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revised for proxy use

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1@REM this script must be run from the GSAS installation directory
2@echo ***********************************************************
3@echo Please enter proxy server information, if required for your
4@echo web environment. Note that the proxy address will be a
5@echo computer address ( and the proxy port will
6@echo number, such as 80. If not needed or unsure, leave the
7@echo next two responses blank.
8@echo ***********************************************************
9@if exist proxyinfo.txt del proxyinfo.txt
10@set proxy=
11@set proxp=
12@set proxadd=
13@set /p proxadd="Enter the proxy address [none needed]: "
14@if (%proxadd%) == () goto start
15@set /p prxport="Enter the proxy port [8080]: "
16@if (%prxport%) == () set prxport=8080
17@echo %proxadd% > proxyinfo.txt
18@echo %prxport% >> proxyinfo.txt
19@set proxy=--config-option servers:global:http-proxy-host=%proxadd%
20@set proxp=--config-option servers:global:http-proxy-port=%prxport%
21@echo Using proxy settings:
22@set proxy
23@set proxp
25@echo *****************************************
26@echo Press return to start GSAS/EXPGUI install
27@echo *****************************************
29@REM do on initial install
30@mkdir MyWork
31@ECHO Loading GSAS from subversion server
32.\svn\bin\svn co . %proxy% %proxp%
33@if exist expgui goto getexpgui
34@ECHO *************************************************************************
35@ECHO                                 Install failed!
36@ECHO *************************************************************************
37@ECHO Load from repository failed. Perhaps internet access is blocked or down.
38@echo Please check with your network provider if a proxy is needed or verify
39@echo your proxy settings.
40@ECHO *************************************************************************
44@echo loading EXPGUI from repository
45.\svn\bin\svn switch expgui %proxy% %proxp%
46@echo loading GSAS programs
47.\svn\bin\svn switch exe %proxy% %proxp%
48@echo loading pgplot
49.\svn\bin\svn switch pgl %proxy% %proxp%
50@echo **************************************************
51@echo Install has completed. EXPGUI will now be started.
52@echo **************************************************
54%COMSPEC% /c "start exe\ncnrpack.exe expgui\expgui"
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