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[146]3   <TITLE>UNIX Installation notes for EXPGUI</TITLE>
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5   GSAS, EXPGUI, Windows">
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20<blockquote><font face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">
23<TR><TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A> 
[242]27<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
[146]28UNIX Installation notes for
[141]29<A HREF="expgui.html">
[242]32<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
[33]34Note that root access is not required to load GSAS, Tcl/Tk and
[548]35<A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A>, unless the files will be put in
36a central location (such as /usr/local) or you will use the RPM package.
[548]38<H2>0. A one-step process for Linux</H2>
39Many Linux releases incorporate a package-loading program called RPM.
40The RPM package file loads, <A Href="">GSAS</A> and
41<A Href="">
42EXPGUI</A>, as well as checks that your Linux system has been configured
43properly to run these programs (for example, has Tcl/Tk and BLT loaded).
44The most recent <font face="courier"></font>
46(where yyyy, mm & dd are year, month and day)
47can be found in directory
48<a href="">
49</a> or a CCP14 mirror site.
50See the
51<A Href="">RPM instructions</a>
[680]52for details on how to load this package. But in short, you can download file
53<A Href="">
54</a>. To install,
56      rpm -ihv GSAS-EXPGUI.i386.rpm
58and to upgrade, use
60      rpm -Uhv GSAS-EXPGUI.i386.rpm
62If you have a fast network connection, you can even use
64      rpm -ihv
[680]67<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
68<HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
[548]69<H2>1. Prerequisites</H2>
[33]71I will assume that you already have the Tcl/Tk package loaded on your computer. If this
72is not true, please see
[106]73<A HREF="">
[141]75</A> for installation instructions. Please note that EXPGUI seems to run very
76slowly in Tcl/Tk version 8.1, but OK in 8.0 and 8.2.
[357]77Also see <a href="#testtcltk">below</a> on how to test if Tcl/Tk is properly
[33]80Likewise, I will assume you have also loaded the appropriate GSAS release, if not see
[106]81<A HREF="">
[443]83</A> for installation instructions.  The current versions of EXPGUI must be
84used with GSAS versions released on or after April, 2001.
85<I>EXPGUI v. 1.40 and later are not compatible with earlier Unix versions of
86GSAS -- as the file formats have changed.</I>
[38]88<P>More information about EXPGUI, including information on how it
[106]89can be customized, can be found on web pages <A HREF="expgui.html">expgui.html</A>
90and <A HREF="expgui_cfg.html">expgui_cfg.html</A>, found in the gsas/expgui/doc directory.
[548]932. EXPGUI Downloading</H2>
[33]94download file
[106]95<A HREF="">
96</A> (~300 K)
[33]97by shift-clicking on the previous link.
99If you want to try the latest release (which may not have gotten
100a lot of testing, but probably has new bug fixes and capabilities) shift-click
[106]101on <A HREF="">
[548]1053. EXPGUI Installation</H2>
[33]106A few short steps are needed to load EXPGUI on your computer.
1082.1 Create a directory and restore the files</H3>
[33]109The EXPGUI scripts are set up to be run from a <B>subdirectory in the main GSAS
[548]110directory</B>, by convention I assume the directory name
111<font face="courier">expgui</font>, but this is
[38]112not required. Thus, if you have located the GSAS package in
[548]113<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas</FONT> (so that there is a directory
114<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/exe</FONT>, <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/data</FONT>, ...)
[33]115I assume you will put
[548]116these files in <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/expgui</FONT> but any subdirectory,
117such as <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/tcl</FONT> will work fine.
[38]118Change the subsequent commands if GSAS is located somewhere
[548]119other than <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas</FONT>.
[33]122            cd    /usr/local/gsas
[64]123            mkdir expgui
124            cd    expgui
[69]125            gunzip <  [/path/]expgui.tar.gz  | tar xvf -
[33]127<P>When restoring the GSAS files from the tar file,
[548]128note that <FONT FACE="COURIER">[/path/]</FONT> in the example above indicates the location
[33]129where you downloaded the tar file in section 2, above.
1322.2 Installing a shortcut to EXPGUI</H3>
133While it is possible to invoke EXPGUI by typing
[258]135                wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
[258]139                /home/toby/mywish/wish /home/toby/mygsas/expgui/expgui
[258]141or whatever, you will likely want to create an easier command to type.
142Below are three ways to do this. Note that only one is needed. Do not use all
145<em>Also, note that in the commands below,
[548]146</em><FONT FACE="COURIER">^D</FONT><em> means control-D.</em>
[33]1502.2a Installing a shortcut to EXPGUI in .cshrc</H4>
[38]151<P>To use EXPGUI, you probably need to create an easy way to access it.
