mm constraints in constrinfo
widplt 1.9 2002/01/22
Major revision
Add ABSPLT capability for absorption/reflectivity plots
change edit menu to cascade menu rather than select
curve on plot
correct LY on type 4 to 0
change lots of proc names
make a edit page creator: NewProfileValues used to create &
edit profile curves
clean code to make ancestry a little less obvious
... hope it works

expgui 1.53 2001/12/16
make top of window a bit smaller
expgui 1.52 2001/12/16
don't check for excledt file -- Excluded region button is always present
addcmds.tcl 1.26 2001/12/16
Add "D" as a valid element type
excledt.tcl 1.7 2001/12/16
make -outline BLT version dependent (bug fix)
fix manual zoom reset
gsascmds.tcl 1.43 2001/12/16
fix fileinfobox error in open .EXP routine
liveplot 1.25 2001/12/16
bug fix: ignore update if .EXP file does not exists
liveplot 1.24 2001/12/16
Major revisions:
add braces for expressions
move BLT load after sourcing
Add Linear Algebra use (La1.0)
rework Chebyshev fit to use direct (La) solution
fix manual zoom
improve error messages
opts.tcl 1.7 2001/12/16
make top of window a bit smaller

gsascmds.tcl 1.42 2001/11/19
include Rfactors on file lookup
liveplot 1.23 2001/11/19
improve error message
deal with duplicate points in BKGEDIT
opts.tcl 1.6 2001/11/19
new smallfont default

addcmds.tcl 1.25 2001/11/08
fix update flag after Uiso/Uaniso conversion

expgui 1.51 2001/11/07
get rid of echo command
excledt.tcl 1.6 2001/11/07
change filename to avoid liveplot conflict
catch error if nothing is read
gsascmds.tcl 1.41 2001/11/07
remove echo in archive
add get file name for DISAGL/save
support histogram flags for all types of histograms

expgui 1.50 2001/10/31
fix .Oxx bug when no files are found
add excledt support
excledt.tcl 1.5 2001/10/31
Very major rewrite
make excledt run inside expgui
add dummy histogram support
add manual zoom and next histogram keys
excledt.tcl 1.4 2001/10/31
unsuccessful Win95 fixes
exclinit.tcl 1.1 2001/10/31
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.40 2001/10/31
change excledt to run "in-line"
liveplot 1.22 2001/10/31
add next histogram feature
liveplot 1.21 2001/10/31
manual zoom option
readexp.tcl 1.33 2001/10/31
support excledt

addcmds.tcl 1.24 2001/10/19
Change use of $newhist(setnum) for 8.0 compatibility
readexp.tcl 1.32 2001/10/19
remove string replace for 8.0 compatibility

expgui 1.49 2001/10/18
update archiving
gsascmds.tcl 1.39 2001/10/18
fix web page display problem in windows-NT
move EXP archiving here & now use the .O?? files
gsasmenu.tcl 1.20 2001/10/18
describe new archiving
liveplot 1.20 2001/10/18
add new peak labeling options
readexp.tcl 1.31 2001/10/18
remove unix support for compressed files

expgui 1.48 2001/10/14
bug fix: fix so that new histogram buttons are disabled when
no phases are present
addcmds.tcl 1.23 2001/10/14
blank out dummy histogram ranges until a set is selected
dumpexp.tcl 1.1 2001/10/14
Initial revision
import_gsas.tcl 1.1 2001/10/14
Initial revision

expgui 1.47 2001/09/25
Add citations, as suggested by Lachlan
Add Set Histogram flag button
addcmds.tcl 1.22 2001/09/25
add comments
improve error message display & try to show all exptool errors
dummy histogram support
excledt.tcl 1.3 2001/09/25
add web error links
list only allowed histograms on submenu
gsascmds.tcl 1.38 2001/09/25
Add error highlight into ShowBigMessage
look more closely at histogram types for liveplot, etc (this still may need
more attention)
Set Histogram Flag dialog and some nice scrollable table code
liveplot 1.19 2001/09/25
list only allowed histograms on submenu
opts.tcl 1.5 2001/09/25
resize all plot axes
readexp.tcl 1.30 2001/09/25
Add "D" to all dummy histogram type, save number of histograms
document histinfo x file
support changing dummy ranges, eventually
support histogram flag

