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1GSAS for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Distribution kit
3You should have a self-extracting executable file, gsaskit.exe, containing
4the distribution materials for GSAS and at least 41Mb of free disk space.
6REVISED 03/31/05 for new Windows version of GSAS with PGPLOT graphics.
7I will assume in the following that your computer has a single hard disk C:,
8use a different disk designations if needed.
10To install GSAS:
121. Double click on gsaskit.exe to execute it. The gsas files will be unzipped.
13You will be asked for the location of gsas; you may put it anywhere but for easiest
14installation please put it in the default location (C:\gsas). Alternatively, use a
15different drive letter as X:\gsas (X = any disk); however in this case you must
16modify the file gsas\exe\pc-gsas.bat for that choice of disk drive. GSAS can be
17installed in some other subdirectory but pc-gsas.bat must be modified to reflect this.
18pc-gsas.bat contains the following lines:
20echo off
21if "%gsas%" == "" set gsas=c:\gsas
22set PGPLOT_FONT=%gsas%\pgl\grfont.dat
23if NOT "%OS%" == "" (if %2==noname (title %1) else (title %1 %2))
24cd %3
25"%gsas%\exe\%1.exe" %2
28modify only the second line to reflect the changed disk drive letter.
302. GSAS is now ready to use from pc-gsas.exe. You no longer need to modify the
31autoexec.bat file (Win95/98/ME) or reboot the computer. For WinNT/2K/XP, you also
32no longer need to modify the environment variables.
333. (WIN95/98/ME/NT40/2000) create a shortcut to pc-gsas.exe and move it to the desktop.
34You may have to modify the properties of this file if you installed gsas anywhere
35else other than C:\gsas.
364. If you use GSAS in batch files modify them to include the following lines before
37any gsas program is invoked:
39if "%gsas%" == "" set gsas=c:\gsas
40set PGPLOT_FONT=%gsas%\pgl\grfont.dat
42These are copied directly from the pc-gsas.bat file; perhaps as modified with different
43drive letter. Also change any of the gsas program names you may use to reflect the
44full path to their location including the ".exe". E.g. change "expedt" to
45"c:\gsas\exe\expedt.exe". This will ensure correct execution and that the opening
46banner will show the correct "Distribution Date".
485. WinNT4.0 & Win2000: To register the GSAS experiment file (optional):
49        a. in Windows Explorer select "Tools" and then "Folder Options"
50        b. select "file types"
51        c. select "new type"
52        d. enter "EXP" for File Extension; click "OK"
53        e. click "advanced"
54        f. select "change icon"
55        g. select "browse" and find C:\GSAS\GSAS.ICO
56        h. select "OK" (for icon)
57        i. for description of type enter: GSAS experiment file
58        j. select "new"
59        k. for action enter: Expedt
60        l. for application enter: C:\GSAS\EXE\PC-GSAS.BAT EXPEDT "%1"
61        m. repeat j-l for POWPREF, GENLES, POWPLOT, etc. as desired
62        n. select "OK" to finish
63A similar scheme exists for Win95/98/ME. Now you will be able to "right click"
64on an experiment file and select the GSAS routine you want to use. Moreover,
65the window for each program will stay open after it completes so you may
66examine the result.
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