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2    <html>
3    <head>
4    <title>EXPGUI Revision Log</title>
5    <meta name="keywords" content="crystallography, Rietveld, diffraction,
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24    <TR><TH><A Href="expgui.html">EXPGUI top</A>
25    </TH><TH><A Href="wishlist.html">Past and Planned<BR>Updates</A> 
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28    <center><h1>
29    <HR noshade width="75%" size="2" align="center">
30    EXPGUI Revisions List
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32    </h1></center>
33    <P>
34    This page describes all revisions logged for changes to the EXPGUI source
35    files, sorted by date.
36    See the <A HREF="wishlist.html">EXPGUI Wish List</A> for a more
37    descriptive listing.
39<h2>since 1-Jun-2009</h2><DL><DL>
41<h2>since 1-Mar-2009</h2><DL><DL>
43<h2>since 1-Nov-2008</h2><DL><DL>
45<h2>since 1-Jul-2008</h2><DL><DL>
46<DT><B>expgui 1.83</B>  2008/07/14<DD>
47        change button labels to suit convention<BR>
48<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.44  2008/07/14<DD>
49        Add CIF import to Add Hist window<BR>
50<DT>cif2fxye.tcl 1.1  2008/07/14<DD>
51        Initial revision<BR>
52<DT>excledt.tcl 1.18  2008/07/14<DD>
53        minor cleanups -- change some button labels to be more conventional<BR>
54        remove ^C binding for windows<BR>
55<DT>excledt.tcl 1.17  2008/07/14<DD>
56        put deiconify back (probably not needed)<BR>
57<DT>excledt.tcl 1.16  2008/07/14<DD>
58        fix "crazy line" bug due to tick mark numbers<BR>
59        make msg boxes a child of excl plot window<BR>
60        eliminate bind of <Configure> for windows, since it prevents the window<BR>
61        from changing size<BR>
62<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.66  2008/07/14<DD>
63        change some button labels to be more conventional<BR>
64<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.65  2008/07/14<DD>
65        change Set to Continue for getstring (so that initial window has Continue)<BR>
66        use variable to hold disagl window name<BR>
67        add code to export a phase to clipboard for Andrew Will's VaList program<BR>
69<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.43  2008/07/02<DD>
70        Fix bug on ImportAtoms (see 1.42)<BR>
71        fix blunder on replacephase3 (no args)<BR>
74<h2>since 1-Jul-2007</h2><DL><DL>
75<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.42  2008/06/30<DD>
76        fix bug on ImportPhase with 1 format (e.g. .cif on Windows)<BR>
78<DT><B>expgui 1.82</B>  2008/04/15<DD>
79        macro recording<BR>
80        implement "Prompt after GSAS run option", replay macro<BR>
81<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.41  2008/04/15<DD>
82        major revision for macro recording<BR>
83        introduce cell symmetry constraints<BR>
84        check for trailing R on s.g. in Rhomb. settings<BR>
85        add .fxye to list of raw types<BR>
86        stop conversion of raw files to fixed record length<BR>
87        fix bug stopping review of inst prm files with a blank line<BR>
88<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.14  2008/04/15<DD>
89        macro commands<BR>
90<DT>excledt.tcl 1.15  2008/04/15<DD>
91        fix child window parentage<BR>
92        record macros<BR>
93<DT>export_shelx.tcl 1.2  2008/04/15<DD>
94        fix occupancy for macromolec input<BR>
95<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.64  2008/04/15<DD>
96        macro recording<BR>
97        implement prompt/no prompt in GSAS window<BR>
98        implement run macros<BR>
99        new proc to run GSAS programs w/o a terminal window<BR>
100<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.28  2008/04/15<DD>
101        macro menu<BR>
102<DT>instedit.tcl 1.8  2008/04/15<DD>
103        new button to import diffractometer constants in instedit<BR>
104<DT>liveplot 1.45  2008/04/15<DD>
105        add comment (bkgedit not macro enabled)<BR>