expgui 1.46 2001/09/04
Add Data Limits/Exclude button
expgui 1.45 2001/09/04
adjustable font support
addcmds.tcl 1.21 2001/09/04
adjust font
atomcons.tcl 1.11 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
excledt.tcl 1.2 2001/09/04
larger optional font
excledt.tcl 1.1 2001/09/04
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.37 2001/09/04
add excledt
gsascmds.tcl 1.36 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
gsasmenu.tcl 1.19 2001/09/04
add excledt
liveplot 1.18 2001/09/04
set colors/symbols
adjust fonts
cleanup save opts
liveplot 1.17 2001/09/04
reset bkgedit zoom
odf.tcl 1.5 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
opts.tcl 1.4 2001/09/04
Do a better job with BLT graphs
opts.tcl 1.3 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
orient.tcl 1.6 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
profcons.tcl 1.4 2001/09/04
adjustable fonts
readexp.tcl 1.29 2001/09/04
set dmin
set histogram file name (for use in scripts)
readexp.tcl 1.28 2001/09/04
excluded region support
bank & file names

expgui 1.44 2001/06/29
Add Marquardt, convergence, LeBail damping to LS page
bkgedit button to background edit dialog
gsascmds.tcl 1.35 2001/06/29
Add bkgedit command
gsasmenu.tcl 1.18 2001/06/29
add bkgedit program
liveplot 1.16 2001/06/29
Major revision: add bkgedit functionality
readexp.tcl 1.27 2001/06/29
brace expr's for better speed
support refinement options: Marquardt, convergence, LeBail damping
get tmin,tmax (for Cheb. computation)

expgui 1.43 2001/05/23
use www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/expgui as default location for web pages
fix intermediate or old GSAS versions with fonts file in /fonts/ or named pgfont.dat
clean up file archiving in UNIX
addcmds.tcl 1.20 2001/05/23
Use TOF-min for default when reading TOF banks
for TOF banks default inst parameter set to match the TOF bank
add definition for gsas environment variable (lc) before running exptool
gsascmds.tcl 1.34 2001/05/23
allow help pages to be found on $expgui(website), if not found locally

expgui 1.42 2001/05/11
change in location of PGPLOT font file in Windows (now same for all)
support gzip compressed archive files as input in Unix
fix bug on disable "add histogram" button (button is missing if no EXPTOOL)
atomcons.tcl 1.10 2001/05/11
Change max constrained atoms to 500
gsascmds.tcl 1.33 2001/05/11
test histograms before sending them to liveplot -- avoid errors on read
gsascmds.tcl 1.32 2001/05/11
button to display gzip'ed input files on Unix (on expnam)
change in location of PGPLOT font file in Windows
GSAS env var for UNIX
liveplot 1.15 2001/05/11
Add support for WIF David's Cumulative Chi**2 function
Link to web page
put Cumulative Chi**2 & background on top
readexp.tcl 1.26 2001/05/11
accomodate gzip'ed input files on Unix

expgui 1.41 2001/04/17
Use CR/LF format files on all platforms
addcmds.tcl 1.19 2001/04/17
revise tk_dialog to MyMessage box
Use CR/LF format files on all platforms
gsascmds.tcl 1.31 2001/04/17
revise tk_dialog to MyMessage box
Use CR/LF format files on all platforms
remove unix file conversion
gsasmenu.tcl 1.17 2001/04/17
use same spelling for geometry program on all platforms
readexp.tcl 1.25 2001/04/17
revise to use CR/LF for all platforms

addcmds.tcl 1.18 2001/04/16
Add atom sort feature
gsascmds.tcl 1.30 2001/04/16
fix overwrite problem
widen message box

