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    5252This web page describes the different actions that
    53 can be accomplished with the different panes and the
     53can be accomplished with the different panels and the
    5454contents of the menus. The table below contains links to the other
    5555web accessible documentation.
    169169following the outline of the EXPEDT program.
    170170Each set of values is given a
    171 "tabbed pane" on a window that has the appearance of a notebook (see below).
     171"tabbed panel" on a window that has the appearance of a notebook (see below).
    173 <br>The notebook pane tabs.
     173<br>The notebook panel tabs.
    174174<br><img SRC="panebar1.gif"  BORDER=3 alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
    176176In some cases, where values are
    177 too numerous or complex to fit onto the notebook pane, one or more buttons
    178 may be present on a pane that will create a separate window,
     177too numerous or complex to fit onto the notebook panel, one or more buttons
     178may be present on a panel that will create a separate window,
    179179where the associated values can be modified.
    180180These values are not recorded in the
    181181"in memory" copy of the experiment file unless the "Save" button on this window
    182182is pressed. If "Cancel" is pressed, no changes are made.
    183 Each notebook pane is listed below with a link to the web page documenting
    184 that pane.
     183Each notebook panel is listed below with a link to the web page documenting
     184that panel.
    186186<A Href="expgui1.html">
    187 <h3>A.1 Least Squares (LS) Controls Pane</h3>
     187<h3>A.1 Least Squares (LS) Controls Panel</h3>
    188188</A><A Href="expgui2.html">
    189 <h3>A.2 Phase Pane</h3>
     189<h3>A.2 Phase Panel</h3>
    190190</A><A Href="expgui3.html">
    191 <h3>A.3 Histogram pane</h3>
     191<h3>A.3 Histogram panel</h3>
    192192</A><A Href="expgui4.html">
    193 <h3>A.4 Scaling pane</h3>
     193<h3>A.4 Scaling panel</h3>
    194194</A><A Href="expgui5.html">
    195 <h3>A.5 Profile pane</h3>
     195<h3>A.5 Profile panel</h3>
    196196</A><A Href="expgui6.html">
    197 <h3>A.6 Constraints pane</h3>
     197<h3>A.6 Constraints panel</h3>
    198198</A><A Href="expgui7.html">
    199 <h3>A.7 Preferential Orientation Pane</h3>
     199<h3>A.7 Preferential Orientation Panel</h3>
    201201<br clear=all>
    221221allows these parameters to be set for groups of
    222222similar histograms. Thus, if this mode is set to "All"
    223 the Histogram and Profile panes are disabled.
     223the Histogram and Profile panels are disabled.
    225225The setting for "Multiple Histogram Selection" mode is
    623623<A HREF="expgui2.html#addatoms">"Add Atoms"</A> or
    624624<A HREF="expgui2.html#replacephase">"Replace Phase"</A>
    625 buttons on the <A HREF="expgui2.html">Phase Pane</A>, by choosing
     625buttons on the <A HREF="expgui2.html">Phase Panel</A>, by choosing
    626626the format from the pull-down list to the right of the
    627627"Import atoms/phase from" button. The formats currently supported
    768768Pamela Whitfield of the NRC (Canada) for writing large
    769769sections of the
    770 <A Href="expgui7.html">Preferential Orientation Pane</A>
     770<A Href="expgui7.html">Preferential Orientation Panel</A>
    771771and the
    772 <A Href="expgui6.html">Profile Constraints pane</A>
     772<A Href="expgui6.html">Profile Constraints panel</A>
    773773code and to John Cowgill for the "Export to GRACE" code.
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