106<DT>lstview 1.19  2008/04/15<DD>
107        implement new capability as macromon (macro monitor routine)<BR>
108        allow routine to be called directly (opens .LST file)<BR>
109<DT>odf.tcl 1.8  2008/04/15<DD>
110        macro recording<BR>
111<DT>orient.tcl 1.10  2008/04/15<DD>
112        macro recording<BR>
113<DT>profcons.tcl 1.8  2008/04/15<DD>
114        macro recording<BR>
115<DT>widplt 1.20  2008/04/15<DD>
116        do not load widply_ files for absplt<BR>
119<h2>before 2008/04/15</H2><DL><DL>
120<DT><B>expgui 1.81</B>  2007/01/17<DD>
121        warn on windows comspec problem<BR>
122        fix convergence spelling<BR>
124<DT>graceexport.tcl 1.2  2006/07/31<DD>
125        missing tickmarks (new BLT version?) add fix from Bogdan Jurca<BR>
127<DT><B>expgui 1.80</B>  2006/04/30<DD>
128        Indicate a new release<BR>
129<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.27  2006/04/30<DD>
130        Add gsas2map into menus<BR>
131<DT>liveplot 1.44  2006/04/30<DD>
132        remove last of background function #3<BR>
133        compute Q in same manner as in calcbak (results still differ)<BR>
135<DT><B>expgui 1.79</B>  2006/03/29<DD>
136        Mark release<BR>
137<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.40  2006/03/29<DD>
138        Allow use of d-min or Q-max when adding multiple histograms (IPNS request)<BR>
139<DT>dumpprof.tcl 1.3  2006/03/29<DD>
140        return diffractometer constants<BR>
141        support starkit<BR>
142<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.63  2006/03/29<DD>
143        Associate profile names with term labels<BR>
144<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.26  2006/03/29<DD>
145        Add mustrplot to 2nd menu<BR>
146<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.25  2006/03/29<DD>
147        remove now obsolete tofnorm; add new mustrplot<BR>
148<DT>instedit.tcl 1.7  2006/03/29<DD>
149        support profile editing (& grab from .EXP) in instedit (IPNS request)<BR>
150        don't hard-code profile names here (grab from gsascmds.tcl)<BR>
152<DT><B>expgui 1.78</B>  2006/02/22<DD>
153        Plug GSAS on window head<BR>
154        Make histogram selection look like a button<BR>
155        fix bug in global setting of phase fractions/damping<BR>
156        make history not like a button<BR>
157        remove control-C exit from Windows version<BR>
158<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.39  2006/02/22<DD>
159        fix bug in 2theta max for multiple hist addition<BR>
160        implement re-evaluation of multiplicities (ResetMultiplicities)<BR>
161        add button to Reset Multiplicities to edit menu<BR>
162        update Multiplicities after an origin change<BR>
163        better explain origin shifts<BR>
164<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.62  2006/02/22<DD>
165        Recompute Multiplicities prior to Composition computation<BR>
166<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.61  2006/02/22<DD>
167        Allow composition to work on Magnetic phases<BR>
168<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.24  2006/02/22<DD>
169        add seqgsas & seqplot to menus & minor menu fixes/duplication<BR>
170<DT>instedit.tcl 1.6  2006/02/22<DD>
171        no significant changes -- allow KRATIO to be edited, but restore as the variable is not read from an instrument parameter file<BR>
172<DT>liveplot 1.43  2006/02/22<DD>
173        bkgfit: prevent use of more than 36 bkg terms, since that is all GSAS allows<BR>
175<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.38  2005/12/16<DD>
176        make spacegroup search case insensitive on Origin 1/2<BR>
177        comment out debug puts statements<BR>
179<DT>readexp.tcl 1.46  2005/09/13<DD>
180        fix buggy EXP create routine<BR>
182<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.37  2005/09/12<DD>
183        add missing proc<BR>
184<DT>dumpexp.tcl 1.5  2005/09/12<DD>
185        add package require code & new heading to remind me this is an executable script<BR>