addcmds.tcl 1.17 2001/04/03
fix bug: if error occurs in adding a phase, don't go on to the add atoms page
check for valid atom types
import_cif.tcl 1.6 2001/04/03
support cifs w/o _atom_site_u_iso_or_equiv or _atom_site_b_iso_or_equiv
fix bug: always set data item names to lc
readexp.tcl 1.24 2001/04/03
TEMPORARY FIX: for SGI use old T/F format for intensity extraction
other use new Y/N flag

readexp.tcl 1.23 2001/02/26
Change EPHAS (Fobs extraction) to Y/N except on IRIX

profcons.tcl 1.3 2001/02/22
fix weird bug?

expgui 1.40 2000/12/22
add autoiconify option
require winexec for Win-9x only (not -NT)
Check for use of network directories
Defer whenidle loop (.EXP modification checking) if expgui.lck exists
Remove various unneeded window restacking commands
Allow Autoload in Windows
Allow "Show EXPTOOL output" for all platforms
addcmds.tcl 1.16 2000/12/22
fix call to RAWPLOT in data load. Put RAWPLOT run into bkg
gsascmds.tcl 1.29 2000/12/22
produce error message in DISAGL if .LST file is not renamed
gsascmds.tcl 1.28 2000/12/22
Major reworking of routines to run GSAS routines:
non-EXP using programs run independently by default
Pause is now hard-coded
EXP using programs run in foreground by default (exception is POWPLOT)
Win-95 implementation of forknewterm rewritten to loop over commands
& use lock file (resume when lock file is deleted) & have "lock" window
Win-NT revised to not use WINEXEC & run in foreground
UNIX implementation of forknewterm revised to match previous
gsasmenu.tcl 1.16 2000/12/22
make POWPLOT a background program
liveplot 1.14 2000/12/22
Implement autoraise
detect expgui.lck in windows and delay while it runs
lstview 1.8 2000/12/22
show sample font sizes
widplt 1.8 2000/12/22
fix expload error for DOS format .EXP files

addcmds.tcl 1.15 2000/11/27
line up >10 banks in Hist add
set 2theta max from Bank header
atomcons.tcl 1.9 2000/11/27
define type of XYZU+-F
set phase if only 1 is present

import_cif.tcl 1.5 2000/11/26
fix grab for choose block window

expgui 1.39 2000/11/21
add "open" (same as "expnam")
atomcons.tcl 1.8 2000/11/21
change appearance of negative contraint values from red to beige bkg
gsasmenu.tcl 1.15 2000/11/21
fix that geometry is spelled different on Windows
opts.tcl 1.2 2000/11/21
fix font use for customization

expgui 1.38 2000/10/18
move platform-specific runtime code from gsascmds.tcl to here so
that it gets run after the local config files are read
Switch tk_dialog to MyMessageBox and add WWW references for soem error mgs
disable add histogram until after a phase has been added
add update idletasks to profile, so that something happens right away
gsascmds.tcl 1.27 2000/10/18
Major change in order of routines!
Switch tk_dialog to MyMessageBox and add WWW references for some error mgs
fix bug in GetProfileTerms that prevented use of cached labels
remove platform-specific runtime code to expgui so that it gets run later

addcmds.tcl 1.14 2000/10/17
correct comments w/r focus
gsascmds.tcl 1.26 2000/10/17
snapshot with revisions for WWW help

expgui 1.37 2000/10/12
implement optional EXPTOOL output
Change action for unsaved changes in whenidle to Save As
Add help pointers
Exchange locations of Replace Phase & Add Phase buttons so that "Add Phass"
is always displayed
new WWW help commands
addcmds.tcl 1.13 2000/10/12
Add www help support
implement optional EXPTOOL output
atomcons.tcl 1.7 2000/10/12
Add www help support
gsascmds.tcl 1.25 2000/10/12
fix html bugs for Windows
gsascmds.tcl 1.24 2000/10/12
Add www help support
improve formatting of help box
at catch statements to focus and grab calls
save grab in pleasewait and restore in donewait
Add link arg in ShowBigMessage & -helplink to MyMessageBox
import_cif.tcl 1.4 2000/10/12
Add www help support
profcons.tcl 1.2 2000/10/12
Add www help support

expgui 1.36 2000/10/04
variable expgui(bkgcolor1) provides the background color for editing
coordinates on the phase panel

