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     176<br clear=all>
     177<a name="ExcludeRegion"></a>
     178<h3>Exclude Data...<BR>Delete Region...</h3>
     180This message is shown before adding or deleting an excluded region using
     181<a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> to confirm an action.
     182See the <a href="excledt.html#AddRegion">discussion on Adding Regions</a>
     183in EXCLEDT.
     184Note that this
     185confirmation message can be eliminated if desired, (see the
     186EXCLEDT Options menu item <a href="excledt.html#prompt">Prompt on add/del</a>.)
     187<br clear=all>
     190<br clear=all>
     191<a name="ProcessRegions"></a>
     192<h3>The upper (lower) limit has changed...<BR>The excluded regions have changed...</h3>
     194This message is shown
     195if the upper data limit is raised (or d-min ls lowered) so that
     196<a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> can display the data that have been added.
     197It is also shown when
     198<a href="excledt.html">EXCLEDT</a> exits so that the new data limits
     199can be processed. GENLES will not run properly until POWPREF is run.
     202<br clear=all>
     203<a name="RegionTooBig"></a>
     204<h3>The upper (lower) data point...</h3>
     206This message is shown when the upper data limit (lower d-min limit)
     207well outside the range of data.
     208It is probably best to accept this suggestion. See the
     209<a href="excledt.html#LimitTooHigh">discussion on data limits</a>
     210in the EXCLEDT web page for more information.
     213<br clear=all>
     214<a name="ProcessUse"></a>
     215<h3>You have changed histogram flags...</h3>
     217This message is shown
     218after changing histogram flags so that a different set of histograms
     219will be included or excluded in a refinement.
     220GENLES will not run properly until POWPREF is run.
    176223<a name="Warn"></a>
    177224<H2>Warning Messages</H2>
    287334<br clear=all>
     335<a name="OldEXPTOOL"></a>
     336<h3>You must upgrade the EXPTOOL program...</h3>
     338The original version of the EXPTOOL program used within
     339EXPGUI to add histograms does not work with dummy histograms.
     340Versions of GSAS distributed prior to October 2001 do not contain this updated
     341routine. A more recent version of the EXPTOOL program can
     342be downloaded from
     343<A Href="">
     345<A Href="">
     346</A> or
     347<A Href="">
     349Alternately, EXPEDT can be used to add dummy histograms.
     352<br clear=all>
    288353<a name=""></a>
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