Testing problems in Tck/Tk for EXPGUI, etc.


EXPGUI (and soon CMPR) is distributed with a version of Tcl/Tk that includes the Tkcon, BWidget and BLT packages included within the Tcl/Tk executable. The Bwidget package is required for EXPGUI (someday the same for CMPR). The BLT package is required for CMPR and is needed by all the graphics routines in EXPGUI. The Tkcon package is optional. EXPGUI includes the La (Linear algebra) package for use in the BKGFIT routine.

If you are not using the version of Tcl/Tk packaged with the program, perhaps because you want to use them on a platform other than the ones supported by me, you will need to confirm that these packages work properly. You can test if Tcl/Tk and the BLT package are installed correctly using the following unix commands: (In Windows, instead double-click on the appropriate icon.)

     [d120234:~] toby% wish
     % package require BLT
     % pack [blt::graph .g]
     % Blt_ZoomStack .g
     % exit
When you type "wish" and press Enter, a new small blank window should appear. when you type the 2nd line, "package require BLT," there will be no change in the blank window, but the computer should respond "2.4". After the "pack [blt::graph .g]" command is entered, a set of x- and y-axes should appear in this window. After the Blt_ZoomStack command is typed the plot should "zoom" with the mouse. The window should disappear after "exit" is typed. Problems:
  1. If wish does not work, then Tcl/Tk is not installed or is not found in the path
  2. if the package require command is not working then BLT is not loaded or is not found by Tcl/Tk
  3. if the pack command does not work, you probably mistyped it (assuming that 1 & 2 worked OK)
  4. if the Blt_ZoomStack command does not work, then BLT is not finding the support file bltGraph.tcl. This is usually found by looking for a subdirectory named .../blt2.4/ in one of the directories referenced by tcl variable auto_path; this command causes file .../blt2.4/pkgIndex.tcl to be loaded which references the libBLT.so file (for example) and the bltGraph.tcl file.

Likewise, this command should work for BWidget:

     [d120234:~] toby% wish
     % package require BWidget
     % exit
Note that EXPGUI and CMPR have not been tested with BWidget versions later than 1.6.