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    r524 r550  
    44 <LI><TT>readexp.tcl</TT>
    45 <LI><TT>gsascmds.tcl</TT>
    46 <LI><TT>gsasmenu.tcl</TT>
     44<LI><FONT FACE="COURIER">readexp.tcl</FONT>
     45<LI><FONT FACE="COURIER">gsascmds.tcl</FONT>
     46<LI><FONT FACE="COURIER">gsasmenu.tcl</FONT>
    4848Two additional files are read if they are found:
    50 <LI><TT>localconfig</TT>
    51 <LI><TT>.gsas_config</TT>
     50<LI><FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT>
     51<LI><FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT>
    5353<P>The first three files,
    54 (<TT>readexp.tcl</TT>, <TT>gsascmds.tcl</TT>, <TT>gsasmenu.tcl</TT>)
    55 must be located in the same directory where the <TT>expgui</TT> file is found.
    56 The <TT>localconfig</TT> file also is read from this directory, if it exists.
    57 The final file, <TT>.gsas_config</TT>, is read from the user's login directory (UNIX) or <TT>C:\</TT> (Windows).
    58 The <TT>localconfig</TT> and <TT>.gsas_config</TT> are intended to
     54(<FONT FACE="COURIER">readexp.tcl</FONT>, <FONT FACE="COURIER">gsascmds.tcl</FONT>, <FONT FACE="COURIER">gsasmenu.tcl</FONT>)
     55must be located in the same directory where the <FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui</FONT> file is found.
     56The <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> file also is read from this directory, if it exists.
     57The final file, <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT>, is read from the user's login directory (UNIX) or <FONT FACE="COURIER">C:\</FONT> (Windows).
     58The <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> and <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT> are intended to
    5959contain system-wide and user-level default values for parameters
    6060that are described in this document. Most routines have
    6161a "Save Options" command that writes some of the current parameters to
    62 file  <TT>.gsas_config</TT>. Note that information in <TT>.gsas_config</TT>
    63 overrides that in <TT>localconfig</TT>.
     62file  <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT>. Note that information in <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT>
     63overrides that in <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT>.
    6464No error occurs if either of these files are not found.
    67 The <TT>readexp.tcl</TT> and <TT>gsascmds.tcl</TT> files contain
     67The <FONT FACE="COURIER">readexp.tcl</FONT> and <FONT FACE="COURIER">gsascmds.tcl</FONT> files contain
    6868tcl procedures that are
    6969used for more than one application, so it is convenient to place them
    7171or add new functionality to expgui.
    73 The <TT>gsasmenu.tcl</TT> file defines the contents of the
     73The <FONT FACE="COURIER">gsasmenu.tcl</FONT> file defines the contents of the
    7474menu bar, the contents of the
    7575button bar and definitions for each command. The contents of this file
    7676are designed to be modified and extended by users, either by editing the file,
    77 or by overriding definitions in the <TT>localconfig</TT> or
    78 <TT>.gsas_config</TT> files.
    80 The important variables defined in the <TT>gsasmenu.tcl</TT> file are:
    81 <DL><DL>
    82 <DT><TT>expgui(menunames)</TT><DD>
     77or by overriding definitions in the <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> or
     78<FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT> files.
     80The important variables defined in the <FONT FACE="COURIER">gsasmenu.tcl</FONT> file are:
     82<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(menunames)</FONT><DD>
    8383This list defines the menu bar headings other than File, Options & Help
    84 <DT><TT>expgui_menulist</TT><DD>
     84<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui_menulist</FONT><DD>
    8585Each array element, e.g. expgui_menulist(file) and expgui_menulist(powder),
    8686defines commands to be added to a menu heading. Each command will appear
    8787as an array element in expgui_cmdlist.
    88 <DT><TT>expgui_cmdlist</TT><DD>
     88<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui_cmdlist</FONT><DD>
    8989Each array element, e.g. expgui_cmdlist(Save) or expgui_cmdlist(expnam)
    9090contains two items. The first defines a tcl procedure to be executed
    9393Note that when menu item is selected the variable cmd is set to the
    9494name of the command, so
    95 <PRE>
    9696    expgui_cmdlist(powpref) {{runGSASwEXP $cmd} {Powder data preparation}}
    97 </PRE>
    9898means that "runGSASwEXP powpref" will be invoked when powpref is invoked.
