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    8080button is pressed.
    82 <IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
    8383The "Fit Background Graphically" button is displayed only when a single
    8484histogram is selected for background editing. When this button is
    9292<a name="EditAbsorption"></a>
    93 <h3>A.3.2 Editing absorption/reflectivity
    94 <IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
    95 </h3>
     93<h3>A.3.2 Editing absorption/reflectivity</h3>
    9795<img SRC="3h.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
    161159shown below. This dialog can be used to enter diffraction data to be used
    162160in the refinement, or can be used to define parameters for pattern
    163 simulation, through use of the "dummy histogram" option.
     161simulation, through use of the "dummy histogram" option
     162<a href="#Dummy">(see below)</a>.
    164163<img SRC="3e.gif" align=LEFT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
    165164<br clear=all>
    174173<a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> utility.
     175<img SRC="3e3.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     178<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     179Plotting Diffraction Patterns</H4>
    176181To view a plot of a data file, so that the range of the data
    177182may be viewed, the RAWPLOT program may be invoked using the "Run RAWPLOT"
    178183button. Note that EXPGUI cannot communicate the names
    179184of the data and instrument parameter files to RAWPLOT, so they must be
    180 reentered.
    181 <P>
     185reentered. The window to the right is shown to aid doing this.
     186When files have been selected in the "add histogram" menu, the "put name in
     187clipboard" button can be used to place the file name into the
     188clipboard. The appropriate paste function (for example the Paste button
     189for the DOS window) can be used to avoid typing in the file name.
     193<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     194Editing Instrument Parameter Files</H4>
    182196Instrument parameter files can be edited using the "Edit File"
    183197button to call the <a href="expgui.html#INSTEDIT">INSTEDIT</a> utility.
    186200Refer to the documentation on
    187201<a href="expgui.html#INSTEDIT">INSTEDIT</a> to see how this utility functions.
     204<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     205Adding Multiple Diffraction Patterns</H4>
     207For working with instruments with large numbers of detectors,
     208when the number of datasets in the data file matches the number of
     209instrument parameters, the button "Add multiple banks" becomes available.
     210When this button is pressed, a new window is created that shows a
     211checkbutton and a two-theta max (or E-max/TOF-min) for each bank. Banks
     212may be selected and pressing a button causes all selected banks to be loaded.
    189215<br clear=all>
    190216<img SRC="3e1.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     217<a name="Dummy"></a><h4>Simulating Diffraction Patterns</H4>
    191218When the dummy histogram option is selected, diffraction data can
    192219be simulated based a set of experimental constants
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