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3   <title>EXPGUI Tutorial #5</title>
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22<H1>EXPGUI Tutorial: Garnet (part 5)</H1>
255. Plot data using POWPLOT or LIVEPLOT
27At this point in the GSAS tutorial in the manual,
28program POWPLOT is used to plot the diffraction data. This
29is done by pressing POWPLOT button in the button bar, or
30by pressing the POWPLOT menu item in either the Powder menu
31or the Graphs menu. The input supplied to POWPLOT and the
[191]32results are the same as what is shown in the menu, so this will
[172]33not be shown.
35EXPGUI does offer another way to display diffraction data, LIVEPLOT.
36Similar to the way POWPREF was run in the previous step,
37LIVEPLOT can be started by pressing LIVEPLOT button in the button bar,
38or by pressing the LIVEPLOT menu item in the Graphs menu.
40<a name="diff">
41<img src="lp1.gif"></a>
42<BR clear=left>
43Since two cycles of refinement have been run,
44LIVEPLOT generates a plot similar to the one above, showing the
45observed data (black X's), simulated (computed) data (red line), the fitted
46background (green line) and the difference between the observed and computed
47data (lower black line),
48<BR clear=left><P>
49<img src="lp2.gif">
50<BR clear=left>
51Note that the region shown in the plot
52can be changed by clicking with the left
53mouse button to outline a region, as shown above.
54When the left mouse button is pressed a second time, the graph is "zoomed in,"
55as is shown below.
56To "zoom out" to the previous region, press the right mouse button.
57<BR clear=left><P>
58<img src="lp3.gif">
59<BR clear=left><P>
60<img src="lp4.gif">
61<BR clear=left>
62Reflection positions can be marked, using the File/Tickmarks menu.
63Likewise, reflection indices can be displayed by pressing the "h" (or "H") key in the
64position of the reflection to be labeled.
65The size and time before
66the reflection labels are removed is determined by values in the Options/HKL labeling menu.
67<BR clear=left><P>
68There are many other options available in LIVEPLOT in the Options menu. The
69Appearance and location of the tickmarks can be set,
70for example, using the "Options/Configure Tickmarks/Auto locate option
71causes the tickmarks to be shown as
72<A HREF="garnet6.html#ticks">small lines under each reflection.</A> 
73The symbol and symbol size
74used for observed data can be selected.
75The X and Y units can be changed to Q or d-space values. Background
76can be subtracted. The legend can be removed from the plot.
78<BR clear=left><HR>
79Previous step: <A HREF="garnet4.html">
82Next step: <A HREF="garnet6.html">
83Additional Least-Squares Refinement</A>
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