    9999For example, when powpref is selected, the tcl command
    100100"runGSASwEXP $cmd" is invoked, where variable cmd is set to "powpref".
    101 <DT><TT>expgui(buttonlist)</TT><DD>
     101<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(buttonlist)</FONT><DD>
    102102This list defines the commands that will appear on the button bar where
    103103each item that appears on the button bar must have a matching pair of entries
    104104in expgui_cmdlist.
    105105Thus if the command
    106 <PRE>
    107107   set expgui(buttonlist) {expnam expedt genles ortep fourier forsrh forplot lstview}
    108 </PRE>
    109 is placed in the <TT>localconfig</TT> or <TT>.gsas_config</TT> files this will
     109is placed in the <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> or <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT> files this will
    110110redefine the contents of the button bar.
    117 <DT><TT>expgui(scriptdir)</TT><DD>
    118 This determines where files such as <TT>readexp.tcl</TT>, etc.
    119 are located. This defaults to the location where <TT>expgui</TT> is located so
     117<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(scriptdir)</FONT><DD>
     118This determines where files such as <FONT FACE="COURIER">readexp.tcl</FONT>, etc.
     119are located. This defaults to the location where <FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui</FONT> is located so
    120120it rarely needs to be changed.
    122 <DT><TT>expgui(gsasdir)</TT><DD>
     122<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(gsasdir)</FONT><DD>
    123123This contains the location of the GSAS directory, if it is not the
    124124parent director where expgui is found.
    126126crashes when you try to add new atoms, this is probably wrong.
    128 <DT><TT>expgui(gsasexe)</TT><DD>
     128<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(gsasexe)</FONT><DD>
    129129This determines where the GSAS executable files are located.
    130130You might want to change this is you keep multiple versions of GSAS
    133133in a subdirectory of the GSAS files.
    135 <DT><TT>expgui(bkgcolor1)</TT><DD>
     135<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(bkgcolor1)</FONT><DD>
    136136Sets the background color for the bottom box on the phase pane.
    137137The default value, #fdf, is a light violet that
    139139of the refinement flags.
    141 <DT><TT>liveplot(hst)</TT><DD>
     141<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">liveplot(hst)</FONT><DD>
    142142Sets the default histogram used for liveplot
    144 <DT><TT>liveplot(legend)</TT><DD>
     144<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">liveplot(legend)</FONT><DD>
    145145Sets the default value for display of the legend in liveplot
    147 <DT><TT>expgui(initstring)</TT><DD>
     147<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(initstring)</FONT><DD>
    148148Defines commands to be executed by EXPGUI after all other commands
    149149have been run. This is used to define initialization commands in
    150 the <TT>localconfig</TT> or <TT>.gsas_config</TT> files that cannot be
     150the <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> or <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT> files that cannot be
    151151run at the time when the files are sourced. <I>(added in EXPGUI v1.21)</I>
    154 The following variables are written to <tt>.gsas_config</tt> when
     154The following variables are written to <font face="courier">.gsas_config</font> when
    155155"Save Options" is used. These variables are all set from the GUI and therefore
    156156do not need to be edited manually.
    159 <DT><TT>expgui(archive)</TT><DD>
     159<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(archive)</FONT><DD>
    160160This defines the default state for the archive flag,
    161161where 0 is off and 1 is on. When archive is on, a copy of the .EXP file
    162162is saved before a new version of the file is saved in EXPGUI.
    164 <DT><TT>expgui(font)</TT><DD>
     164<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(font)</FONT><DD>
    165165This determines the base font used in the programs. You conceivably
    166166could want to use an integer value not present in the
    167167"Options/Screen Font" menu command.
    169 <DT><TT>expgui(asorttype)</TT><DD>
     169<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(asorttype)</FONT><DD>
    170170This determines the atom sort mode.
