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    3    <TITLE>Windows Installation Notes for EXPGUI</TITLE>
     3   <TITLE>Windows Installation Information for EXPGUI</TITLE>
    44   <meta name="keywords" content="crystallography, Rietveld, diffraction,
    55   GSAS, EXPGUI, Windows">
    23 <TR><TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A>
    24 </TH></TR></TABLE><BR CLEAR=ALL>
     25<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas+expgui.html">self-installer notes</a></TH>
     26<TH><A  Href="win_old_notes.html">Windows install details</A></TH>
     27<TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A></TH>
     28</TR></TABLE><BR CLEAR=ALL>
    2732<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
    28 Windows installation notes for
     33Installating and Updating
    2935<A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A>
     37<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas.html">GSAS</a>)
     38on Windows
    3039<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
    3443 is always under development and gets
    3544less testing by the author
    36 in Windows than in UNIX. Please report problems, including comments on
     45in Windows than in other platforms.
     46Please report problems, including improvements on
    3747these instructions to
    3848<A HREF="mailto:brian.toby@nist.gov">Brian Toby</A>.
     49Otherwise, Windows-specific issues are unlikely to be addressed or repaired.
    41 <H2>A single-step program to install GSAS and EXPGUI for Windows</H2>
     52<H2>Installing GSAS and EXPGUI in Windows</H2>
     53Most users who install
     54<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas.html">GSAS (General Structure Analysis System)</a>
     56<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/expgui">EXPGUI</a>,
     57will do so by downloading a single file that installs the GSAS programs,
     58the Tcl/Tk package (with some extensions), the EXPGUI scripts, as well as
     59makes registry changes (or AUTOEXEC.BAT edits) as needed by GSAS. This will
     60be described in brief in the next section of this page.
     61It is also possible to download and install GSAS, Tcl/Tk & EXPGUI from
     62separate distributions; please see the
     63<A Href="win_old_notes.html">Windows install details</A> web page
     64for more details.
     65<P>More information about EXPGUI, including information on how it
     66can be customized, can be found on web pages <A HREF="expgui.html">expgui.html</A>
     67and <A HREF="expgui_cfg.html">expgui_cfg.html</A>. These files are also
     68found in the <TT>...\gsas\expgui\doc</TT> directory after EXPGUI is installed.
     71<H3>Using the GSAS and EXPGUI self-installer for Windows</H3>
    4373You can download a single file that installs
    44 <a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas.html">GSAS (General Structure Analysis System)</a>
     74<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas.html">GSAS</A>
    4676<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/expgui">EXPGUI</a>,
    5080and/or creates the appropriate registry entries needed to run the programs.
    52 <a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas+expgui.html">separate web page</a>
    53 details how to use this self-installer,
    54 (<a href="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/gsas+expgui.exe">
    55 ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/gsas+expgui.exe
    56 </a> or from CCP14 mirrors). Here are the steps in brief:
     82<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas+expgui.html">
     83separate web page</a>
     84provides details a detailed description on this self-installer
     85(<a href="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/gsas+expgui.exe">gsas+expgui.exe</A>).
     86Here are the steps in brief:
    6090<a href="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/gsas+expgui.exe">
    62 </B>
     93(Mirrors: select file gsas+expgui.exe from
     94<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
     98<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/briantoby/pub/cryst/gsas/">
     102<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
    64107<P><LI><B>Run the gsas+expgui.exe file</B>
    81 <H2>The old, multistep, process for loading GSAS and EXPGUI</H2>
    82 If for some reason you want to install GSAS and EXPGUI from the
    83 component distributions (which are sometimes more recent than the
    84 single-step file, described above), you can follow the steps listed
    85 below.
    86 <P><B>1. Download the following files:</B>
    87 <UL>
    88 <I>(Shift-click on the links below to download the files)</I>
    89 <P>
    90 <LI>Get
    91 <A Href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/programs/crystallography/software/gsas.html">
    92 GSAS</A> from one of the following sites:
    93 <DL><P>
    94 <DT>UK<DD>
    96 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe">http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe</A>
    97 or<BR>
    98 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=ftp://ftp.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe">ftp://ftp.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe</A>
    100 <DT>USA<DD>
    101 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.semo.edu/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe">http://www.semo.edu/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe</A>
    103 <DT>Canada<DD>
     124<H2>Updating to a new GSAS release</H2>
     126It is quite common that Bob Von Dreele will release an update to the
     127GSAS programs more frequently than the combination gsas_expgui.exe
     128package can be updated. It is possible to update a previous version of the
     129GSAS software.