A no-shell mode is now defined using env(EXPGUI_NOSHELL) or /noshell

expgui 1.35 2000/10/03
Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid
numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from
the .EXP are turned back to black
odf.tcl 1.4 2000/10/03
Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid
numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from
the .EXP are turned back to black
orient.tcl 1.5 2000/10/03
Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid
numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from
the .EXP are turned back to black

expgui 1.34 2000/10/02
remove unneeded raise command in ReloadExpMsg -- seems to cause a major delay
odf.tcl 1.3 2000/10/02
make phase buttons/title like on phase page
readexp.tcl 1.22 2000/10/02
*** empty log message ***

import_cif.tcl 1.3 2000/09/26
change processing of ' & " for element symbol & element type
report error when a data name is used more than once in a block
import_cif.tcl 1.2 2000/09/26
Various fixes: change data names to all lower case
better error detection
use " or ' quoted strings
fix semicolon recognition -- now characters after ending ; are parsed
improve comments
Add Read_BrowseCIF proc for debug and possibly other use

addcmds.tcl 1.12 2000/09/25
Display a message returned by the import_*.tcl on the add/replace phase box
Note: not displayed if coordinates (only) are imported
odf.tcl 1.2 2000/09/25
Add texture index

import_cif.tcl 1.1 2000/09/24
Initial revision

expgui 1.33 2000/08/17
implement Replace Phase
error trace on error in a *info command
addcmds.tcl 1.11 2000/08/17
reformat dialogs for Import buttons
implement coordinate/phase import capability
import_cell.tcl 1.2 2000/08/17
perform origin shifts for Origin 1 settings
readexp.tcl 1.21 2000/08/17
Fix bug setting gamma
spacegrp.ref 1.1 2000/08/17
Initial revision

expgui 1.32 2000/08/14
eliminate phase flag box if only 1 phase is present
import_cell.tcl 1.1 2000/08/14
Initial revision

readexp.tcl 1.20 2000/08/08
Correct creation of off-diagonal Uij terms for non-orthogonal cells

expgui 1.31 2000/08/04
Change phase buttons, add "Add Phase" after last phase
change old "Add Phase" to "Replace Phase" (not yet implemented)
Add xform atoms button w/dialog
implement sort on occupancy
change error message when a non-existing atom is selected (happens with empty phase)
implement phase flags -- when more than one phase is present
move SetPhaseFlag to readexp.tcl
addcmds.tcl 1.10 2000/08/04
new procs: MakeXformAtomsBox, XformAtomsCoord, XformAtomsOcc, XformAtomsU
above used for global atom changes on phase pane
gsasmenu.tcl 1.14 2000/08/04
add commands to single xtal menu, as requested by Lachlan
readexp.tcl 1.19 2000/08/04
document that temptype can be changed in atominfo
readexp.tcl 1.18 2000/08/04
redo error msgs
phaseinfo: change atoms and spacegroup
atominfo: change iso/aniso flag
new routine: SetPhaseFlag (control which phases are used in a histogram)
new routine: EraseAtom

expgui 1.30 2000/07/28
add phase flag box to histogram page when more than one phase is present
define GetPhaseFlags & SetPhaseFlag to implement above
fix title on edit background
label background type (as suggested by Barb & Lachlan)
start paring out "shell" capabilities for Mac
gsascmds.tcl 1.23 2000/07/28
remove unneeded ref to Win98 for tcl_platform(os) (98 is reported as 95)