    172 <DT><TT>expgui(hsorttype)</TT><DD>
     172<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(hsorttype)</FONT><DD>
    173173This determines the histogram sort mode.
    175 <DT><TT>expgui(filesort)</TT><DD>
     175<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(filesort)</FONT><DD>
    176176This determines the default file sorting mode for the expnam command.
    178 <DT><TT>expgui(autoexpload)</TT><DD>
     178<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(autoexpload)</FONT><DD>
    179179If set to 1, the experiment file is automatically reread after
    180180GSAS programs modify it.
    181181(UNIX only)
    183 <DT><TT>expgui(showexptool)</TT><DD>
     183<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">expgui(showexptool)</FONT><DD>
    184184If set to 1, output from EXPTOOL is shown after the program is run.
    185185This is probably needed only for debugging purposes.
    187 <DT><TT>env(GSASBACKSPACE)</TT><DD>
    188188Used only for UNIX: This determines if the default definition
    189189for the backspace key is overridden; some UNIX systems need this so that
    205205All that is needed to cause the code to be incorporated into
    206206EXPGUI is to name it
    207 <TT>import_</TT><I>xxxx</I><TT>.tcl</TT> (where <I>xxxx</I> is arbitrary)
     207<FONT FACE="COURIER">import_</FONT><I>xxxx</I><FONT FACE="COURIER">.tcl</FONT> (where <I>xxxx</I> is arbitrary)
    208208and place it in the EXPGUI directory. All files with
    209209such names are read when EXPGUI is started.
    211 The <TT>import_</TT> file must contain four items:
     211The <FONT FACE="COURIER">import_</FONT> file must contain four items:
    214214A description for the type of file to be read.
    215 <DL><DL><PRE>
    216217set description "PowderCell .CEL file"
    217 </PRE></DL>
    218220The text should not be too long, but use a return (\n) if needed:
    219 <DL><PRE>
    220222set description "My favorite coordinate\nfile from the GIGO pkg"
    221 </PRE></DL></DL>
    222224This description text shows up on the button for selecting a format.
    225227A list of preferred file extensions.
    226 <DL><DL><PRE>
    227229set extensions .cel
    228 </PRE></DL>
    230 <DL><PRE>
    231233set extensions {.jnk .junk}
    232 </PRE></DL></DL>
    233235In UNIX upper and lower case
    234236versions will be generated automatically, so do not worry about
    238240The name of the routine that will read the data file
    239 <DL><DL><PRE>
    240242set procname ReadPowderCellFile
    241 </PRE></DL></DL>
    243245A routine that takes the file name as an argument
    244 <DL><DL><PRE>
    245247proc ReadPowderCellFile {filename} {
    246 </PRE></DL></DL>
    247249and returns a list containing the following four items
    277279However, one must specify a null value, if an item will be skipped over.
    278280For example, use:
    279 <PRE>
    280282    "Li1 0 0 0 li 0.5"
    281 </PRE>
    283 <PRE>
    284286    "{} 0 0 0 li 0.5"
    285 </PRE>
    286288but not
    287 <PRE>
    288290    "0 0 0 li 0.5"
    289 </PRE>
    300 See the file <TT>import_cell.tcl</TT> as an example for how this code
     302See the file <FONT FACE="COURIER">import_cell.tcl</FONT> as an example for how this code
    301303is written.
    312314All that is needed to cause the code to be incorporated into
    313315EXPGUI is to name it
    314 <TT>export_</TT><I>xxxx</I><TT>.tcl</TT> (where <I>xxxx</I> is arbitrary)
     316<FONT FACE="COURIER">export_</FONT><I>xxxx</I><FONT FACE="COURIER">.tcl</FONT> (where <I>xxxx</I> is arbitrary)
    315317and place it in the EXPGUI directory. All files with
    316318such names are read when EXPGUI the Import/Export=>"Coord Export" submenu
    317319is first invoked.