     130First, make a note where you have installed the GSAS/EXPGUI software.
     131The default is <TT>C:\GSAS</TT>, but you can check by looking at the properties for the
     132PC-GSAS or EXPGUI icon. Second, note the GSAS package date, by
     133running a GSAS program, such as EXPEDT or SPACEGRP and noting the
     134date where it says "Distributed on ..."
     135Then download the latest GSAS release from CCP14:
     138<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?
     142<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
    104146<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe">http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe</A>
    106 <DT>Australia<DD>
    107 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://minerals.csiro.au/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe">http://minerals.csiro.au/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/gsaskit.exe</A>
     149<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
    110 <P>be sure to read
    111 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/readme.txt">http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/readme.txt</A>
    112 <P>
    113 <P><LI>Get a
    114 <A Href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/programs/crystallography/software/tclpkgs.html">
    115 Tcl/Tk</A> distribution<BR>
    116 I recommend using this (not so new) version (Tcl/Tk v8.2)
    117 (why - <a href="#Winexec">see note 1 below</a>):<BR>
    118 <A HREF="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/tcltk/tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe">
    119 ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/tcltk/tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe</A>
    120 (2686464 bytes)
    121 <P>
    122 <LI>The
    123 <A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A> code<BR>
    124 <A HREF="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui.exe">ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui.exe</A>
    125 (~340 K bytes)
    126 <BR>for the absolute latest release (which may not have gotten
    127 a lot of testing, but probably has new capabilities and bug fixes) use<BR>
     153<P>When you run the downloaded file, you will be asked where the GSAS software
     154should be installed (with a default of <tt>C:\GSAS</TT>). Make sure to use the same
     155location as before.
     157Finally, check that GSAS has indeed been updated by
     158again running a GSAS program, such as EXPEDT or SPACEGRP and noting the
     159date where it says "Distributed on ..."
     162<H2>Updating to a new EXPGUI release</H2>
     164It is also common that new features will be added to EXPGUI or
     165bug fixes will be made without an update to the
     166combination gsas_expgui.exe
     168The absolute latest release (which may not have gotten
     169a lot of testing)
     170is distributed as
    128171<A HREF="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui_alpha.zip">
    129 ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui_alpha.zip</A><BR>
    130 You will need an unzip program, such as WinZip or pkZip, to use this file.
    131 (sometimes I update
    132 <A HREF="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui_alpha.exe">
    133 ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui_alpha.exe</A>
    134 but this may lag behind the .ZIP version or may not be present.)
    135 <P>
    136 You can put these .EXE (and .ZIP) files anywhere on your computer, but make a note of the
    137 locations for steps 2, 3 and 5, below.
    138 </UL>
    139 <P><B>2. Run the programs</B>
    140 <UL>Use a DOS window to run, gsaskit.exe,
    141 tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe, and expgui.exe (the order should not matter):
    143         mkdir c:\gsas
    144         chdir c:\gsas
    145         c:\temp\gsaskit.exe -d
    146         c:\temp\tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe
    147         c:\temp\expgui.exe
    148 </PRE></FONT>
    150 These files can be run from where they are downloaded using the Run command
    151 or by clicking on their icons in a Windows Explorer or other directory view
    152 window.
    153 <P>
    154 The previous steps will cause the files to be unpacked. The default
    155 locations for installation are:
    157            gsaskit.exe                     c:\gsas
    158            tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe    c:\tcl
    159            expgui.exe                      c:\gsas\expgui
    160 </PRE></FONT>
    162 <P>These files can be located on other disks and in directories with
    163 other names, but the expgui files in expgui.exe
    164 <I><U>must</U></I> be located in a subdirectory of the GSAS files and
    165 each directory name should not have a space in the name
    166 so location
    167 <font face="courier">Z:\i\think\this\will\work\gsas</font> should be OK,
    168 as should
    169 <font face="courier">C:\longwindows\namesarenotgood\fordos</font>
    170 but you may have trouble with<BR>
    171 <font face="courier">C:\Program Files\names with spaces\make problems</font>
    172 probably will break drag-and-drop -- at least for EXPGUI.
