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    r821 r864  
    5757will do so by downloading a single file that installs the GSAS programs,
    5858the Tcl/Tk package (with some extensions), the EXPGUI scripts, as well as
    59 makes registry changes (or AUTOEXEC.BAT edits) as needed by GSAS. This will
     59makes registry entries & defines shortcuts. This will
    6060be described in brief in the next section of this page.
    6161It is also possible to download and install GSAS, Tcl/Tk & EXPGUI from
    7777as well as the Tcl/Tk package, needed by EXPGUI. This self-installing
    7878file uncompresses itself, copies the required files
    79 to a selected directory and either modifies the <TT>AUTOEXEC.BAT</TT> file
    80 and/or creates the appropriate registry entries needed to run the programs.
     79to a selected directory and
     80creates the appropriate registry entries needed to run the programs.
    8282<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas+expgui.html">
    109109<P><LI><B>Page through the installation screens & select install options</B>
    111 <P><LI><B>Wait while the files are installed and then continue,
    112 allowing the computer to be rebooted</B>
     111<P><LI><B>Wait while the files are installed. </B>
    114113<P><LI><B>Delete the gsas+expgui.exe file (optional)</B>
    209208<H2>Problems & Questions</H2>
     210<LI>Where can the software be installed?
     212Do not install the software on a directory containing a space (for example,
     213C:\Program files\GSAS). This will cause some of the shortcuts to break.
     215On Windows-95/-98 or -ME, if you install in a location other than C:\GSAS,
     216you will need to define the GSAS environment variable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file
     217by adding a line like this:
     219        SET GSAS=G:\MySoftware\GSAS
    211223<LI>How do I increase the Environment variable space
    212224<UL>This is only needed on -95/-98 or -ME.
    231243I depend on feedback from users to tell me of OS conflicts, but none have
    232244been reported.
    233 <P>
    234 I have heard that there are minor
    235 problems with running EXPGUI on -XP -- after GSAS programs are run, EXPGUI
    236 may remain minimized (on the taskbar) rather than reopen itself. This
    237 should be addressed as of EXPGUI 1.73, but
    238 problem can be avoided by unselecting the "Minimize on GSAS" checkbutton
    239 in the Options menu. Likewise, with older versions of EXPGUI on -XP, sometimes
    240 the program hangs at the point where one is asked if a .EXP file should
    241 loaded after a refinement. Use of the "Autoload .EXP" will bypass the problem,
    242 but the bug should have been fixed in EXPGUI 1.73.
    244246<LI>EXPGUI seems pretty slow, or is it my imagination?
    286288There are some definite problems in GSAS where directory and file
    287289names contain
    288 spaces. EXPGUI should help avoid some of these problems, so if you find
    289 anything file names that break EXPGUI & GSAS, let me know how to
    290 duplicate exactly what you are doing.
     290spaces so EXPGUI generates warning messages if you do this.
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