expgui 1.29 2000/07/20
use file join on notebook.tcl
move source atomcons.tcl to be done when pane is initialized
create UpdateCurrentPage to update all displayed panes
put UpdateCurrentPage into sethistlist; atoms are now updated after a reload
use array element for notebook panes [expgui(notebookpagelist)]
addcmds.tcl 1.9 2000/07/20
select new phase after a phase is added
gsascmds.tcl 1.22 2000/07/20
correct use R settings in Profile4Terms & GetLaue
odf.tcl 1.1 2000/07/20
Initial revision
orient.tcl 1.4 2000/07/20
move MDprefinfo into readexp.tcl
readexp.tcl 1.17 2000/07/20
Add odf (spherical harmonic) support
move March-Dollase support here from orient

expgui 1.28 2000/07/06
Change profile term labeling to use GetProfileTerms
use file copy for archive (unix)
put site multiplity on atoms page
implement MakeHistBox for histogram selection boxes
Add a heading for global mode to the histogram selection box
Implement changing profile type
add binding to select all atoms
click on atom box title rotates through atom sorting modes
new atom sort mode: mult
addcmds.tcl 1.8 2000/07/06
use short DOS names for adding histograms in Windows
Tell RAWPLOT users todo same (in RunRawplot)
atomcons.tcl 1.6 2000/07/06
add profile constraint subpage
rename DeleteEditAtomConstraint to CancelEditConstraint
gsascmds.tcl 1.21 2000/07/06
Add GetProfileTerms, GetLaue, ChangeProfileType etc.
orient.tcl 1.3 2000/07/06
use MakeHistBox for histogram selection box
profcons.tcl 1.1 2000/07/06
Initial revision
readexp.tcl 1.16 2000/07/06
delete the old expmap (except for expmap(Revision)) before doing mapexp
set proftype, profterms & pterm$n in hapinfo
profile constraints now in constrinfo
add profdefinfo to get default profile values

gsascmds.tcl 1.20 2000/07/03
fix aniso atoms in exp2xtl

expgui 1.27 2000/06/09
Change Reload msg as per suggestions
add MD pref orientation pane
fix bug in non-BWidget implementation
make CompressList survive use of strings
use -exportselection 0 for listboxes to avoid cut/paste conflicts
addcmds.tcl 1.7 2000/06/09
remove puts debugging commands
atomcons.tcl 1.5 2000/06/09
avoid error when sorting atoms with ALL as atom #
gsascmds.tcl 1.19 2000/06/09
Add warning when PGPLOT font file is not found
orient.tcl 1.2 2000/06/09
Minor cleanups
loop on $expmap(phaselist_$hist) so only used phases are shown
readexp.tcl 1.15 2000/06/09
Fix dropped character in titles
Find # of MD Pref Orient terms in hapinfo

orient.tcl 1.1 2000/06/06
Initial revision

expgui 1.26 2000/06/01
define default txtview(font)
addcmds.tcl 1.6 2000/06/01
add more than one atom at a time
atomcons.tcl 1.4 2000/06/01
fix XYZU bug
gsascmds.tcl 1.18 2000/06/01
add concurrent arg to runGSASwEXP (for RUNPLOT in histogram addition)
(NB this is incorrect, change should be to runGSASprog)
add coments, fix creation with lowercase .EXP filenames
fix expansion of disagl box

addcmds.tcl 1.5 2000/05/26
RUNPLOT & TOF on Add Histogram dialog
liveplot 1.13 2000/05/26
revise liveplot bindings so that "H" and "h" label reflections

expgui 1.25 2000/05/18
Add constraints support
move to 1st page before loading a new .EXP file in readnewexp
hange from grid/pack slaves to winfo children
atomcons.tcl 1.3 2000/05/18
add revision string
atomcons.tcl 1.2 2000/05/18
fix bugs (already!)
test for more that 100 parmaters in a constraint
gsasmenu.tcl 1.13 2000/05/18
shortcut for powpref