[33]152One way to do this is to add an alias to your ~/.cshrc file:
[33]154                cat >> ~/.cshrc
[64]155                alias expgui "wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui"
[33]156                ^D
1592.2b Installing EXPGUI in the path</H4>
161Another way to simplify access to EXPGUI
162is to create a file which will execute the GUI script from
[548]163a command in your system's path, for example <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/bin</FONT>.
[33]165                cat > /usr/bin/expgui
[64]166                wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
[33]167                ^D
168                chmod +x /usr/bin/expgui
[258]170<I>Note that this step (2.2b) is incompatible with the one below (2.2c).</I>
1722.2c Linking EXPGUI in the path</H4>
174Another way to simplify access to EXPGUI
175is to create a link in your system's path to the GUI script.
176Note that you may need to modify the first line of
[548]177<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui</FONT>, if wish is located somewhere
178other than <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/bin/wish</FONT>.
[64]181                chmod +x /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
182                ln -s /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui /usr/bin/expgui
[258]184<I>Note that this step (2.2c) is incompatible with the one above (2.2b).</I>
[443]1882.3 Installing EXPTOOL</H3>
189If being upgraded, the EXPTOOL program should be placed in the
190directory with the GSAS executable files,
[95]191for example in /usr/local/gsas/exe/.
[95]193            cd    /usr/local/gsas/exe
194            gunzip <  [/path/]exptool.tar.gz  | tar xvf -
[366]197<a name="testtcltk"></a><H2>
198Is Tcl/Tk installed already?</H2>
[357]199To test if Tcl/Tk is installed correctly on your system
[548]200do the following commands. (Commands you type are in this <font face="courier">typewriter</font> 
201font, computer responses are this <font face="courier"><I>italic font</I></font>.
[366]202My comments are provided in this text font and are <U>underlined</U>).
[548]205<TR><TD><font face="courier">[tammy@beryl tammy]$ wish</font></TD>
[357]206<TD><U>(note a window is created)</U></TD></TR>
[548]207<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> set tcl_version</font></TD></TR>
208<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>8.0</I></font></TD>
[357]209<TD><U>(8.0 is the Tcl/Tk version number. EXPGUI requires 8.0 or higher)</U></TD></TR>
[548]210<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> package require BLT</font></TD></TR>
211<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>2.4</I></font></TD>
[357]212<TD><U>(2.4 is the BLT package version number.
213EXPGUI requires 2.3 or higher.
214If you get "can't find package BLT" then
215BLT is not installed [properly] on your system)</U></TD></TR>
[548]216<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> blt::graph .g</font></TD></TR>
217<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>.g</I></font></TD>
[357]218<TD><U>(nothing happens. You should not get an error message here.)</U></TD></TR>
[548]219<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> pack .g</font></TD>
[357]220<TD><U>(now a graph is displayed)</U></TD></TR>
[548]221<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> Blt_ZoomStack .g</font></TD>
[357]222<TD><U>(if error message: invalid command name "Blt_ZoomStack" appears
223there is a problem with your BLT installation, see below.)</U></TD></TR>
225There is a common problem with the pkg_Index.tcl file in BLT that makes
226the Blt_ZoomStack command inaccessible, see my updated copy
227<A HREF="">
229</A> for an example that works. Also see the
230<A HREF="">
231Compiling Tcl/Tk 8.2.3 & packages for Linux</A> example of how to install.
[146]235<A Href="">
237is written by Allen C. Larson and <A HREF="">
[69]238Robert B. Von Dreele</A>, MS-H805,
[33]239Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545. Problems, questions
240or kudos concerning GSAS should be sent to Robert B. Von Dreele at
[733]241<A HREF=""></A>
243<P>EXPGUI is written by Brian H. Toby of the NIST Center for Neutron Research,
244<A HREF="MAILTO:Brian.Toby@NIST.GOV">Brian.Toby@NIST.GOV</A> 
245with help from Jonathan Wasserman.
248GSAS is Copyright, 1984-1997, The Regents of the University of California.
[33]249The GSAS software was produced under a U.S. Government contract (W-7405-ENG-36)
250by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is operated by the University
251of California for the U.S. Department of Energy. The U.S. Government is
252licensed to use, reproduce, and distribute this software. Permission is
253granted to the public to copy and use this software without charge, provided
254that this notice and any statement of authorship are reproduced on all
255copies. Neither the Government nor the University makes any warranty, express
256or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility for the use of this
259<P>EXPGUI is not subject to copyright. Have fun with it.
261<p>Neither the U.S. Government nor any author makes any warranty,
262expressed or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility
263for the use of this information or the software described
264here. Brand names cited here are used for
265identification purposes and do not consitute an endorsement by NIST.
269<TR><TH><A  Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI home</A> 
272<P><font size=-1><A HREF=" page <?=$PHP_SELF?>">Comments, corrections or questions:</A></font><BR>
273<font size=-1><? lastmod(); ?> </font>
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