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    1616and it can be used to directly modify the GSAS
    1717experiment file without using EXPEDT.
     20Note that pictures on this page are somewhat out-of-date with respect to the
     21current software version so they may differ from what is
     22described in the text.
    1825Programs are invoked either through use of the menu bar
    5259can be accomplished with the different panels and the
    5360contents of the menus. Other documents contain:
    54 <A HREF="">
     61<A HREF="expgui_Win_readme.html">
     62<a name="installation">
    5563Installation notes for Windows</A>,
    56 <A HREF="">
     64<A HREF="expgui_Unix_readme.html">
    5765Installation notes for UNIX</A> and
    58 <A HREF="">
     66<A HREF="expgui_cfg.html">
    5967Customization notes</A>.
    8593for all the selected atom can be changed at one time.
     95If the EXPTOOL program
     96<A href="#installation">(see the installation instructions)</A>
     97is installed, buttons for adding phases and atoms will
     98appear on this panel. If the
     99program is not properly installed, no errors occur, but the buttons
     100do not appear.
    87102Note that the order that atoms appear in this panel is
    88103determined by the "Sort Atoms by" option in the Options
    103118groups of histograms can be selected and modified
     121If the EXPTOOL program
     122<A href="#installation">(see the installation instructions)</A>
     123is installed, a button for adding histograms will
     124appear on the bottom right on this panel. If the
     125program is not properly installed, no errors occur, but the button
     126does not appear.
    106128Note that the order that histograms appear in this
    182204possible to select a range by using the Shift key with the left mouse
    183205button. To select or deselect individual entries, use the Control key
    184 with the left mouse button. The right mouse button selects all
    185 entries.
     206with the left mouse button. Pressing the right mouse button selects all
     207entries in a list.
    242264        character. If backspace does not work in a program such as
    243265        EXPEDT, change try the other setting for this option.
     266<DT>Autoupdate EXP<DD>Normally EXPGUI prompts before rereading the EXP
     267file when GENLES, POWPREF,... are run (this is so that one can change
     268the experiment file and rerun with the current input). If this option is
     269set, the new file is automatically read without a prompt.
    244271<DT>SaveOptions<DD>Save the current values for "Override backspace",
    245272        "Sort atoms by", "Sort histograms by" and "archive EXP"
    297324<DT>liveplot<DD>Create a plot of powder data
    298325with zooming, automatic update and other nice features.
     326<DT>vrstplot<DD>Create a VRML 3-D file for viewing with 3rd party software
    299327<DT>widplt<DD>Displays the FWHM as a function of Q, 2Theta,... for UVWXY values input or read from an EXP file
    315343<DT>istats<DD>HKL Intensity statistics
    316344<DT>rcalc<DD>Compute reflection resuduals
     345<DT>composition<DD>Computes the chemical composition of a unit cell
     346accounting for site multiplicies and occupancies
    317347<DT>lstview<DD>Create a box with scrollbars containing the current .LST file
     370<DT>exp2xtl<DD>Prepare a .XTL format file of atomic positions. This
     371file is used in MSI software such as Cerius and InsightII.
    340372<DT>gsas2cif<DD>Prepare IUCr crystallographic information (CIF) file
    341373<DT>hklsort<DD>Prepare HKL tables
    357389<P>lstview is used to browse through the GSAS output listing. It is
    358390invoked by the "lstview" command in the GUI.
    359 <CENTER><IMG SRC=""></CENTER>
     391<CENTER><IMG SRC="textview.gif"></CENTER>
    365397refinements. The plot is updated as the refinement progresses. The mouse can
    366398be used to zoom in on sections of the plot.
    367 <CENTER><IMG SRC=""></CENTER>
     399<CENTER><IMG SRC="liveplot.gif"></CENTER>
    368400<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36>
    369401LIVEPLOT can now be enhanced to superimpose peak locations for
    370402input unit cells or peaks from JCPDS/ICDD entries.
    371 See the <A HREF="">
     403See the <A HREF="expgui_cfg.html#liveplot">
    372404LIVEPLOT customization information</A>
    373405or read file <tt>expgui_cfg.html</tt> in the <tt>gsas/tcl/doc</tt> directory.
    385417parameters used in GSAS. It is possible to define reference curves
    386418that are loaded automatically.
    387 <CENTER><IMG SRC=""></CENTER>
     419<CENTER><IMG SRC="widplt.gif"></CENTER>
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