186<DT>readexp.tcl 1.45  2005/09/12<DD>
187        change formatting of ODF records to match most recent GSAS release<BR>
189<DT><B>expgui 1.77</B>  2005/09/07<DD>
190        tag for new EXPGUI release<BR>
191<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.36  2005/09/07<DD>
192        Add origin 1 --> origin 2 xform option<BR>
193<DT>export_drawxtl.tcl 1.3  2005/09/07<DD>
194        fix use of delete window decoration (== quit)<BR>
195        fix display arrows options; warn on old GEOMETRY program<BR>
196        use .drawxtlrc to find DRAWXTL5.x program<BR>
198<DT><B>expgui 1.76</B>  2005/03/24<DD>
199        fix up resize for OS X<BR>
200        add LS band width as option (thanx RBVD)<BR>
201        note Pawley phase (thanks RBVD)<BR>
202        attempt to fix missing expmap(atomlistboxcontents) bug<BR>
203        (not sure why this happens, so at least trap errors)<BR>
204        Reset phase selection in GetPhaseFlags in case this causes the missing expmap(atomlistboxcontents)<BR>
205        prevent use of TRNS & SHFT when ZERO is refined<BR>
206        add new print option (#10)  (thanx RBVD)<BR>
207<DT>export_drawxtl.tcl 1.2  2005/03/24<DD>
208        major revision<BR>
209        Allow arrow colors, number comments on arrows<BR>
210        Look for DRAWxtl (not in enough places) and offer to launch it<BR>
211        oops -- the entire arrow routine is new.<BR>
212<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.60  2005/03/24<DD>
213        add defs for function #5 (thanks RBVD)<BR>
214        fix # & labels for terms in Profile #4 (4/m -3R -3 -3m1)<BR>
215        fix bug in Set on change profile for multiple histograms/phases<BR>
216<DT>lstview 1.18  2005/03/24<DD>
217        fix bug in save options<BR>
218        Add unix capability to print selected text<BR>
219        (should work on OS X if lpr points to desired printer -- I think)<BR>
220<DT>orient.tcl 1.9  2005/03/24<DD>
221        change designation of preferred direction<BR>
222<DT>profcons.tcl 1.7  2005/03/24<DD>
223        profile type 5 (RBVD)<BR>
224<DT>readexp.tcl 1.44  2005/03/24<DD>
225        new validreal<BR>
226        support LS Band parameter (in part RBVD)<BR>
227        add xtra digit to PRNT (RBVD)<BR>
228<DT>widplt 1.19  2005/03/24<DD>
229        support function #5 (thanks RBVD)<BR>
231<DT>readexp.tcl 1.43  2004/11/17<DD>
232        fix unformatted date -- belt & suspenders<BR>
234<DT><B>expgui 1.75</B>  2004/10/04<DD>
235        Require BWidget (remove non-BWidget code)<BR>
236<DT>excledt.tcl 1.14  2004/10/04<DD>
237        remove unused diffvec<BR>
238        redo vector variable access -- fix bug<BR>
239<DT>exclinit.tcl 1.2  2004/10/04<DD>
240        remove diffvec (not used)<BR>
241<DT>liveplot 1.42  2004/10/04<DD>
242        redo vector access<BR>
243<DT>odf.tcl 1.7  2004/10/04<DD>
244        BWidget is now required<BR>
245<DT>orient.tcl 1.8  2004/10/04<DD>
246        remove non-BWidget code<BR>
248<DT><B>expgui 1.74</B>  2004/09/28<DD>
249        use winutils or winexec<BR>
250        catch expgui when called with .Oxx (archived .EXP) files<BR>
251          to eventually offer rename choices<BR>
252        catch Mac Reload EXP? bug<BR>
253<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.59  2004/09/28<DD>
254        use WINUTILS if present in place of WINEXEC<BR>
255        on Mac use Rez & SetFile from dist, when not installed<BR>
257<DT>export_drawxtl.tcl 1.1  2004/09/21<DD>
258        Initial revision<BR>
260<DT><B>expgui 1.73</B>  2004/09/20<DD>
261        add "package require Tk" for starkit use<BR>
262<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.58  2004/09/20<DD>
263        force all output to instfile to be in ASCII<BR>
264          this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file<BR>
265<DT>liveplot 1.41  2004/09/20<DD>
266        >> add "package require Tk" for starkit use<BR>
267<DT>lstview 1.17  2004/09/20<DD>
268        add "package require Tk" for starkit use<BR>
269<DT>mkdictindex.tcl 1.2  2004/09/20<DD>