    173 If these files will be located on a fileserver, the file server
    174 must be mapped to appear as a disk drive (must be assigned a name
    175 such as F:). But note, installing GSAS on a file server does not
    176 fully install
    177 GSAS on each PC that accesses the file server, since short-cuts and
    178 environment changes are needed.
    179 </UL>
    180 <P><B>3. Create a shortcut:</B>
    181 <UL>
    182 <LI>
    183 On a blank part of the Windows desktop, click the <I><U>right</U></I> mouse
    184 button and then select NEW and then shortcut and click with the <I><U>left</U></I>
    185 mouse button.</LI>
    187 <LI>
    188 provide command</LI>
    190 <UL><FONT FACE="COURIER">c:\tcl\bin\wish82.exe c:\gsas\expgui\expgui</FONT></UL>
    191 </UL>
    193 <UL>(modify previous paths, if you have located the files in different places)</UL>
    195 <UL>
    196 <LI>
    197 click on NEXT with the <I><U>left</U></I> mouse button.</LI>
    199 <LI>
    200 Enter name EXPGUI</LI>
    202 <LI>
    203 click on FINISH with the <I><U>left</U></I> mouse button.</LI>
    204 </UL>
    206 <UL>You may want to modify the shortcut by modifying the properties to
    207 change the icon or the default properties.</UL>
    208 <B>4. Delete the downloaded .exe files to save space (optional)</B>
     173On the newest versions of Windows, support for .zip files is built in, but
     174for older versions, you will need an unzip program, such as WinZip or pkZip.
     176To update EXPGUI,
     177first, make a note where you have installed the GSAS/EXPGUI software.
     178The default is <TT>C:\GSAS\EXPGUI</TT>, but you can check by looking at the
     179properties for the PC-GSAS or EXPGUI icon.
     180Second, note the EXPGUI package date, by
     181using the Help/About menu command in EXPGUI.
     182You then want to download this file:
     183is distributed as
    211 <DD>          gsaskit.exe
    212 <DD>          tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe
    213 <DD>          expgui.exe
    214 <DD>          (expgui_alpha.exe)
    215 <DD>          (expgui_alpha.zip)
    216 </DL>
    218 <P>More information about EXPGUI, including information on how it
    219 can be customized, can be found on web pages <A HREF="expgui.html">expgui.html</A>
    220 and <A HREF="expgui_cfg.html">expgui_cfg.html</A>,
    221 found in the \gsas\expgui\doc directory.
    222 <BR>
    223 <H2>
    224 <a name="Winexec"></a>Questions</H2>
    225 1. Can I use a different version of Tcl/Tk than the one here?
    226 <UL>Yes -- but: you will need both Tcl/Tk and the Winexec package (see
    227 http://www.du.edu/~mschwart/tcl-tk.htm) for the GUI to work
    228 with Windows-95, -98 and -me. Further,
    229 several utility routines (for example, liveplot and widplt)
    230 require the BLT package to be properly configured as a loadable
    231 package to run. If you care what vintage of Tcl/Tk you are using, you are
    232 obviously a "power user" so take a look at the pkgIndex.tcl files and fix
    233 your version, if you get an error about loading Blt_ZoomStack.
    234 Please note that EXPGUI seems to run very
    235 slowly in Tcl/Tk version 8.1, but OK in 8.0 and 8.2.
    236 <BR> </UL>
    237 2. Do I need to modify the PATH, etc in my AUTOEXEC.BAT file or in my Start/Settings/... menus?
    238 <UL>Only if you will use the PC-GSAS program as well as EXPGUI.
    239 If so, do follow the steps in the
    240 <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/gsas/public/gsas/windows/readme.txt">
    241 GSAS readme file</A>)
    242 <P>
    243 Note, to add more environment space in Win95/98, add the following line to the
     185<A HREF="ftp://ftp.ncnr.nist.gov/pub/cryst/gsas/expgui_alpha.zip">
     188(Mirrors: select file expgui_alpha.zip from
     189<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
     193<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://ccp14.sims.nrc.ca/ccp/ccp14/ftp-mirror/briantoby/pub/cryst/gsas/">
     197<A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=
     201 and unpack it to subdirectory <tt>...\gsas\expgui\</tt>.
     202Depending how you work with the zip directory, you may want to copy the
     203files in the .zip archive into the existing <tt>gsas\expgui</tt> directory or
     204rename the original <tt>expgui</tt> in <tt>gsas</tt>
     205and then drag the new expgui directory into the gsas folder.
