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    55   GSAS, EXPGUI, Mac, OS X">
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    2011<blockquote><font face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">
    23 <TR><TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A>
     14<TR><TH><A Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A>
    2415</TH></TR></TABLE><BR CLEAR=ALL>
    3223This page contains information on installing and running GSAS & EXPGUI
    33 on Macintosh OS X computers. The software has been built using OS X 10.2.8
    34 and has been installed successfully on 10.2 and 10.3 machines.
     24on Macintosh OS X computers.
    37 <IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
    38 Installation has been dramatically simplified. You may still want
    39 to install the development environment (XCODE) and Fink, but these are no
    40 longer required to install and run GSAS and EXPGUI. GSAS & EXPGUI now contains
    41 a copy of the Tcl/Tk package (that includes BLT), so installation of this
    42 package is also now optional.
     27Both GSAS and EXPGUI require that X-windows (X11) be installed on your Mac.
     28Since 10.3, this has been distributed as part of the operating system, but
     29is not loaded as part of a default installation. The instructions below
     30describe how X11 is installed.
    4937you need to load the X Windows system (X11) onto your computer. </I>
    51 For 10.2 (Jaguar), this is a bit complex to explain,
     39For 10.4, one can load the Mac OS X install disk. Note that this requires
     40administrator access to the computer. The X11 installation procedure consist
     41of the following steps:
     43<LI>On the finder window for the DVD, scroll down and double-click on the Optional Installs icon, which starts the installer.
     44<LI>Proceed through the
     45windows by pressing Continue (note that X11 must be installed on the boot
     47<LI>On the package list page, click on the arrow next to Applications
     48to open the list, then select X11 to be installed by clicking in the box
     49to the left and click Install.
     50<LI>The installation then begins.
     51<LI>When installation is complete, the X11 package can be run
     52from the utilities menu of the system Applications folder.
     54See the page on <a href="x11/osx_x11.html"> Installing X11 under Mac OS X</a>
     55for more details.
     57For 10.3 (Panther) I am pretty sure a similar process to 10.4 can be used,
     58but I don't have access to a machine that can boot that OS. Alternately, if you
     59have OS X 10.3 on CDROMs, insert CDROM #3 and
     60then click on the Packages folder and within that folder,
     61click on X11User.pkg. Read the
     62installation screens, click on the "next" button a few times, and
     63X11 is installed.
     65For 10.2 (Jaguar), X11 installation is not simple,
    5266so you will need to do some searching on the web, find a guru or
    5367consult one of the many Mac OS X books that cover this subject.
    54 <P>
    55 For 10.3 (Panther), Apple bundles a version of X11 with the OS
    56 and installing can be
    57 very simple. It can be installed directly from CD-ROM #3 of the OS X
    58 distribution CD disks. To install X11, insert CDROM #3, then click on the
    59 Packages folder and within that folder, click on X11User.pkg. Read the
    60 installation screens, click on the "next" button a few times, and
    61 X11 is installed.
    62 <P>
    63 X11 for 10.3 can also be downloaded (43 Mb!)
    64 from Apple
    65 (<a href=""
    66 ></A>).
    67 <P>
    68 If you have a PowerBook that shipped with 10.3, you may have your
    69 OS X distribution on two DVDs, so you don't have CDROM #3.
    70 While Apple technical support does not appear to know this
    71 (or at least they did not, when I called),
    72 I found the X11 package in a folder hidden on the DVD.
    73 Use the finder Go/"Go to folder" (shift-command-G) menu item to open
    74 hidden folder <tt>/Volumes/PowerBook Software/System</tt>
    75 on the first Powerbook software DVD;
    76 then double-click on the <tt>Installation</tt> folder
    77 to open it and then open the <tt>Packages</tt> folder.
    78 (Yes, you could have typed
    79 <tt>/Volumes/PowerBook Software/System/Installation/Packages</tt>,
    80 but why buy a Mac if you like to type long names?).
    81 Finally, double-click on the X11User.pkg file and X11 is installed.
    82 Just like that!
    83 <P>
    84 For people who do like the command line, typing this works too:
    85 <PRE>
    86      find /Volumes  -name "X11User.pkg"
    87 </PRE>
    88 You can then copy the file to some place that is easy to access
    89 (like the desktop) so that it is easy to click on with a command like this:
    90 <PRE>
    91     cp "/Volumes/PowerBook Software/System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg" ~/Desktop/
    92 </PRE>
     68One should strongly consider an OS upgrade instead.
    95 <P><LI>Download the GSAS & EXPGUI programs as a Mac disk image.
    96 <DL><DL>
    97 <I>Download this file from the NIST website:</I>
    98 <BR>
    99 <a href="">
    100</a> (~13 Mb)
    101 <BR>
    102 <I>This file can also be downloaded from the CCP14 mirrors:</I>
    103 [(<a href=""
    104 >UK</a>),   
    105 (<a href=""
    106 >Canada</a>),
    107 (<a href=""
    108 >US</a>) or
    109 (<a href=""
    110 >Australia</a>)].
    111 <P>
    113 Mount this file by double-clicking on it. This should create a new volume in
     71<P><LI>Download the GSAS & EXPGUI programs as a Mac disk image appropriate
     72for the CPU type of your computer (to find out what you have
     73click on the "About This Mac" item in the Apple menu).
     76<LI><I>For older Macs with Power PC (G3, G4 or G5) CPUs running OS X 10.4
     77(& 10.5?) use this link:</I>
     78<BR><a href=
     81</a> (~14 Mb)
     83<LI><I>Newer Macs with Intel (Pentium) CPUs should use this link:</I>
     84<BR><a href=
     87</a> (~32 Mb)<BR>
     88Intel-based Macs can also use the PPC version, but will
     89see at least x5 better performance with the version compiled for this CPU.
     92<LI><I>For older Macs with Power PC (G3, G4 or G5) CPUs running OS X 10.2 or 10.3
     93can use this link:</I>
     94<BR><a href=
     97</a> (~14 Mb)
     98<BR>Note that this is likely to be the update for 10.2 and 10.3.
     100for a CCP14 mirror, look in
     104Mount the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. This should create a new volume in
    114105your top-level ("Computer") called "GSASvol"; clicking on this device will open
    115106a finder window with a single folder ("gsas") present.
    122113gsas folder icon to another finder window, or by clicking on it and using
    123114Copy and Paste.</I>
    124 </DL></DL>
    126116<LI>Install a "shortcut" to launch EXPGUI
    171161Note that the command used to start Tcl/Tk and EXPGUI will vary depending
    172162on where you installed the package. I install the package in ~/Applications
    173 so the command string to start EXPGUI using:</I>
     163so the command string to start EXPGUI is:</I>
    175165          ~/Applications/gsas/ncnrpack-osx  ~/Applications/gsas/expgui/expgui
    323 <P>The author of EXPGUI is a U.S. Government employee which means that
     313<P>EXPGUI was created by a (former) U.S. Government employee, which means that
    324314EXPGUI is not subject to copyright. Have fun with it. Modify it. Please write
    325315new sections and make them available to the rest of the world.
    329319for the use of this information or the software described
    330320here. Brand names cited herein are used for
    331 identification purposes and do not constitute an endorsement by NIST.
     321identification purposes.
     322Mac computers are the best, but this does not
     323constitute an endorsement by NIST.
    334 <P><font size=-1><a href="">Questions/Problems:</a>
    336327$Revision$ $Date$
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