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    5959This menu contains options that determine how EXPGUI runs.
     61<a name="archive"></a>
    6162<DT>archive EXP<DD>Toggles archiving of .EXP files. When on, files are
    62         saved prior to each save or run of expedt in a file named
    63         [expnam] where xxx = 000, 001 (UNIX)
    64         or in a file named [expnam].ZIP or  [expnam].xxx (Windows)
     63        saved prior to each save or run of EXPEDT.
     64        Each time a file is saved a note is placed in the .LST file
     65        so that the saved file name can be associated with
     66        the refinement stage.
     68<B>UNIX:</B> Old .EXP files are saved in a compressed file named
     69[expnam] where xxx = 000, 001..., if the the gzip
     70program can be run by EXPGUI, or in an uncompressed file named
     71[expnam] if gzip is not available.
     72To recover an archived file, uncompress it with command
     73<tt>gzip [expnam]</tt> (if needed) and rename it
     74to end in .EXP (<tt>mv [expnam] [new expnam].EXP</tt>).
     75It can then be read using EXPGUI
     77<B>Windows:</B> Old .EXP files are saved in a compressed form in
     78a file named [expnam].ZIP, if program PKZIP.EXE is found in the
     79same directory where EXPGUI is installed (typically c:\gsas\expgui).
     80To read the archived files, you will
     81need to use PKZIP or WINZIP to extract and rename them.
     82If PKZIP is not installed, the files are archived by
     83renaming them [expnam]!xxx.EXP. These archived files can be read
     84directly by EXPGUI, but you are suggested to save them under
     85a new name using the File/"Save As" option.
    6587<DT>Use DISAGL Window<DD>When this option is set, results from DISAGL are
    6688         shown in a separate window. When it is not set, the results are
    67         written in the .LST file.
     89        written in the .LST file. Note that on Windows, LSTVIEW can interfere
     90        with putting output into the DISAGL window. The solution is to
     91        close LSTVIEW before running DISAGL.
     93<a name="Autoupdate"></a>
     94<DT>Autoload EXP<DD>Normally EXPGUI prompts before rereading the EXP
     95file when GENLES, POWPREF,... or other GSAS programs run
     96If this option is set, the new file is automatically read without a prompt.
     97The advantage of leaving this option off, is that
     98you can opt to not load the
     99revised .EXP file, which means that you reject the last set of changes.
     100This is useful if
     101GENLES blows up or you have done something wrong. The advantage
     102of turning "autoload EXP" on is
     103that there is one less thing to do when running GSAS programs.
     104Note that it is still possible to reverse changes, if
     105<a href="#archive">archive mode</A> is on, but this may require more effort.
     107<a name="Autoicon"></a>
     108<DT>Iconify during GSAS<DD>
     109If this option is turned on, the main EXPGUI window is shrunk to an icon
     110(minimized) while GSAS programs are running and EXPGUI is suspended.
     111The author prefers this mode, since there is no reason to have the
     112screen cluttered with EXPGUI when it can't be used,
     113but this is an option so that the mode can be turned off by those people
     114who find this behavior annoying.
    68116<a name="sortatoms"></a>
    69117<DT>Sort atoms by<DD>   Determines the order that atoms are displayed on the "Phase" pane
    99147        character. If backspace does not work in a program such as
    100148        EXPEDT, change try the other setting for this option.
    101 <a name="Autoupdate"></a>
    102 <DT>Autoupdate EXP<DD>Normally EXPGUI prompts before rereading the EXP
    103 file when GENLES, POWPREF,... are run (this is so that one can change
    104 the experiment file and rerun with the current input). If this option is
    105 set, the new file is automatically read without a prompt.
    106 This option is not available in Windows.
    108150<a name="exptoolout"></a>
    115157<DT>SaveOptions<DD>Save the current values for "Override backspace",
    116158        <a href="#sortatoms">"Sort atoms by"</a>,
    117         <a href="#sorthist">"Sort histograms by"</a> and "archive EXP"
     159        <a href="#sorthist">"Sort histograms by"</a>,
     160        <a href="#archive">"archive EXP"</a>,
     161        <a href="#Autoupdate">"Autoload EXP"</a>,
     162        and
     163        <a href="#Autoicon">"Iconify during GSAS"</a>
    118165        in file ~/.gsas_config (c:\.gsas_config on Windows).
    119166<DT>liveplot_options<DD>Used to set options for liveplot,
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