expgui 1.24 2000/05/17
new option: allow a separate window for DISAGL
remove most underlines from menu options
provide keyboard accelerators for selected menu options
N.B. note new mechanism in gsasmenu.tcl for keyboard accelerators
use yellow highlight for active button on button bar
expgui 1.23 2000/05/17
cleanup reading lowercase .exp files
remove Tix!!! replace with BWidget
use options (opt.tcl) to get Tix-like appearance
treat "fixed" .EXP files as changed (to force a write before use)
Add support for 2 "leBail" options in the '00 version of GSAS
Change display of update message when .EXP is changed (with attention
to Windows screen placement)
Ignore macromolecular phases; recognize & flag magnetic phases
Use BWidget frame labels where possible
Move pane drawing from global code to MakePhasePane, MakeHistPane, MakeScalingPane {} {
Move pane drawing from global code to MakePhasePane, MakeHistPane, MakeScalingPane, MakeProfilePane
addcmds.tcl 1.4 2000/05/17
cleanup adding histograms to be prettier and to avoid paths for files
in the same directory as the .EXP (better portability)
atomcons.tcl 1.1 2000/05/17
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.17 2000/05/17
add force to rename
add rundisagl for disagl results in separate window
add pleasewait & donewait
gsasmenu.tcl 1.12 2000/05/17
add menubutton option line item to command defs (see genles)
change disagl to use separate script for results in window option
liveplot 1.12 2000/05/17
change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait
lstview 1.7 2000/05/17
change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait
widplt 1.7 2000/05/17
change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait

gsascmds.tcl 1.16 2000/05/16
ignore macromolecular phases
correct bug in spacegroup for export to .xtl
handle lowercase .EXP files in UNIX
use dictionary sort for filenames (so case is not sorted on)
Add a messagebox that is centered on parent (MyMessageBox)
readexp.tcl 1.14 2000/05/16
add constrinfo for atom constraint processing
readexp.tcl 1.13 2000/05/16
set expload return value to indicate when .EXP files are "fixed"
add expmap(phasetype) to indicate phase types
ignore * histgrams (I forget why)
fix error that caused 1st character in phase & overall titles to be lost

opts.tcl 1.1 2000/04/24
Initial revision

liveplot 1.11 2000/04/10
revise BLT error for bad pkgIndex.tcl file
widplt 1.6 2000/04/10
revise BLT error for bad pkgIndex.tcl file

readexp.tcl 1.12 2000/02/02
create HST xx EPHAS records if missing

expgui 1.22 1999/11/19
fixup Archive code for Windows (as per Pamela Whitfield)
make autoload option UNIX only (until we can run GSAS pgms synchronously)

gsascmds.tcl 1.15 1999/11/17
Add routine to delete history records
fix composition bug for multiphase refinements
gsasmenu.tcl 1.11 1999/11/17
Add EraseHistory command
notebook.tcl 1.2 1999/11/17
define a -title configuration option
readexp.tcl 1.11 1999/11/17
Add routines to delete history records

expgui 1.21 1999/11/16
Switch over to use of pure Tk notebook widget when Tix is not present
define expgui(initstring) for user-defined initializations
expgui 1.20 1999/11/16
add timing option for debug
try deleting trace for speed up (no improvement in speed under wish 8.1)

notebook.tcl 1.1 1999/11/15
Initial revision

expgui 1.19 1999/10/11
cleanup multiple histogram selection -> single histogram transition

rewrite global profile display code to group or not group phases together
addcmds.tcl 1.3 1999/10/11
*** empty log message ***
gsasmenu.tcl 1.10 1999/10/11
document new global modes ("Group Phases Together")
widplt 1.5 1999/10/11
Define expgui(debug)

expgui 1.18 1999/09/09
correct background window bug (spelling of putontop)
gsascmds.tcl 1.14 1999/09/09
hide grab fail error messages
gsasmenu.tcl 1.9 1999/09/09
fix vrstplot call so that EXP name is passed

expgui 1.17 1999/07/22
clear atom box etc when loading an "empty" .EXP file
avoid DisplayProfile error when loading an "empty" .EXP file
addcmds.tcl 1.2 1999/07/22
revise for exptool that adds multiple atoms
gsascmds.tcl 1.13 1999/07/22
Fix resize of ShowBigMessage

