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    r930 r931  
    247247see <A HREF="revlog.html">the EXPGUI Revision log.</A>
     249<DT>Import pdCIF data
     250<DD>EXPGUI can now read powder CIF data and rewrite it as
     251  GSAS .fxye (1 line per file) data. For CW data only.
     252(4/2006, 1.83)
     253<DT>DISAGL export
     254<DD>Add button to select distances from 1 phase and copy to Windows clipboard
     255  to interface with Andrew Will's VaList program (not yet tested).
     256(4/2006, 1.83)
     257<DT>Bug fixes & cleanup
     258<DD>Bugs in EXCLEDT, Import Atoms, etc; relabel many buttons for better
     259  consistency and to be more conventional.
     260(4/2006, 1.83)
     261<DT>EXPGUI macros added
     262<DD>EXPGUI can record nearly all actions into a macro file. The macro file
     263  can be "replayed" to repeat those actions on a new experiment. Macro
     264  files can replayed a line at a time or can be executed all at once.
     265  Tcl commands
     266  can be introduced into a macro file so that programming can be done
     267  with macro files. Misc changes to suit this such as turn of prompt when
     268  running GSAS programs; run GSAS programs w/o terminal windows.
     269(4/2006, 1.82)
     270<DT>User error checking
     271<DD>Check for final R in space group name for R space groups in
     272  rhombohedral settings.
     273(4/2006, 1.82)
     274<DT>Lattice parameter entry
     275<DD>Unit cell type now constrains the number of lattice parameters that can be
     276  entered.
     277(4/2006, 1.82)
     278<DT>Import diffractometer constants
     279<DD>Diffractometer constants can be read from a GSAS .EXP file into INSTEDIT.
     280(4/2006, 1.82)
     281<DT>Minor changes
     282<DD>fix grace export, spelling on convergence, warn on windows if COMSPEC
     283  (cmd.exe location) is not defined.
     284(4/2006, 1.81)
     285<DT>Minor changes
     286<DD>Add gsas2map, remove now defunct background #3, fix Q conversion in background
     287(4/2006, 1.80)
    250289<DT>TOF facilities
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