    319 The <TT>export_</TT> file must define two variables:
     321The <FONT FACE="COURIER">export_</FONT> file must define two variables:
    322324This defines the text that appears on the submenu. For example:
    323 <PRE>
    324326        set label "MSI .xtl format"
    325 </PRE>
    327329This defines the Tcl routine that will be used to
    328 <PRE>
    329331        set action exp2xtl
    330 </PRE>
    331 </DL></DL>
    332 See the file <TT>export_example.example</TT>, as well as the
    333 <TT>export_*.tcl</TT> files
     334See the file <FONT FACE="COURIER">export_example.example</FONT>, as well as the
     335<FONT FACE="COURIER">export_*.tcl</FONT> files
    334336as examples for how this
    335337sort of routine is written.
    338 The <TT>localconfig</TT> and <TT>.gsas_config</TT> files are read, if present.
     340The <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> and <FONT FACE="COURIER">.gsas_config</FONT> files are read, if present.
    339341The following options are available for customization in these files:
    341 <DT><TT>txtvw(menulength)</TT><DD>
     343<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">txtvw(menulength)</FONT><DD>
    342344This limits the number of entries that can
    343345exist in a menu. For example, the default is 25, so when more than 25 cycles
    344346are found in a .LST file, only the last 25 are listed in the
    345347"Go To"/cycle submenu.
    346 <DT><TT>txtvw(maxchars)</TT><DD>
     348<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">txtvw(maxchars)</FONT><DD>
    347349This limits the maximum number of
    348350characters that will be read from an existing .LST file to speed
    349351the start of the program. The default is ~1Mb
    350352for UNIX systems and ~200K for Windows.
    351 <DT><TT>txtvw(plotvars)</TT><DD>
     353<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">txtvw(plotvars)</FONT><DD>
    352354If txtvx(plotvars) is 1, a plot window is created for plotting of
    353355R-factors and parameter shifts as a function of cycle number.
    359 The following variables are written to <tt>.gsas_config</tt> when
     361The following variables are written to <font face="courier">.gsas_config</font> when
    360362"Save Options" is used. These variables can be set from the GUI and therefore
    361363do not need to be edited manually.
    364 <DT><TT>txtvw(followcycle)</TT><DD>
     366<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">txtvw(followcycle)</FONT><DD>
    365367This sets the initial value for the
    366368"Auto Advance" button in the "Go To" menu. When this is true,
    368370added, the "view" is advanced.
    370 <DT><TT>txtvw(font)</TT><DD>
     372<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">txtvw(font)</FONT><DD>
    371373This sets the font used for LSTVIEW. See documentation on the font command in
    372374Tk for details on font naming.
    389391instrumental curves as options to the menu. This can be done by creating a
    390392file called widplot_<i>name</i>. For example, renaming the
    391 <tt>example_widplt_BT1</tt> file supplied with the distribution to
    392 <tt>widplt_BT1</tt> will cause the FWHM curves for the NIST BT-1 instrument
     393<font face="courier">example_widplt_BT1</font> file supplied with the distribution to
     394<font face="courier">widplt_BT1</font> will cause the FWHM curves for the NIST BT-1 instrument
    393395to be added to the menu of defined FWHM values.
    397399element name to variable datalist.
    399 <PRE>
    400402    set UVWP(Ge15) {398.5 -343.2  163.0 0}
    401403    set XY(Ge15) {0 0}
    404406    set ttrange(Ge15) "5 160"
    405407    lappend datalist Ge15
    406 </PRE>
    407409Array element UVWP(item) contains the (Gaussian) GU, GV, GW and GP values,
    408410while XY(item) contains the (Lorentzian) LX and LY terms. Array element
    411413defines the range the function is valid.
    413 The following variables are written to <tt>.gsas_config</tt> when
     415The following variables are written to <font face="courier">.gsas_config</font> when
    414416"Save Options" is used. These variables are all set from the GUI and therefore
    415417do not need to be edited manually.
    418 <DT><TT>graph(printout)</TT><DD>
     420<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(printout)</FONT><DD>
    419421This is set to 1 if PostScript files
    420422will be printed and 0 if they will be written to disk (for Windows all
    421423files should be written to disk).
    423 <DT><TT>graph(outname)</TT><DD>
     425<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(outname)</FONT><DD>
    424426This is the default for the file name used
    425427when PostScript files will be written to disk.
