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    r832 r863  
     154<LI>Grab wavelength from .EXP file in INSTEDIT (F. F. Ferreira, 10/2005).
    154156<LI> support histogram flags for non-powder
    155157(single xtal & soft-constraint) histograms.
    240242see <A HREF="revlog.html">the EXPGUI Revision log.</A>
     246Transform Atoms - Origin 1 -> 2
     248The option to transform Origin 1 settings to Origin 2 is now provided
     249in the windows raised by th "xform atom(s)" button on the phase panel.
     250(9/2005, 1.77)
     253DRAWxtl Export
     255DRAWxtl export has been enhanced to display vectors for magnetic phases
     256and to launch DRAWxtl directly.
     257(9/2005, 1.77)
     259<DT>Spherical Harmonic Fix
     260<DD>In June 2005, GSAS was changed to allow more spherical harmonic terms
     261by renaming the CRSxODF records. EXPGUI now converts old records to the
     262new format and can read them.
     263(9/2005, 1.77)
     265<DT>Import coordinates from .EXP file
     266<DD>Fix bug introduced when new all-in-one Tcl/Tk package was implemented
     267(missing package require Tk).
     268(9/2005, 1.77)
     270<DT>Print from LSTVIEW (Unix only)
     271<DD>Selected text can be sent to lpr command
     272(3/2005, 1.76)
     274<DT>Misc fixes from RBVD
     275<DD>Fix profile 4 labels, add support for #5, add LS Band control, add
     276extra digit to PRNT for extra option, note Pawley phase.
     277(3/2005, 1.76)
     279<DT>Prevent use of Zero & SHFT (+ TRANS) parameters together
     280<DD>A common GSAS error is to refine a zero correction together with
     281the Bragg-Brentano corrections (SHFT & TRANS). When Zero is refined,
     282TRANS & SHFT are now turned off and disabled.
     283(3/2005, 1.76)
    242286<DT>Cleanup/Bug fixes
    243287<DD>Require BWidget package; provide a clear error message when not found.
    295339save changes before BKGEDIT.
    296340(5/2004, 1.71)
    297 <DT>(obs-calc)/sigma
    298342<DD>Add (obs-calc)/sigma plotting to LIVEPLOT
     343<BR>Use arrow keys to move zoom region around (convenient!)
    299344(4/2004, 1.71)
    300345<DT>Fox export
    409454<DT>Absorption/Reflection Correction
    410 <DD>A new box has been added to the histogram pane to control
     455<DD>A new box has been added to the histogram panel to control
    411456the absorption parameters.
    412457(1/2002, 1.55)
    517562The use/do not use flag for histograms can now be set using a button
    518 on the histogram pane.
     563on the histogram panel.
    519564(9/2001, 1.47)
    538583Add Marquardt damping, LeBail damping to GUI
    540 These parameters are on "LS Controls" pane, along with
     585These parameters are on "LS Controls" panel, along with
    541586the convergence parameter. The <a HREF="expgui1.html">documentation for this
    542 pane</A>
    543588has also been expanded
    544589to better explain what these options do. (7/2001, 1.44)
    578623When an invalid entry is specified, (for example 1..0 is typed, instead
    579624of 1.0) EXPGUI ignores the entry and (now) it is also displayed in red, to
    580 flag the error. This only happens for entries on the main panes. For
     625flag the error. This only happens for entries on the main panels. For
    581626entries on modal dialogs (where there a "done" or "keep" button), these
    582627errors will be reported only when the button is pressed. (10/2000, 1.38)
    625670Transform Atoms
    627 There is now a "xform atom(s)" button on the phase pane that
     672There is now a "xform atom(s)" button on the phase panel that
    628673can be used to transform coordinates,
    629674globally set the occupancy & Uiso and switch atoms between
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