     206Finally, you can check if the EXPGUI program has been updated, by restarting
     207it and again using the Help/About menu option.
     209<H2>Problems & Questions</H2>
     211<LI>How do I increase the Environment variable space
     212<UL>This is only needed on -95/-98 or -ME.
     213To add more environment space in Win95/98, add the following line to the
    244214CONFIG.SYS file in the root directory
    245215<FONT FACE="COURIER"><PRE>
    246216        SHELL=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /P /E:4096
    248 add the following line to the SYSTEM.INI file (in c:\windows) under
     218Also add the following line to the SYSTEM.INI file (in c:\windows) under
    249219the heading [NonWindowsApp]
    250220<FONT FACE="COURIER"><PRE>
    257 3. What versions of Windows can I use?
     227<LI>What versions of Windows can I use?
    258228<UL>As far as I am aware, EXPGUI will run under all releases of Windows from
    259 -95 through -XP, but it is not tested here on most of those platforms.
     229-95/-98/-ME/-NT/-2000 through -XP, but it is not tested
     230here on most of those platforms.
    260231I depend on feedback from users to tell me of OS conflicts, but none have
    261232been reported.
    262 </UL>
    263 4. EXPGUI seems pretty slow, or is it my imagination?
     234I have heard that there are minor
     235problems with running EXPGUI on -XP -- after GSAS programs are run, EXPGUI
     236may remain minimized (on the taskbar) rather than reopen itself. This
     237should be addressed as of EXPGUI 1.73, but
     238problem can be avoided by unselecting the "Minimize on GSAS" checkbutton
     239in the Options menu. Likewise, with older versions of EXPGUI on -XP, sometimes
     240the program hangs at the point where one is asked if a .EXP file should
     241loaded after a refinement. Use of the "Autoload .EXP" will bypass the problem,
     242but the bug should have been fixed in EXPGUI 1.73.
     244<LI>EXPGUI seems pretty slow, or is it my imagination?
    265246Well, actually the problem is Windows. EXPGUI is pretty zippy in LINUX,
    272 5. When I run one of the GSAS graphics programs (POWPLOT, RAWPLOT,...) the
     253<LI>When I run one of the GSAS graphics programs (POWPLOT, RAWPLOT,...) the
    273254program starts, and I can answer questions, but when it comes to the part
    274255of the program that should display a plot, I get no plot (and possibly
    293274<a name="NetPath"></a>
    294 6. Can GSAS and EXPGUI be located on a shared network drive?
     275<LI>Can GSAS and EXPGUI be located on a shared network drive?
    296277Yes. With earlier versions of GSAS path had to be mapped to a
    312 7. Can I use Windows-ME or Windows-XP with GSAS and EXPGUI?
    313 <UL>
    314 I do not have any direct experience with either OS. I am not aware of any
    315 problems running EXPGUI & GSAS on -ME. I have heard that there are minor
    316 problems with running EXPGUI on -XP -- after GSAS programs are run, EXPGUI
    317 may remain minimized (on the taskbar) rather than reopen itself. This
    318 problem can be avoided by unselecting the "Minimize on GSAS" checkbutton
    319 in the Options menu.
    321 </UL>
    325 Thanks to <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~khan/software/tcl/index.html#tcltk-80p2-ming">Mumit
    326 Khan</A> for help with Tcl/Tk on Windows
    327 and to <A HREF="http://www.nist.gov/cgi-bin/exit_nist.cgi?url=http://www.du.edu/~mschwart/tcl-tk.htm">Michael
    328 I. Schwartz</A> for the Winexec package, which is needed to allow Tcl/Tk to run
    329 the GSAS DOS .exe files.
    331298<A Href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/programs/crystallography/software/gsas.html">
    364 <TR><TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A>
    365 </TH></TR></TABLE>
     333<a href="http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/xtal/software/gsas+expgui.html">self-installer notes</a></TH>
     334<TH><A  Href="win_old_notes.html">Windows install details</A></TH>
     335<TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A></TH>
     336</TR></TABLE><BR CLEAR=ALL>
    367338<P><font size=-1><A HREF="MAILTO:crystal@NIST.gov?subject=WWW page <?=$PHP_SELF?>">Comments, corrections or questions: crystal@NIST.gov</A></font><BR>
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