    427 <DT><TT>graph(outcmd)</TT><DD>
     429<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(outcmd)</FONT><DD>
    428430This is the default for the command used
    429431to print PostScript files (Unix only).
    431 <DT><TT>graph(legend)</TT><DD>
     433<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(legend)</FONT><DD>
    432434Sets the default value for display of the legend in liveplot and widplt.
    434 <DT><TT>graph(plotunits)</TT><DD>
     436<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(plotunits)</FONT><DD>
    435437Sets the units used for displaying the data. Values are "d", "q", "",
    436438for d-space, Q and 2-theta, respectively.
    437 <DT><TT>graph(equivwave)</TT><DD>
     439<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">graph(equivwave)</FONT><DD>
    438440Sets the wavelength used for displaying data, if blank, no conversion is
    439441done and data are shown in their original wavelength.
    452454cycles set to zero gives the Le Bail extraction a head start.
    454 The code below can be used to define a new command, <tt>leBail</tt>. The first
     456The code below can be used to define a new command, <font face="courier">leBail</font>. The first
    455457command adds a command to the button bar and the second one defines what will
    456458be done when it is invoked (the number of cycles is set to zero and
    458460does not.
    460 <PRE>
    461463    lappend expgui(buttonlist) leBail
    462464    set expgui_cmdlist(leBail) {
    466468    }
    468 </PRE>
    469 To make this customization, put the above in the <TT>localconfig</TT>
     471To make this customization, put the above in the <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT>
    470472file or the
    471 <TT>~/.gsas_config</TT> or (or <TT>C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</TT>)
     473<FONT FACE="COURIER">~/.gsas_config</FONT> or (or <FONT FACE="COURIER">C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</FONT>)
    479481to do that as a customization option. Please note that this has now been
    480482incorporated into EXPGUI, so do not use this example.
    481 <PRE>
    482484  set expgui(disaglSeparateBox) 1
    483485  set expgui_cmdlist(disagl) {rundisagl {Hacked Distance/angle calculations}}
    537 </PRE>
    538 To make this customization, put the above in the <TT>localconfig</TT>
     540To make this customization, put the above in the <FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT>
    539541file or the
    540 <TT>~/.gsas_config</TT> or (or <TT>C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</TT>)
     542<FONT FACE="COURIER">~/.gsas_config</FONT> or (or <FONT FACE="COURIER">C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</FONT>)
    543 Note that the <tt>expgui(initstring)</tt> option became available in EXPGUI
     545Note that the <font face="courier">expgui(initstring)</font> option became available in EXPGUI
    544546version 1.21. (Previous versions will ignore this). This code must be executed
    545547after all the menus and other GUI code has been run. When executed, it
    552554The steps for creating support for additional functionality, implementation
    553555of atom constraints, is outlined here. Routines described here can be found in
    554 file <tt>atomcons.tcl</tt> unless otherwise noted.
     556file <font face="courier">atomcons.tcl</font> unless otherwise noted.
    556558<LI>Create a routine to read and write the appropriate records
    557559from the .EXP file. In this case, a new routine, constrinfo,
    558 was added to file <tt>readexp.tcl</tt>.
     560was added to file <font face="courier">readexp.tcl</font>.
    559561This takes considerable care and manual testing.
    560562<LI>Create a routine that places the appropriate widgets into a frame
    572574To update this page each time it is displayed, DisplayConstraintsPane is
    574 <LI>Edit file <tt>expgui</tt> to make the following changes:
     576<LI>Edit file <font face="courier">expgui</font> to make the following changes:
    576 <P><LI>load the <tt>atomcons.tcl</tt> file:
    577 <PRE>
     578<P><LI>load the <font face="courier">atomcons.tcl</font> file:
    578580# commands for constraints
    579581source [file join $expgui(scriptdir) atomcons.tcl]
    580 </PRE>
    581583<P><LI>Define a notebook page for the option. The -createcmd option
    582584is used only once, but the -raisecmd option is used every time
    583585the page is exposed.