270        add "package require Tk" for starkit use<BR>
271<DT>readexp.tcl 1.42  2004/09/20<DD>
272        force all output to instfile to be in ASCII<BR>
273          this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file<BR>
274<DT>readinst.tcl 1.4  2004/09/20<DD>
275        force all output to instfile to be in ASCII<BR>
276           this might solve bugs where non-ascii chars invalidate .EXP file<BR>
277<DT>widplt 1.18  2004/09/20<DD>
278        add "package require Tk" for starkit use<BR>
280<DT>export_cif.tcl 1.1  2004/09/08<DD>
281        Initial revision<BR>
283<DT><B>expgui 1.72</B>  2004/05/13<DD>
284        add open console<BR>
285<DT>excledt.tcl 1.13  2004/05/13<DD>
286        add new zoom binding<BR>
287<DT>liveplot 1.40  2004/05/13<DD>
288        add open console<BR>
289        deal with starkit problems<BR>
290        ignore bad element attributes (colors, marker types, sizes...)<BR>
291        update binding stuff (yet again!)<BR>
292        avoid bug on fit with no points (bkgfit)<BR>
293<DT>lstview 1.16  2004/05/13<DD>
294        open console<BR>
295<DT>widplt 1.17  2004/05/13<DD>
296        add open console<BR>
297        deal with starkit problems<BR>
299<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.57  2004/05/04<DD>
300        save .EXP before call to bkgedit (bug fix)<BR>
301<DT>instedit.tcl 1.5  2004/05/04<DD>
302        fix ipola buttons ("None" was broken)<BR>
303        disable KRATIO as it is currently unused<BR>
304<DT>readexp.tcl 1.41  2004/05/04<DD>
305        fix diffrence from EXPEDT; change kratio=0 to 0.5<BR>
307<DT><B>expgui 1.71</B>  2004/04/27<DD>
308        new number only to track other changes<BR>
309<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.35  2004/04/27<DD>
310        add O-1<BR>
311<DT>export_xml.tcl 1.3  2004/04/27<DD>
312        remove unused proc<BR>
313        flag origin 2 space groups when in space group table<BR>
314<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.56  2004/04/27<DD>
315        update non-modal dialogs to match newer versions of Tk<BR>
316        add window resize for OS X<BR>
317<DT>instedit.tcl 1.4  2004/04/27<DD>
318        add ITYP entry in init<BR>
319<DT>liveplot 1.39  2004/04/27<DD>
320        plot (obs-calc)/sigma<BR>
321        Add ability to scan zoom region with arrow keys<BR>
323<DT>excledt.tcl 1.12  2004/04/26<DD>
324        Fix bug with OSX BLT (all new versions of BLT)?<BR>
325        Add ability to scan zoom region with arrow keys<BR>
327<DT><B>expgui 1.70</B>  2004/04/03<DD>
328        fix clock format command<BR>
329<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.13  2004/04/03<DD>
330        fix sort undefined bug<BR>
331        report warning when nothing selected to constrain<BR>
333<DT><B>expgui 1.69</B>  2004/01/30<DD>
334        Add code to set app/icon in OS X, remove applescript generation<BR>
335<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.9  2004/01/30<DD>
336        update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.<BR>
337<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.6  2004/01/30<DD>
338        update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.<BR>
339<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.55  2004/01/30<DD>
340        Add code to set app/icon in OS X<BR>
341<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.54  2004/01/30<DD>
342        update putontop to match new version of CIF routines<BR>
343<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.12  2004/01/30<DD>
344        update to match new version of CIFEDIT etc.<BR>
346<DT>mkdictindex.tcl 1.1  2004/01/12<DD>
347        Initial revision<BR>
349<DT><B>expgui 1.68</B>  2003/12/16<DD>
350        add droplet capability to AppleScript<BR>
352<DT><B>expgui 1.67</B>  2003/12/05<DD>
353        more AppleScript fixups (find xterm location & offer a startup directory choice)<BR>
354<DT><B>expgui 1.66</B>  2003/12/05<DD>
355        add file menu command to create applescript shortcut (OSX only)<BR>
