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    1010alt="Link to NIST Center for Neutron Research home page"
    12 <A HREF=>
     12<A HREF="">
    1313<IMG SRC=""
    1414alt="Link to National Institute of Standards & Technology home page"
    101101via the Powder/bkgedit menu item or by pressing the
    102102"Fit Background Graphically" button on the
    103 <A href="http:expgui3.html#EditBackground">"Edit Background"</A>
     103<A href="expgui3.html#EditBackground">"Edit Background"</A>
    104104dialog box (invoked from the "Edit Background" button on the
    105 <A href="http:expgui3.html">Histogram pane</A>.)
     105<A href="expgui3.html">Histogram pane</A>.)
    109 <LI><a href="http:#zoom">Zoom in</a> on the lower intensity section of the
     109<LI><a href="#zoom">Zoom in</a> on the lower intensity section of the
    110110plot, so that the background is clearly discernible. In some cases, the
    111111data will need to be handled in sections.
    262262mouse is near a reflection (holding the shift key while
    263263pressing the left mouse button also works). The indices are shown
    264 on the screen for phases with tick marks (as shown to the right).
     264on the screen for phases with tickmarks (as shown to the right).
    265265Indices are listed in the "Separate window for <I>hkl</I> labels"
    266266(as seen below) for all phases, regardless of the tickmark settings.
    289289output. See the Options/"Set PS output" button for where the file is created.
    292293<br clear=all>
    293 <DL><DL>
    294294<img SRC="lm2.gif" align=RIGHT alt="EXPGUI Screen snapshot">
    295 <H3>File Menu</H3>
     295<H3>Options Menu</H3>
    296297<DT>Configure Tickmarks
    297298<DD>Tickmarks can be placed automatically, similar to their
    301302the vertical placement of the tickmarks can be specified. The "show" flag,
    302303set in the File/Tickmarks menu can also be changed here.
    303 <DT>Obs symbol
     304<DT>Obs Symbol (Symbol Type)
    304305<DD>This brings up a menu where the symbol type and size for the
    305 observed data points can be selected.
     306observed data points (and for BKGEDIT, the fixed background points)
     307can be selected.
     308<DT>Symbol Color
     309<DD>The colors for all the displayed lines and symbols can be changed here.
    306310<DT>X units
    307311<DD>The x units can be selected here. The choices are
    324328<DD>For UNIX this allows the file to be sent directly to a printer
    325329or can be saved in a file. For Windows, a file must be written.
     330<DT>Set screen font
     331<DD>This option is used to control the font used for menus, graphics and
     332other aspects of windows.
    326333<DT>Raise on update
    327334<DD>This causes the plot to be placed on top of other windows, if partially
    387 Sets the default value for display of the legend in LIVEPLOT and widplt.
     394Sets the default value for display of the legend in LIVEPLOT and WIDPLT.
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