    584 <PRE>
    585587set expgui(consFrame) [\
    586588            .n insert end consPane -text Constraints \
    588590            -createcmd MakeConstraintsPane]
    589591lappend expgui(frameactionlist) "consFrame DisplayConstraintsPane"
    590 </PRE>
    591593Note that if we were displaying the atoms constraint page directly on
    592594the main notebook widget, the previous command would have been
    593 <tt>-raisecmd DisplayAtomConstraints -createcmd MakeAtomsConstraintsPane</tt>
     595<font face="courier">-raisecmd DisplayAtomConstraints -createcmd MakeAtomsConstraintsPane</font>
    595597Since the frame will need to be updated when information in the .EXP file
    596598changes, the name of the frame and a command to execute are added into list
    597 expgui(frameactionlist) using the <TT>lappend expgui(frameactionlist)</TT>
     599expgui(frameactionlist) using the <FONT FACE="COURIER">lappend expgui(frameactionlist)</FONT>
    599 </PRE>
    611613<B>Answer: </B>
    612614The fonts used in EXPGUI can be customized by adding some code to the
    613 <TT>localconfig</TT> file or the
    614 <TT>~/.gsas_config</TT> or (or <TT>C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</TT>) file.
     615<FONT FACE="COURIER">localconfig</FONT> file or the
     616<FONT FACE="COURIER">~/.gsas_config</FONT> or (or <FONT FACE="COURIER">C:\GSAS\EXPGUI\.gsas_config</FONT>) file.
    615617By default, fonts are 14 point for the menus, buttons, labels,... and
    61661812 point for the histogram and atom lists.
    618620If you add a command like this:
    619 <UL><PRE>
    620622option add *Coord.Listbox.Font "Courier -18 bold italic" 20
    621 </PRE></UL>
    623625you will override the menu command and force the atom coordinates
    627629standard initialization. Here are the options that can be specified:
    629 <DT><TT>*Graph*Font</TT><DD>Used for Graph labels
    630 <DT><TT>*Graph.font</TT><DD>Used for Graph title
    631 <DT><TT>*Canvas.font</TT><DD>Used for notebook tabs
    632 <DT><TT>*Button.font</TT><DD>Used on most buttons
    633 <DT><TT>*Menu.font</TT><DD>Used on menu commands
    634 <DT><TT>*Menubutton.font</TT><DD>Used on "menu buttons" (e.g. Print options)
    635 <DT><TT>*Label.font</TT><DD>Used on labels
    636 <DT><TT>*Scale.font</TT><DD>Used on sliders (e.g. Marquardt damping)
    637 <DT><TT>*TitleFrame.font</TT><DD>Used on title frames (e.g. box labels such as
     631<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Graph*Font</FONT><DD>Used for Graph labels
     632<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Graph.font</FONT><DD>Used for Graph title
     633<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Canvas.font</FONT><DD>Used for notebook tabs
     634<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Button.font</FONT><DD>Used on most buttons
     635<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Menu.font</FONT><DD>Used on menu commands
     636<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Menubutton.font</FONT><DD>Used on "menu buttons" (e.g. Print options)
     637<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Label.font</FONT><DD>Used on labels
     638<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Scale.font</FONT><DD>Used on sliders (e.g. Marquardt damping)
     639<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*TitleFrame.font</FONT><DD>Used on title frames (e.g. box labels such as
    638640the "Diffractometer Constants" label
    639 <DT><TT>*SmallFont.Button.font</TT><DD>Used for buttons with smaller letters
    640 <DT><TT>*Coord.Listbox.font</TT><DD>Used for coordinate listings, best as a
     641<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*SmallFont.Button.font</FONT><DD>Used for buttons with smaller letters
     642<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*Coord.Listbox.font</FONT><DD>Used for coordinate listings, best as a
    641643mono-spaced font, such as Courier
    642 <DT><TT>*HistList.Listbox.font</TT><DD>Used for histogram listings
    643 <DT><TT>*MonoSpc.Label.font</TT><DD>Used in other places where a mono-spaced
     644<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*HistList.Listbox.font</FONT><DD>Used for histogram listings
     645<DT><FONT FACE="COURIER">*MonoSpc.Label.font</FONT><DD>Used in other places where a mono-spaced
    644646font is required
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