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    128128<h3>A.3.3 Entering New Diffractograms</h3>
    130 <img SRC="3e.gif" align=LEFT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     130<img SRC="3e.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
    131131Pressing the "Add New Histogram" button creates the dialog
    132 to the left. A data file and an instrument parameter file are
    133 selected using the "Select File" buttons. If more than
    134 one bank is defined, the bank must be selected and the maximum
    135 data value to be considered, must be entered. Note that the
    136 units for the maximum (minimum for d-spaces) must also be selected.
    137 (This can be edited at a later time using the
    138 <a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> utility.)
     132to the left. This can be used to select diffraction data to be used
     133in the refinement, or if the "dummy histogram" boxed is selected,
     134a set of diffraction data can be simulated.
     136In the case where diffraction data will be input,
     137a data file and an instrument parameter file must be
     138selected using the "Select File" buttons. The limit for reflection
     139generation (maximum energy or two-theta, or minimum d-space or TOF)
     140must be entered, as well as the units.
     141If more than one bank is defined, either in the data file or in the
     142instrument parameter file, the bank must be selected as well.
     143Note that the data range can be edited at a later time using the
     144<a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> utility.
    140146To view a plot of a data file, so that the range of the data
     152<br clear=all>
     153<img SRC="3e1.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     154When the dummy histogram option is selected, diffraction data can
     155be simulated based a set of experimental constants
     156described in an instrument parameter file.
     157Note that most of these instrumental parameters,
     158such as wavelength or DIFC can be edited on this pane or
     159on the <A HREF="expgui5.html">profile</A> pane
     160(the simulated pattern is also affected by constants on the
     161<A HREF="expgui4.html">scaling</A> pane.)
     162The 2-theta/energy/TOF
     163range to be used for the computation, as well as the step size,
     164must be entered before pressing the "Add" button.
     165Note that once the histogram is added, this range and step size
     166cannot be edited within EXPGUI at present. However,
     167EXPEDT can be used to change these values.
     168<br clear=all>
    146170<a name="AddHistErr"></a>
    147 If errors are detected in the input, an error message is displayed detailing where
    148 the errors are found. Otherwise, the EXPTOOL program is run.
    149 and the output is displayed
    150 </DL></DL>
     171<img SRC="3e2.gif" align=LEFT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     172If errors are detected in the input, an error message is displayed
     173detailing where the errors are found. Otherwise, the EXPTOOL program is run
     174and the output is optionally displayed
     175(See <a href="expguic.html#exptoolout">Show EXPTOOL output</a>).
     177<br clear=all>
    151179<h3>A.3.4 Editing the Data Range & Excluded Regions</h3>
    153 The button at the bottom of the pane, labeled "Data Limits/Exclude" invokes
     181The button at the bottom of the pane, labeled
     182"Set Data Limits & Excluded Regions" invokes
    154183the <a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> utility, which is used to
    155184modify the lower and upper data limits and can be used to add or delete
    156185excluded regions.
     188<h3>A.3.5 Setting Histogram Flags</h3>
     190<img SRC="3f.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     191The button at the bottom of the pane, labeled "Set Histogram Use Flags" invokes
     192a menu where the "Use"/"Do not use" flag for powder histogram can be set.
     193When this flag is turned off, the histogram is ignored for
     194subsequent computations, effectively removing from the experiment.
     196When these "Use" flags are changed, it is necessary to run POWPREF,
     197to propogate the changes. After the "Save" button is pressed, a prompt such
     198as the example below, is generated to run POWPREF. Note that GENLES may
     199fail if POWPREF is not run after changing these flags.
     200<br clear=all>
     202<img SRC="3g.gif" align=TEXTTOP alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
     203<br clear=all>
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