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Last change on this file since 1112 was 996, checked in by toby, 12 years ago

Many revisions for handling file names with spaces using new SetEXPfile proc.
Use of directories with spaces for data files is probably not a problem, since we cd there, but EXP file names and install locations can be messy. Convert names on windows, where possible, and warn for now.

fix DISAGL window buttons for files with spaces.

cleanup MakeScrollTable?

allow ~/.gsas_config on Windows.

for use update.bat instead of building file as needed;

File size: 849 bytes
1@REM this script must be run from the GSAS installation directory
2@REM This is run to update the installation, the name of the EXP file is
3@REM expected as an argument
4@echo ****************************
5@echo Press return to start update
6@echo ****************************
8.\svn\bin\svn cleanup .
9.\svn\bin\svn update .
10@if (%1)==() goto Install2
11@echo ****************************************************
12@echo Update has completed. Press return to restart EXPGUI
13@echo ****************************************************
15%COMSPEC% /c "start exe\ncnrpack.exe expgui\expgui %1"
18@echo ****************************************************
19@echo Update has completed. EXPGUI starting w/o .EXP file
20@echo ****************************************************
22%COMSPEC% /c "start exe\ncnrpack.exe expgui\expgui"
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