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    242242<h2>Features in LIVEPLOT only</h2>
    243 <img SRC="lz.gif" BORDER=3 align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     243<img SRC="lz.gif" BORDER=3 align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT Screen snapshot">
     244<a name="Cchi2"></a>
    244245<B>The cumulative chi<sup>2</sup></B>
    245246function was first suggested by
    260261<br clear=all>
    262 <img SRC="lind.gif" BORDER=3 align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     263<img SRC="lind.gif" BORDER=3 align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT Screen snapshot">
    263264<B>Reflection indices</B>
    264265are be displayed by pressing "H" or "h" while the
    265266mouse is near a reflection (holding the shift key while
    266 pressing the left mouse button also works). The indices are shown
     267pressing the left mouse button also works, but sometimes interferes with the
     268zoom feature).
     269Pressing "A" or "a" shows all reflections in the displayed region.
     270The indices are shown
    267271on the screen for phases with tickmarks (as shown to the right).
    268272Indices are listed in the "Separate window for <I>hkl</I> labels"
    269273(as seen below) for all phases, regardless of the tickmark settings.
    270274Displayed indices will remain on the screen for a preset time and
    271 then will be deleted, unless the labeling options are changed.
    272 <img SRC="lind1.gif" align=LEFT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     275then will be deleted; alternately, pressing "D" or "d" deletes the hkl labels.
     276Several aspects of reflection labeling can be customized,
     277see the <a href="#hklOpts">HKL labeling options</a> for further information.
     279<img SRC="lind1.gif" align=LEFT alt="LIVEPLOT Screen snapshot">
    274281<br clear=all>
    276283<hr><h2>LIVEPLOT/BKGEDIT Menu Contents</h2>
    277284A few of these options are omitted from BKGEDIT.
    278 <DL><DL>
    279 <img SRC="lm1.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     285<img SRC="lm1.gif" align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT Menu">
    280286<H3>File Menu</H3>
    282289<DD>Checkbuttons are provided for each phase to determine if tick marks
    296303<br clear=all>
    297 <img SRC="lm2.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     304<img SRC="lm2.gif" align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT Menu">
    298305<H3>Options Menu</H3>
    317324<DD>The intensity values can be normalized by the incident spectrum
    318325(for energy dispersive methods).
     327<br clear=all>
     328<img SRC="lm3.gif" align=RIGHT alt="LIVEPLOT menu">
     329<a name="hklOpts"></a>
    319331<DT>HKL labeling
    320 <DD>This brings up a menu that selects how long <I>hkl</I> values are shown
    321 before they are erased (0 means that they are not erased), the size of the
    322 labels and the width around the mouse that is searched for matching
    323 reflections. If requested using the "Separate window for <I>hkl</I> labels"
    324 option, labels are also show in a separate window.
     332<DD>This brings up a menu that selects
     333<UL><LI>Erase time:
     334how long in seconds that <I>hkl</I> values are shown
     335before they are erased (0 means that they are not erased),
     336<LI>Label size: the size of the
     337labels in pixels,
     338<LI>Search Region: only reflections within this number of pixels of the mouse,
     339when the "h" key is pressed (if any) are labeled,
     340<LI>Separate window: when this
     341option is selected, reflection labels are shown in a text window
    325343<DT>Subtract background
    326344<DD>The background is always shown, even when subtracted
    339357work in Windows-NT and -2000.
    340358<DT>Cumulative Chi2
    341 <DD>The causes the Cumulative chi<sup>2</sup> function to be defined
    342 (see below).
     359<DD>The causes the Cumulative chi<sup>2</sup> function to be displayed
     360(as <a href="#Cchi2">presented above</a>).
    343361<DT>Save Options
    344362<DD>Causes many of the options set in this menu to be saved in the <TT>.gsas_config</TT> file.
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