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    4242<A HREF=""></A>
    4343(~6 Mbytes)<BR>
    44 Note that this is not a NIST web server.
     44and read<BR>
     45<A HREF=""></A>
     47Note that these files are from a Los Alamos web server, not NIST.
    4649<P><LI>Get a
    4750<A Href="">
    4851Tcl/Tk</A> distribution<BR>
    49 I am testing a new version:<BR>
     52I am testing a new version (Tcl/Tk v8.2):<BR>
    5053<A HREF="">
    5255(2686464 bytes)
    53 <BR>or an older version:<BR>
     56<BR>or an older version (Tcl/Tk v8.0):<BR>
    5457<A HREF=""></A>
    5558(3604992 bytes)
    8689<P><B>2. Run the programs</B>
    87 <UL>Use the file manager or Run command to succesively run, gsaskit.exe,
    88 tcltk80p2+.exe, and expgui.exe (the order should not matter).
    89 [N.B. If using uncompress with a tool such as WinZip
    90 into c:\gsas\expgui]
    92 This will cause the files to be unpacked. The default
     90<UL>Use a DOS window to run, gsaskit.exe,
     91tcltk80p2+.exe, and expgui.exe (the order should not matter):
     93        mkdir c:\gsas
     94        chdir c:\gsas
     95        c:\temp\gsaskit.exe -d
     96        c:\temp\tcltk80p2+.exe
     97        c:\temp\expgui.exe
     100Note that gsaskit.exe must be run in the location where you want the
     101files to be placed and that you must use the -d option. For this
     102reason you must know what you are doing to do this from the Windows interface.
     103(Using WinZip is another good way to unzip the file with the correct directory structure or to uncompress The tcltk80p2+.exe and
     104expgui.exe files can be run from Windows.
     106The previous steps will cause the files to be unpacked. The default
    93107locations for installation are:
    107121<P><B>3. When needed, install TCLDUMP and EXPTOOL</B>
    109 If TCLDUMP and EXPTOOL are not already present,
     123If TCLDUMP and EXPTOOL <I>are not already present</I>,
    110124place the <tt>tcldump.exe</tt> and
    111125<tt>exptool.exe</tt> files in the <tt>exe</tt> directory of GSAS,
    1721862. Do I need to modify the PATH, etc in my AUTOEXEC.BAT file?
    173187<UL>Only if you will use the PC-GSAS or GSAS.BAT menu programs as well.
    174 If so, do the following (from the GSAS readme file):
     188If so, do the following (from the
     189<A HREF="">GSAS readme file</A>):
    176191<UL><TT>5. Modify the PATH statement in your autoexec.bat file to add C:\GSAS\EXE
    195210Well, actually the problem is Windows. EXPGUI is pretty zippy in LINUX, but some operations
    196211(reading a histogram in liveplot for example) can take 3-5 times longer in Windows than in UNIX.
     2145. When I run one of the GSAS graphics programs (POWPLOT, RAWPLOT,...) the
     215program starts, and I can answer questions, but when it comes to the part
     216of the program that should display a plot, I get no plot (and possibly
     217the DOS window disappears without a trace.)
     219There are two problems I know of that can cause graphics errors:
     220One is that the graphics package (PGPLOT) cannot find the PGPLOT_FONT
     221environment variable (that points to file GRFONT.DAT). EXPGUI does this
     222correctly, unless you are out of environment space (and I don't know how to
     223fix that in Windows.)
     225The other appears to be a graphics mode problem. Not all modes work
     226on all machines. Try mode A. If you still have problems, see if it is an
     227EXPGUI problem: Try using a plotting program
     228(RAWPLOT is a good choice) from PC-GSAS or GSAS.BAT.  If the plotting
     229program does not work there either, first check PGPLOT_FONT is defined
     230(by opening a DOS box and type SET, also see question 2, above.)
     231If the plotting program runs in PC-GSAS or GSAS.BAT but not EXPGUI, you have a
     232real EXPGUI bug.
    201 The version of Tcl/Tk here was compiled by <A HREF="">Mumit
     237The 8.0 version of Tcl/Tk was compiled by <A HREF="">Mumit
    202238Khan</A> and the Winexec package, which is needed to allow Tcl/Tk to run
    203239the GSAS DOS .exe files was created by <A HREF="">Michael
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