expgui 1.16 1999/07/21
add autoload mode
add support for adding phases, histograms and atoms
reset expmap when loading a new .EXP file
use putontop and afterputontop
change alpha, beta & gamma to greek letters
expgui 1.15 1999/07/21
fix windows archive error
addcmds.tcl 1.1 1999/07/21
Initial revision
gsascmds.tcl 1.12 1999/07/21
adopt putontop and afterputontop
new autoexpload option
change file lists to -dictionary
add ShowBigMessage
lstview 1.6 1999/07/21
fix error reading R(F2)
readexp.tcl 1.10 1999/07/21
fix bug in create blank exp file (createexp) and make sure that lines
will always be padded long enough

liveplot 1.10 1999/04/20
rearrange order of commands so that graph & menus are made when icdd & cmpr are added

expgui 1.14 1999/04/08
Add Id to top of file
gsascmds.tcl 1.11 1999/04/08
define histogram slider to reach all maximum histogram for liveplot options
Add Id
gsasmenu.tcl 1.8 1999/04/08
Add Id to header
liveplot 1.9 1999/04/08
add tick autoscaling
deal with two word colors (Peach Puff)
readexp.tcl 1.9 1999/04/08
Add Id to header
widplt 1.4 1999/04/08
Add Id to header

liveplot 1.8 1999/04/06
add background subtraction
adjust pixelregion for hkl labeling
move tickmarks before histogram in File menu
liveplot 1.7 1999/04/06
Add peak label dialog; delete label option
add obs symbol dialog
remove update plot on tick mark config
hkl listbox
add color example to peak configure
save more options
lstview 1.5 1999/04/06
add Id

liveplot 1.6 1999/04/05
fix BLT element -show/-hide option
add timing debug option

expgui 1.13 1999/03/30
Set expnam on command line to upper case
move expgui to center of screen window, if we will put the file open
on top. This is because the open window can end up partly off screen otherwise.

expgui 1.12 1999/03/19
bug fixes for reading new .EXP files
gsascmds.tcl 1.10 1999/03/19
rename file directory routines
make file menus smarter w/r to windows usage
fix bug with spaces in filenames
liveplot 1.5 1999/03/19
major reworking -- implement tcldump, and new display options, hkl labels

expgui 1.11 1999/02/22
save the selected atom list and move the scroll restore so it is done correctly

expgui 1.10 1999/02/19
Cleanup warnings
gsascmds.tcl 1.9 1999/02/19
cleanup warnings
gsascmds.tcl 1.8 1999/02/19
*** empty log message ***
gsascmds.tcl 1.7 1999/02/19
Clean up file input dialogs for convert and .exp files
Add composition computation (composition & writelst)
Add XTL coordinate export routine (exp2xtl, SetExportPhase & writextl)
gsasmenu.tcl 1.7 1999/02/19
Add composition and exp2xtl commands, remove slst and sexp [not implemented anyway]

readexp.tcl 1.8 1999/02/18
Fix U aniso order
readexp.tcl 1.7 1999/02/18
add space group to phase info
readexp.tcl 1.6 1999/02/18
Add support for atom multiplicity

gsascmds.tcl 1.6 1999/02/16
change comment
gsasmenu.tcl 1.6 1999/02/16
bug fixed
gsasmenu.tcl 1.5 1999/02/16
add vrstplot
liveplot 1.4 1999/02/16
1. better error messages
2. allow pointflag in cols 6/7
3. ignore file delete errors

expgui 1.9 1999/02/02
fix typo in 1.8
update phase page on reload
make sure that all set commands trigger the expgui(changed) flag
readexp.tcl 1.5 1999/02/02
add label-set

