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[140]3   <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Brian H. Toby">
[34]4   <TITLE>Windows Installation Notes for EXPGUI</TITLE>
7<A HREF=>
8<IMG SRC="" 
9alt="Link to NIST Center for Neutron Research home page"
11<A HREF=>
12<IMG SRC="" 
13alt="Link to National Institute of Standards & Technology home page"
16<A Href="">
17<IMG SRC="tcltklogo100.gif" 
18alt="Link to Tcl/Tk information">
[147]24and -NT Installation notes for <A HREF="expgui.html">
[147]28<EM>Please note that <A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A>
29 is always under development and gets
30less testing by the author
[80]31in Windows than in UNIX. Please report problems, including comments on
32these instructions to
33<A HREF="">Brian Toby</A>
[34]35<P><B>1. Download the following files:</B>
[140]37<I>(Shift-click on the links below to download the files)</I>
40<A Href="">
41GSAS</A> from
42<A HREF=""></A>
43(~6 Mbytes)<BR>
44Note that this is not a NIST web server.
[140]46<P><LI>Get a
47<A Href="">
48Tcl/Tk</A> distribution<BR>
49I am testing a new version:<BR>
50<A HREF="">
52(2686464 bytes)
53<BR>or an older version:<BR>
[107]54<A HREF=""></A>
[140]55(3604992 bytes)
58<A HREF="expgui.html">
[107]62<A HREF=""></A>
[80]63(~340 K bytes)
[140]64<BR>for the absolute latest release (which may not have gotten
65a lot of testing, but probably has new capabilities and bug fixes) use<BR>
66<A HREF="">
68You will need an unzip program, such as WinZip or pkZip, to use this file.
70If you are using an older version of GSAS (before April, 2000) you may
71want to download the TCLDUMP program to speed and enhance liveplot and the
[107]72EXPTOOL program which allows EXPGUI to add phases, histograms and atoms
[140]73to .EXP files. More recent versions of GSAS include these programs in the
[107]75<A HREF=""></A> (~85 K bytes)
[107]77or <A HREF=""></A> (~160 K bytes)
[107]79<A HREF=""></A> (~300 K bytes)
81or <A HREF=""></A> (~700 K bytes)
[80]83You can put these .EXE (and .ZIP) files anywhere on your computer, but make a note of the
[140]84locations for steps 2, 3 and 5, below.
86<P><B>2. Run the programs</B>
[155]87<UL>Use the file manager or Run command to succesively run, gsaskit.exe,
[50]88tcltk80p2+.exe, and expgui.exe (the order should not matter).
[65]89[N.B. If using uncompress with a tool such as WinZip
[80]90into c:\gsas\expgui]
92This will cause the files to be unpacked. The default
93locations for installation are:
[155]95           gsaskit.exe         c:\gsas
[80]96           tcltk80p2+.exe      c:\expgui
97           expgui.exe          c:\gsas\expgui
100<P>These files can be located on other disks and in directories with
[80]101other names, but the expgui files in expgui.exe
[34]102<I><U>must</U></I> be located in a subdirectory of the GSAS files.
103If these files will be located on a fileserver, the file server
104must be mapped to appear as a disk drive (must be assigned a name
105such as F:).
[140]107<P><B>3. When needed, install TCLDUMP and EXPTOOL</B>
[140]109If TCLDUMP and EXPTOOL are not already present,
110place the <tt>tcldump.exe</tt> and
111<tt>exptool.exe</tt> files in the <tt>exe</tt> directory of GSAS,
112(usually <tt>c:\gsas\exe\</tt>).
113(If you downloaded <tt></tt> & <tt></tt>, expand
114them first.)
116<P><B>4. Create a shortcut:</B>
119On a blank part of the Windows desktop, click the <I><U>right</U></I> mouse
120button and then select NEW and then shortcut and click with the <I><U>left</U></I>
121mouse button.</LI>
124provide command</LI>
[65]126<UL><TT>c:\tcl\bin\wish80.exe c:\gsas\expgui\expgui</TT></UL>
129<UL>(modify previous paths, if you have located the files in different places)</UL>
133click on NEXT with the <I><U>left</U></I> mouse button.</LI>
136Enter name EXPGUI</LI>
139click on FINISH with the <I><U>left</U></I> mouse button.</LI>
142<UL>You may want to modify the shortcut by modifying the properties to
143change the icon or the default properties.</UL>
[140]144<B>5. Delete the downloaded .exe (and .zip) files to save space (optional)</B>
[155]147<DD>          gsaskit.exe
[80]148<DD>          tcltk80p2+.exe
149<DD>          expgui.exe
150<DD>          (
[140]151<DD>          (
[80]152<DD>          (
155<P>More information about EXPGUI, including information on how it
[107]156can be customized, can be found on web pages <A HREF="expgui.html">expgui.html</A>
157and <A HREF="expgui_cfg.html">expgui_cfg.html</A>,
[65]158found in the \gsas\expgui\doc directory.
