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    6868<a name="archive"></a>
    6969<DT>archive EXP<DD>Toggles archiving of .EXP files. When on, files are
    70         saved prior to each save or run of EXPEDT.
    71         Each time a file is saved a note is placed in the .LST file
     70        saved before they are overwritten by EXPGUI as a file
     71        named <I>EXPNAM</I>.Oxx where xx is a pair of hexidecimal
     72        digits (01, 02,..., 09, 0A,... OF, 10,... FF).
     73        Each time that EXPGUI archives a file, note is placed in the .LST file
    7274        so that the saved file name can be associated with
    73         the refinement stage.
    74 <P>
    75 <B>UNIX:</B> Old .EXP files are saved in a compressed file named
    76 [expnam] where xxx = 000, 001..., if the the gzip
    77 program can be run by EXPGUI, or in an uncompressed file named
    78 [expnam] if gzip is not available.
    79 <P>
    80 Archived files can be loaded by using the File/Open (expnam) command:
    81 set the "Include Archived Files" checkbox, then select the file to be loaded.
    82 When an archived file is read, either the same experiment name can be used.
    83 In which case the archived file will replace the current version of the
    84 experiment file, or the archived file can be saved under a new name.
    85 <P>
    86 <B>Windows:</B> Old .EXP files are saved in a compressed form in
    87 a file named [expnam].ZIP, if program PKZIP.EXE is found in the
    88 same directory where EXPGUI is installed (typically c:\gsas\expgui).
    89 To read the archived files, you will
    90 need to use PKZIP or WINZIP to extract and rename them.
    91 If PKZIP is not installed, the files are archived by
    92 renaming them [expnam]!xxx.EXP. These archived files can be read
    93 directly by EXPGUI, but you are suggested to save them under
    94 a new name using the File/"Save As" option.
     75        the refinement stage. Turning this option off, prevents EXPGUI
     76        from creating these <I>EXPNAM</I>.Oxx archive files, but
     77        the will still be created by EXPEDT, GENLES,...
    9679<DT>Use DISAGL Window<DD>When this option is set, results from DISAGL are
    11295that there is one less thing to do when running GSAS programs.
    11396Note that it is still possible to reverse changes, if
    114 <a href="#archive">archive mode</A> is on, but this may require more effort.
     97<a href="#archive">archive files</A>, but this may require more effort.
    11699<a name="Autoicon"></a>
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