356<DT>excledt.tcl 1.11  2003/12/05<DD>
357        only display peak options for phases that are present<BR>
358        implement keyboard shortcuts (1,2,...) for showing reflection tickmarks<BR>
359        fix peak options menu bug<BR>
360<DT>liveplot 1.38  2003/12/05<DD>
361        force bkgedit to always use unnormalized plots<BR>
363<DT><B>expgui 1.65</B>  2003/11/22<DD>
364        advance EXPGUI version number to reflect bug fixes in other files<BR>
366<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.34  2003/11/21<DD>
367        fix "replace phase" bug<BR>
368<DT>liveplot 1.37  2003/11/21<DD>
369        fix "save options" bug<BR>
370<DT>widplt 1.16  2003/11/21<DD>
371        add export to grace & .csv options<BR>
373<DT><B>expgui 1.64</B>  2003/11/13<DD>
374        add powpref nagging after "SaveAs" & rename of archived .EXP<BR>
375<DT><B>expgui 1.63</B>  2003/11/13<DD>
376        Updates for OSX: window resize & catch puts<BR>
377        clean up the way "use new name" works for archived .EXP files<BR>
378        remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke<BR>
379<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.8  2003/11/13<DD>
380        remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke<BR>
381<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.53  2003/11/13<DD>
382        remove obsolete references to tkButtonInvoke<BR>
383        add code to support URL lookup in OSX & clean up for UNIX<BR>
384        don't allow archived files on initial open<BR>
385        fix parse of .EXP file for >999 LS cycles<BR>
386<DT>liveplot 1.36  2003/11/13<DD>
387        catch puts output for OSX<BR>
388        Resize window for OSX<BR>
389        revise interface to LOGIC and CMPR<BR>
390<DT>lstview 1.15  2003/11/13<DD>
391        Resize window for OSX<BR>
392<DT>widplt 1.15  2003/11/13<DD>
393        Resize window for OSX<BR>
395<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.33  2003/11/05<DD>
396        add missing cleanup routine (afterputontop)<BR>
397<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.7  2003/11/05<DD>
398        prepare for OSX -- catch puts<BR>
399<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.52  2003/11/05<DD>
400        add mozilla to browser list<BR>
401        fix missing browser error msg<BR>
402        fix bug in Chinese Windows where history record gets corrupted<BR>
403<DT>instedit.tcl 1.3  2003/11/05<DD>
404        prepare for OSX - remove puts<BR>
405<DT>notebook.tcl 1.3  2003/11/05<DD>
406        prepare for OSX -- catch puts<BR>
407<DT>readinst.tcl 1.3  2003/11/05<DD>
408        prepare for OSX<BR>
410<DT><B>expgui 1.62</B>  2003/08/11<DD>
411        remove Bkg functions #3 & #9 since they are gone from GSAS<BR>
412<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.32  2003/08/11<DD>
413        add support for adding multiple histograms<BR>
414        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
415<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.6  2003/08/11<DD>
416        significant revision for CIFTOOLS<BR>
417          cleanup for Mac OS X<BR>
418          improve error reporting<BR>
419          make variable for max line length (defaults to 80)<BR>
420<DT>cifselect.tcl 1.3  2003/08/11<DD>
421        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
422<DT>excledt.tcl 1.10  2003/08/11<DD>
423        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
424<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.5  2003/08/11<DD>
425        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
426<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.51  2003/08/11<DD>
427        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
428<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.11  2003/08/11<DD>
429        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
430<DT>instedit.tcl 1.2  2003/08/11<DD>
431        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
432<DT>liveplot 1.35  2003/08/11<DD>
433        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
