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    35 <h3>A.2 Phase Pane</h3>
    36 <DL><DL>
    37 The phase pane is used to edit information
     35<h3>A.2 Phase Panel</h3>
     37The phase panel is used to edit information
    3838about the structural model(s) found in the experiment
    3939file. The flags for refining the unit cell and atomic parameters,
    4040as well as ther damping values,
    41 can be set  on this pane. Note that if a
     41can be set  on this panel. Note that if a
    4242single atom is selected using the mouse, the information
    4343for that atom can be edited. If a group of atoms is
    5050<A href="expgui.html#installation">(see the installation instructions)</A>
    5151is installed, buttons for adding phases and atoms will
    52 appear on this pane, as seen below. If the
     52appear on this panel, as seen below. If the
    5353program is not properly installed, no errors occur, but the buttons
    5454do not appear.
    56 Note that the order that atoms appear in this pane is
     56Note that the order that atoms appear in this panel is
    5757determined by the
    5858<a href="expguic.html#sortatoms">"Sort Atoms by"</a> option
    8585If one or more atoms have been selected
    8686<A href="expgui.html#mouseactions">(see Mouse Actions)</A>, it is possible
    87 to transform the atom coordinates, globally set occupancy or Uiso (Uequiv)
    88 values for the selected atoms, or erase the selected atoms, by pressing the
    89 "Xform atom(s)" button. It is also possible to transform the selected atoms
    90 from isotropic to anisotropic, or the reverse.
    91 <P>
     87to make changes to those atoms by pressing the "Xform atom(s)" button.
     88This raises the window shown to the right.
    9289Note that no changes are actually made, until the
    9390"Transform Coordinates", "Set Occupancies",... buttons are pressed.
     92This window can be used
     93to transform the coordinates coordinates of the selected atoms,
     94globally set occupancy or Uiso (Uequiv)
     95values for the selected atoms, or erase the selected atoms. by pressing the
     96It is also possible to transform the selected atoms
     97from isotropic to anisotropic, or the reverse.
     99<IMG SRC="new.gif" alt="New!">
     100The "Xform Origin 1 to Origin 2" button is only available for those
     101orthorhombic, tetragonal and cubic space groups that are listed in the
     102International Tables with two origin settings. (These space groups have
     103a location in the unit cell that has higher symmetry than a location of
     104a center of symmetry: origin 1 is placed at the highest symmetry location;
     105origin 2 is placed at the computationally reasonable location, the center
     106of symmetry. GSAS only uses the origin 2 settings.)
     107If coordinates have been entered in the origin 1 setting, they may be
     108transformed to the origin 2 setting using this button.
    95110<br clear=all>
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