1621. Can I use a different version of Tcl/Tk than the one here?
163<UL>Yes -- but: you will need both Tcl/Tk and the Winexec package (see
164 for the GUI to work. Further,
165several utility routines (liveplot and widplt)
166require the BLT package to be properly configured as a loadable
167package to run. If you care what vintage of Tcl/Tk you are using, you are
168obviously a "power user" so take a look at the pkgIndex.tcl files and fix
[140]169your version appropriately. Please note that EXPGUI seems to run very
170slowly in Tcl/Tk version 8.1, but OK in 8.0 and 8.2.
[80]171<BR> </UL>
[34]1722. Do I need to modify the PATH, etc in my AUTOEXEC.BAT file?
173<UL>Only if you will use the PC-GSAS or GSAS.BAT menu programs as well.
174If so, do the following (from the GSAS readme file):
[34]176<UL><TT>5. Modify the PATH statement in your autoexec.bat file to add C:\GSAS\EXE
177to the path (or whatever disk letter you choose for \GSAS)</TT>
179<P><TT>6. Add the statement "SET GSAS=C:\GSAS" (again pick the appropriate
180drive letter) to your auto exec.bat file.</TT>
182<P><TT>7. Add the statement "SET PGPLOT_FONT=C:\GSAS\FONTS\GRFONT.DAT"</TT>
184<P><TT>8. Make sure you have sufficient environment space for these additions
185and two more that are done by gsas.bat each time you run gsas.</TT></UL>
1873. What versions of Windows can I use?
188<UL>This package has gotten some testing under Win95 and WinNT v4.0.
[80]189My limited experience with Win98 seems to show that EXPGUI runs OK.
190It might be possible to get some parts of the package to run under Win32s on Win3.1, but
191don't ask me for help.
[80]1934. EXPGUI seems pretty slow, or is it my imagination?
195Well, actually the problem is Windows. EXPGUI is pretty zippy in LINUX, but some operations
196(reading a histogram in liveplot for example) can take 3-5 times longer in Windows than in UNIX.
[107]201The version of Tcl/Tk here was compiled by <A HREF="">Mumit
[34]202Khan</A> and the Winexec package, which is needed to allow Tcl/Tk to run
[107]203the GSAS DOS .exe files was created by <A HREF="">Michael
[34]204I. Schwartz</A>.
[147]207<A Href="">
209is written by Allen C. Larson and Robert B. Von Dreele,  MS-H805,
[34]210Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545. Problems, questions
211or kudos concerning GSAS should be sent to Robert B. Von Dreele at
212<A HREF=""></A>
213<P>GSAS is Copyright, 1984-1997, The Regents of the University of California.
214The GSAS software was produced under a U.S. Government contract (W-7405-ENG-36)
215by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is operated by the University
216of California for the U.S. Department of Energy. The U.S. Government is
217licensed to use, reproduce, and distribute this software. Permission is
218granted to the public to copy and use this software without charge, provided
219that this notice and any statement of authorship are reproduced on all
220copies. Neither the Government nor the University makes any warranty, express
221or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility for the use of this
223<P>EXPGUI is written by Brian H. Toby of the NIST Center for Neutron Research,
224<A HREF="MAILTO:Brian.Toby@NIST.GOV">Brian.Toby@NIST.GOV</A> 
225with help from Jonathan Wasserman.
227<P>EXPGUI is not subject to copyright. Have fun with it.
229<p>Neither the U.S. Government nor any author makes any warranty,
230expressed or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility
231for the use of this information or the software described
232here. Brand names cited here are used for
233identification purposes and do not consitute an endorsement by NIST.
[107]235<p><a href="">Brian Toby</a> (<a href="">Brian.Toby@NIST.GOV</a>)
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