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     42<P><B>0. A one-step self-installer for Windows</B>
     44It is possible to download a single file that installs
     45<a href="">GSAS (General Structure Analysis System)</a>
     47<a href="">EXPGUI</a>,
     48as well as the Tcl/Tk package, needed by EXPGUI. This self-installing
     49file uncompresses itself, copies the required files
     50to a selected directory and either modifies the <TT>AUTOEXEC.BAT</TT> file
     51and/or creates the appropriate registry entries needed to run the programs.
     53<a href="">separate web page</a>
     54details how to use this self-installer,
     55(<a href="">
     57</a> or from CCP14 mirrors). To use this program, refer to these
     58<a href="">
     59Windows self-installer instructions</a>, rather than the instructions below.
    4262<P><B>1. Download the following files:</B>
    116136<UL>Use a DOS window to run, gsaskit.exe,
    117137tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe, and expgui.exe (the order should not matter):
    118 <PRE>
    119139        mkdir c:\gsas
    120140        chdir c:\gsas
    122142        c:\temp\tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe
    123143        c:\temp\expgui.exe
    124 </PRE>
    126146These files can be run from where they are downloaded using the Run command
    130150The previous steps will cause the files to be unpacked. The default
    131151locations for installation are:
    132 <PRE>
    133153           gsaskit.exe                     c:\gsas
    134154           tcltk82blt24qwinexec0601.exe    c:\expgui
    135155           expgui.exe                      c:\gsas\expgui
    136 </PRE>
    138158<P>These files can be located on other disks and in directories with
    141161each directory name <I><U>must</U></I> be 8 characters or less, so
    143 <tt>Z:\i\think\this\will\work\gsas</tt> should be OK, but
    144 <tt>C:\longwindows\namesarenotgood\for dos</tt> probably
     163<font face="courier">Z:\i\think\this\will\work\gsas</font> should be OK, but
     164<font face="courier">C:\longwindows\namesarenotgood\for dos</font> probably
    145165will not work.
    146166If these files will be located on a fileserver, the file server
    150170If you downloaded, unpack it and copy it to
    151 <tt>c:\gsas\exe</tt>, or if you downloaded exptool.exe, it can be copied
    152 directly to <tt>c:\gsas\exe</tt>.
     171<font face="courier">c:\gsas\exe</font>, or if you downloaded exptool.exe, it can be copied
     172directly to <font face="courier">c:\gsas\exe</font>.
    154174<P><B>3. Create a shortcut:</B>
    162182provide command</LI>
    164 <UL><TT>c:\tcl\bin\wish82.exe c:\gsas\expgui\expgui</TT></UL>
     184<UL><FONT FACE="COURIER">c:\tcl\bin\wish82.exe c:\gsas\expgui\expgui</FONT></UL>
    201221 for the GUI to work
    202222with Windows-95, -98 and -me. Further,
    203 several utility routines (liveplot and widplt)
     223several utility routines (for example, liveplot and widplt)
    204224require the BLT package to be properly configured as a loadable
    205225package to run. If you care what vintage of Tcl/Tk you are using, you are
    216236Note, to add more environment space in Win95/98, add the following line to the
    217237CONFIG.SYS file in the root directory
    218 <PRE>
    219239        SHELL=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /P /E:4096
    220 </PRE>
    221241add the following line to the SYSTEM.INI file (in c:\windows) under
    222242the heading [NonWindowsApp]
    223 <PRE>
    225245        CommandEnvSize=2424
    226 </PRE>
    227247(thanks to Louis Farrugia [] for this).
    260280real EXPGUI bug and should bug me.
    262 <a name="NetPath"></a></UL>
    263 4. Can GSAS and EXPGUI be located on a shared network drive?
     283<a name="NetPath"></a>
     2846. Can GSAS and EXPGUI be located on a shared network drive?
    265286Yes, but. The path must be mapped to a "logical drive."
    266287(e.g. F:) since GSAS is basically a set of DOS programs.
    267 Likewise, you will have troubles accessing
    268 experiment and data files on a networked drive unless
    269 that path is also mapped to a "logical drive."
    270 EXPGUI will warn you, if you do either.
     288EXPGUI will warn you, if you try to do this.
     289I am not sure if GSAS will work properly if you can access
     290experiment and data files on a networked drive without mapping the
     291path to a "logical drive." I have not seen anything that breaks,
     292if you do this, but I have not done much testing.
     2957. Can I use Windows-ME or Windows-XP with GSAS and EXPGUI?
     297I do not have any direct experience with either OS. I am not aware of any
     298problems running EXPGUI & GSAS on -ME. I have heard that there are minor
     299problems with running EXPGUI on -XP -- after GSAS programs are run, EXPGUI
     300may remain minimized (on the taskbar) rather than reopen itself. This
     301problem can be avoided by unselecting the "Minimize on GSAS" checkbutton
     302in the Options menu.
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