434<DT>liveplot 1.34  2003/08/11<DD>
435        remove BKG function #3 since it is gone from GSAS<BR>
436<DT>liveplot_FoxExport.tcl 1.2  2003/08/11<DD>
437        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
438<DT>lstview 1.14  2003/08/11<DD>
439        code cleanup -col -> -column<BR>
441<DT>odf.tcl 1.6  2003/05/27<DD>
442        autoselect 1st phase if none are previously selected<BR>
443        add comments<BR>
445<DT>readexp.tcl 1.40  2003/05/24<DD>
446        fix absorption correction bug<BR>
448<DT><B>expgui 1.61</B>  2003/05/22<DD>
449        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
450<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.31  2003/05/22<DD>
451        Add instrument parameter file editor<BR>
452<DT>dumpexp.tcl 1.4  2003/05/22<DD>
453        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
454<DT>dumpprof.tcl 1.2  2003/05/22<DD>
455        initial tweaking<BR>
456<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.50  2003/05/22<DD>
457        Workaround for win-XP bug where archive fails because rename does not work<BR>
458<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.23  2003/05/22<DD>
459        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
460        Add instedit<BR>
461<DT>instedit.tcl 1.1  2003/05/22<DD>
462        Initial revision<BR>
463<DT>liveplot 1.33  2003/05/22<DD>
464        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
465<DT>liveplot_FoxExport.tcl 1.1  2003/05/22<DD>
466        Initial revision<BR>
467<DT>lstview 1.13  2003/05/22<DD>
468        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
469<DT>readexp.tcl 1.39  2003/05/22<DD>
470        cleanup ABSCOR usage (blank = type 0) -- fix reported bug?<BR>
471<DT>readinst.tcl 1.2  2003/05/22<DD>
472        remove error message display used for debug<BR>
473<DT>widplt 1.14  2003/05/22<DD>
474        Implement windows init file as c:\GSAS\GSAS.CONFIG in place of .GSAS_CONFIG<BR>
476<DT>dumpprof.tcl 1.1  2003/05/13<DD>
477        Initial revision<BR>
478<DT>liveplot 1.32  2003/05/13<DD>
479        save more stuff, use gsas.config on windows<BR>
480<DT>readinst.tcl 1.1  2003/05/13<DD>
481        Initial revision<BR>
483<DT><B>expgui 1.60</B>  2003/04/10<DD>
484        change header<BR>
485        autostart GRWND option for Win-95/98/ME<BR>
486        warnings to run POWPREF<BR>
487        read customization from gsas.config as well as .gsas_config (no doc yet)<BR>
488        warn on directories with spaces<BR>
489        insert date in  gsas.config & .gsas_config  (use  gsas.config on Win)<BR>
490        move a,b,c... to separate menu<BR>
491<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.30  2003/04/10<DD>
492        leave filenames up for rawplot<BR>
493        set tmin properly for TOF<BR>
494        show text for bank selected<BR>
495        add Qmax option<BR>
496        add "run powpref" warning<BR>
497<DT>dumpexp.tcl 1.3  2003/04/10<DD>
498        use filename rather than arg (why?)<BR>
499<DT>excledt.tcl 1.9  2003/04/10<DD>
500        Major revisions to fix TOF bugs<BR>
501            (use EXPEDT to set TMIN)<BR>
502        move conversion routines to readexp.tcl<BR>
503        many new comments<BR>
504<DT>export_xml.tcl 1.2  2003/04/10<DD>
505        fix missing tag<BR>
506<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.49  2003/04/10<DD>
507        implement GRWND startup (Win-9x)<BR>
508        warn on names with spaces<BR>
509<DT>liveplot 1.31  2003/04/10<DD>
510        change header<BR>
511        keep weights (for export)<BR>
512        use normalized data for BKGEDIT (fit is incorrect for TOF w/o)<BR>
513        allow export routines (for FOX)<BR>
514        allow 1,2,... keys to turn on phase tickmarks<BR>
515<DT>lstview 1.12  2003/04/10<DD>
516        change startup section<BR>
517<DT>readexp.tcl 1.38  2003/04/10<DD>
518        more sig figs on small numbers (switch to scientific notation earlier)<BR>
519        implement powpref warning<BR>
520        update absorption correction to blank spaces<BR>
