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    336336<hr><H3>LIVEPLOT</H3><A NAME="liveplot"></A>
    337 The <TT>localconfig</TT> and <TT>.gsas_config</TT> files are read, if present.
    338 Note that some of these options are relevant only if the tcldump program is
    339 present.
    340 <P>
    341 The following options are available for customization in these files:
    342 <DL><DL>
    343 <DT><TT>peakinfo(flag<i>n</i>)</TT><DD>
    344 These variables define if peak positions will be shown
    345 for reflections in phase "<i>n</i>". Reflections will be shown if
    346 the value is non-zero.
    348 <DT><TT>peakinfo(color<i>n</i>)</TT><DD>
    349 These variables define the default colors for
    350 reflections in phase "<i>n</i>"
    352 <DT><TT>peakinfo(dashes<i>n</i>)</TT><DD>
    353 These variables define if peaks will be dashed for
    354 reflections in phase "<i>n</i>" (UNIX only). Lines will be dashed if
    355 the value is non-zero.
    357 <DT><TT>peakinfo(min<i>n</i>) and peakinfo(max<i>n</i>)</TT><DD>
    358 These variables dictate the placement vertical position for reflection
    359 markers, when manually placed (see expgui(autotick), below). To draw
    360 to the edge of the screen, use -Inf and Inf.
    361 </DL></DL>
    363 The following variables are written to <tt>.gsas_config</tt> when
    364 "Save Options" is used. These variables are all set from the GUI and therefore
    365 do not need to be edited manually.
    367 <DL><DL>
    368 <DT><TT>graph(printout)</TT><DD>
    369 This is set to 1 if PostScript files
    370 will be printed and 0 if they will be written to disk (for Windows all
    371 files should be written to disk).
    373 <DT><TT>graph(outname)</TT><DD>
    374 This is the default for the file name used
    375 when PostScript files will be written to disk.
    377 <DT><TT>graph(outcmd)</TT><DD>
    378 This is the default for the command used
    379 to print PostScript files (Unix only).
    381 <DT><TT>graph(legend)</TT><DD>
    382 Sets the default value for display of the legend in liveplot and widplt.
    384 <DT><TT>graph(autoraise)</TT><DD>
    385 This option shows up in the options menu item as "Raise on update."
    386 When set to non-zero, the liveplot window is raised
    387 (placed on top of any other overlapping) windows
    388 each time it is updated.
    389 This option does not seem to work in Windows-NT, but this may depend on
    390 the version of Tcl/Tk.
    392 <DT><TT>peakinfo(obssym)</TT><DD>
    393 Symbol for observed data points. Valid choices are square, circle, diamond,
    394 plus, cross, splus and scross.
    396 <DT><TT>peakinfo(obssize)</TT><DD>
    397 Size for the symbol for observed data points. A value of 1 corresponds to about 1/8 inch
    398 (about 3 mm).
    400 <DT><TT>expgui(pixelregion)</TT><DD>
    401 When hkl values are loaded (using tcldump) and reflections are labeled, reflections
    402 can be labeled using a Shift-Left-Mouse click. All labeled reflections within expgui(pixelregion)
    403 pixels of the mouse position are assumed to be overlapped and are labeled.
    405 <DT><TT>expgui(fadetime)</TT><DD>
    406 The time in seconds before reflection labels are removed. A value of zero means that reflections
    407 must be deleted manually (Shift-Right-Mouse).
    409 <DT><TT>expgui(lblfontsize)</TT><DD>
    410 A size for reflections labels in pixels.
    412 <DT><TT>expgui(hklbox)</TT><DD>
    413 If this variable is non-zero, reflection indices are shown in a box.
    415 <DT><TT>expgui(autotick)</TT><DD>
    416 If this variable is non-zero, reflection markers positions are
    417 set automatically.
    418 </DL></DL>
    420 <P>
    421 <B>Using TCLDUMP with LIVEPLOT.</B>
    422 LIVEPLOT works with the standard GSAS program HSTDMP, but it works faster and is more
    423 powerful when used with the TCLDUMP program. Instructions for downloading this file can
    424 be found in the installation notes for
    425 <A HREF="expgui_Win_readme.html">
    426 Windows</A> and
    427 <A HREF="expgui_Unix_readme.html">
    428 UNIX</A>. Note that as of the April 2000 releases, GSAS is now distributed
    429 with TCLDUMP.
    430 <P>
    431 <B>Combining CMPR and LIVEPLOT.</B>
    432 If you have <A HREF="">CMPR</A>
    433 installed on your computer, you can use superimpose on the GSAS results
    434 the peaks for an arbitrary unit cell. If desired, space group extinctions
    435 can even be shown.
    436 This is pretty neat! To enable this feature, you must have a version
    437 of CMPR downloaded after 4 May 1998
    438 <A HREF="">
    439 (see the CMPR installation instructions.)</A>
    440 For UNIX, create a link from in the expgui
    441 directory to file cellgen.tcl in the CMPR directory. For example:
    442 <PRE>
    443          ln -s /usr/local/cmpr/cellgen.tcl /usr/local/gsas/expgui/cellgen.tcl
    444 </PRE>
    445 For Windows, copy all the CMPR .tcl and .exe files into the expgui directory.
    446 <P>
    447 <B>Combining LOGIC and LIVEPLOT</B>
    448 If you have <A HREF="">LOGIC</A>
    449 installed on your computer, you can superimpose peaks
    450 for a entry from the ICDD/JCPDS database on a pattern in LIVEPLOT.
    451 This is also pretty neat!
    452 To enable this feature, you must have
    453 a version of LOGIC downloaded after 4 May 1998
    454 <A HREF="">
    455 (see the LOGIC installation instructions.)</A>
    456 For UNIX, create a link from in the GSAS GUI
    457 directory to file icddcmd.tcl in the LOGIC directory. For example:
    458 <PRE>
    459          ln -s /usr/local/powdersuite/icddcmd.tcl /usr/local/gsas/tcl/icddcmd.tcl
    460 </PRE>
    461 For Windows, copy all the LOGIC files into the expgui directory.
     337A description of the customization options for LIVEPLOT can be
     338found in the
     339<A HREF="liveplot.html#customize">
     340LIVEPLOT description</A>.
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