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    4848progress, as is shown above.
    50 Since POWPREF modifies the .EXP file,
    51 a message, as shown to the left, is displayed.
    52 Pressing "Load new" causes the new .EXP file to be reread.
    53 Pressing "Continue editing" causes EXPGUI to continue to edit the
    54 previous version of the .EXP file. If more changes are made, and
    55 the .EXP file is saved, the changes made by POWPREF will be lost.
    56 POWPREF makes only minor changes to the .EXP file, so there
    57 is little reason to reject the changes, but if a program, such
    58 as GENLES has made many incorrect changes to an experiment, the
    59 "Continue editing" option provides an easy way to keep the .EXP file
    60 from before the run.
     50The exact behavior of the window after the run completes is somewhat
     51system-dependent. In Windows-95 and UNIX you must press the "Enter" or
     52"Return" key for the run to complete, but in Windows-NT this is not
     53the case. For both versions of Windows, you may or may not need to
     54close the window manually once the run is complete, depending on your
     55system's settings.
     57Every time that EXPGUI detects that a change has been made in the .EXP file
     58by another program (in this case by POWPREF) this message appears to offer
     59to choices: to continue using the previously read file or to reload the
     60changed file. If you press the "Continue editing" button, EXPGUI will
     61ignore the changes in the .EXP file made by POWPREF, but if you press
     62the "Load new", these changes are read and accepted.
     64In this case press
     65"Load new" to use the results of POWPREF. However if a program
     66makes changes to the .EXP file that you do not like
     67(this is most common with GENLES, when a refinement diverges)
     68you can reject the changes by pressing "Continue editing." When the
     69.EXP file is later changes and saved, it will overwrite the results in
     70the rejected run.
    6272<P><BR>(.EXP Snapshot:
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