gsascmds.tcl 1.5 1999/01/25
fix bug in ChooseExpFil to allow lower case .exp

liveplot 1.3 1999/01/21
move & consolidate sourcing
liveplot 1.2 1999/01/21
drop arg #2 (get gsasexe from location/.gsas_config)
use localconfig & .gsas_config
add SaveOptions
change histdump.inp to histdump$hst.inp in case 2 liveplots are running at once
track mod. time on .EXP file to avoid extra reads
use file read to pull cycle number from .EXP file
comment out background for now
lstview 1.4 1999/01/21
add SaveOptions
use localconfig & .gsas_config
move AutoAdvance to new Options menu
widplt 1.3 1999/01/21
now 1 arg (get gsasexe from location/.gsas_config)
use readexp.tcl
remove /tmp/ in makepostscriptout
move some global vars to array elements
use catch on compute loop for undefined widths
use localconfig & .gsas_config

expgui 1.8 1999/01/20
use custom file open box
allow for a new .EXP file to be opened from a dialog
add filesort option
add phase select to readnewexp
fix bug in SetupExtractHist for empty .EXP files
gsascmds.tcl 1.4 1999/01/20
change labels on .EXP select menu
gsascmds.tcl 1.3 1999/01/20
use custom file open box; fix GSAS env definition on -95 and -NT
gsasmenu.tcl 1.4 1999/01/20
remove unused stuff
add SaveOptions
remove New_expnam

expgui 1.7 1999/01/13
redo loadexp so that page does not change on reload
Add SaveOptions
gsasmenu.tcl 1.3 1999/01/13
minor changes
document "Override backspace" & exit

gsasmenu.tcl 1.2 1999/01/09
minor wording

expgui 1.6 1999/01/07
misc fixes:
set working directory when expgui(expfile) is changed because GSAS must be
run in the directory of the EP file

fixup relative paths if used for the script name

fix bug in expgui(gsasexe) file join

in DisplayProfile & make sure that entrycmd(trace) is as 0 when return is done

add Override backspace to options
gsascmds.tcl 1.2 1999/01/07
remove compressprog -- not used

move definition of environment variables so they are defined at runtime

move xterm errors to catch statement

expgui 1.5 1999/01/06
Many changes so that expgui incorporates tkgsas (gsas shell) capabilities

Allow expgui to create nearly empty .EXP files
Fix the various menus so that these blank files are treated properly
gsascmds.tcl 1.1 1999/01/06
Initial revision
gsasmenu.tcl 1.1 1999/01/06
Initial revision
readexp.tcl 1.4 1999/01/06
add createexp to create an EXP file
fix bug in exphistory when no HSTRY records are present
add title to expinfo
add set option for name (phase name) in phaseinfo
fix padding in expwrite

expgui 1.4 1999/01/01
add tcl_version < 8.0 error
add history display & tracking
update title when modified
move lsPage to 1st page
change option menu name & merge in Global mode menu
add loop to flag external changes to current exp file (afterawhile & whenidle)
move Archive Exp to options
readexp.tcl 1.3 1999/01/01
add existsexp, delexp, exphistory
change cdatget to use existsexp to avoid the debug warning

expgui 1.3 1998/12/31
move scale to "scaling" (prev phase frac) page
add scroll bar to phase fractions
rename archiveexp to savearchiveexp
move "set expgui(changed) 0" to savearchiveexp

expgui 1.2 1998/12/28
minor fixes
comment out $expgui(lsFrame).f1.a.cbXXX entries until Bob gets the new version out
readexp.tcl 1.2 1998/12/28
fix bug -- set print option as 0 for missing entry.

expgui 1.1 1998/12/26
Initial revision
readexp.tcl 1.1 1998/12/26
Initial revision

liveplot 1.1 1998/11/23
Initial revision
lstview 1.3 1998/11/23
Fix Revision bug
Change name to LSTVIEW
lstview 1.2 1998/11/23
Bug for cycles > 999 fixed
Added "Auto advance" feature
lstview 1.1 1998/11/23
Initial revision
widplt 1.2 1998/11/23
Fix revision
widplt 1.1 1998/11/23
Initial revision

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