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    238238so that the left mouse button is used to "zoom in" and the right mouse
    239239button is used to "zoom out."
    241 <P>
     241<img SRC="mzoom.gif" align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT manual zoom">
     242<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     243Zoom settings can also be entered manually by pressing the "Z" key. This
     244opens a dialog, as is shown to the right, where the x- or y-axis range
     245can be specified. Any value that is not specified is set to the maximum
     246or minimum for the entire dataset. It is possible to zoom further in using
     247the mouse, but to zoom out beyond the manual zoom limits, the "reset" button
     248on the manual zoom menu must be used.
     250<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     251If more than one histogram is available to plot, it is possible to cycle
     252between the histograms by pressing the "n" or "N" (for next) key.
     254<br clear=all>
    242255<h2>Features in LIVEPLOT only</h2>
    243256<img SRC="lz.gif" BORDER=3 align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT Screen snapshot">
    293306<DD>This allows a histogram to be selected to be loaded
     308<IMG SRC="new.gif" HEIGHT=13 WIDTH=36 alt="New!">
     309It is also possible to advance
     310between the histograms by pressing the "n" or "N" (for next) key.
    294312<DT>Update Plot
    295313<DD>The causes LIVEPLOT to read read the current histogram again from
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