521        add data conversion routines (from excledt)<BR>
522<DT>widplt 1.13  2003/04/10<DD>
523        change header<BR>
525<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.5  2002/12/30<DD>
526        updated pleasewait<BR>
527        implement CIF(maxvalues) to control max CIF size<BR>
528        define contents of CIF(status) , to be displayed on "pleasewait" & check<BR>
529            CIF size against maximum<BR>
530        check to see if skip forward is in fact going backwards (prevent infinite loop)<BR>
531        scroll text box while parsing -- looks neat!<BR>
532        implement (&comment out) multiple selection of looped items<BR>
533<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.4  2002/12/30<DD>
534        new comment; change name of CIFBrowserWindow to CIFOpenBrowser (for latest browsecif.tcl)<BR>
535<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.48  2002/12/30<DD>
536        update pleasewait to include latest options<BR>
538<DT>readexp.tcl 1.37  2002/12/27<DD>
539        fix MM read bug<BR>
541<DT><B>expgui 1.59</B>  2002/10/31<DD>
542        do better job reporting gsas_config errors & write to file better<BR>
543<DT>liveplot 1.30  2002/10/31<DD>
544        trap gsas_config errors & write to file better<BR>
545<DT>lstview 1.11  2002/10/31<DD>
546        trap gsas_config errors<BR>
547        prevent infinite loop in readsum<BR>
548<DT>widplt 1.12  2002/10/31<DD>
549        trap gsas_config errors & write to file better<BR>
551<DT>liveplot 1.29  2002/10/24<DD>
552        Add export capability to comma separated value (.csv) files for spreadsheets<BR>
553        and graphics programs<BR>
555<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.4  2002/09/24<DD>
556        quote reserved "words" (DATA_ LOOP_ SAVE_ STOP_ GLOBAL_)<BR>
558<DT><B>expgui 1.58</B>  2002/09/05<DD>
559        trap error in localconfig and .gsas_config<BR>
560        add CIFselect<BR>
561<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.29  2002/09/05<DD>
562        why did I do this? Deal with missing description?<BR>
563<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.3  2002/09/05<DD>
564        Major revision.<BR>
565           Implement undo<BR>
566           get rid of "Save Changes"<BR>
567           change use of icons<BR>
568           don't show tables with more than 100 loop values (by "column")<BR>
569<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.2  2002/09/05<DD>
570        add categories to loops<BR>
571        improve number parsing<BR>
572        lock edits in text window<BR>
573        (above grew from suggestions by B. McMahon)<BR>
574<DT>cifselect.tcl 1.2  2002/09/05<DD>
575        comments<BR>
576<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.3  2002/09/05<DD>
577        Revise to use updated browsecif:<BR>
578           implement undo<BR>
579           changes made in-memory automatically<BR>
580           manual editing of cif must be enabled<BR>
581<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.2  2002/09/05<DD>
582        minor update: eliminate reference to window by name (.file)<BR>
583<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.10  2002/09/05<DD>
584        Major rework to use text-based browsecif.tcl<BR>
585<DT>liveplot 1.28  2002/09/05<DD>
586        remove octave stuff<BR>
587<DT>profcons.tcl 1.6  2002/09/05<DD>
588        make sure a phase & histogram is selected to prevent error<BR>
589        handholding: if there is only 1 histogram/phase select it.<BR>
591<DT>browsecif.tcl 1.1  2002/08/09<DD>
592        Initial revision<BR>
593<DT>cifselect.tcl 1.1  2002/08/09<DD>
594        Initial revision<BR>
595<DT>fillcif.tcl 1.1  2002/08/09<DD>
596        Initial revision<BR>
597<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.47  2002/08/09<DD>
598        fix table size sync.<BR>
599        add  ExpandScrollTable (used in cifselect)<BR>
600<DT>orient.tcl 1.7  2002/08/09<DD>
601        correct labels on pref. orient. axis to uvw<BR>
603<DT><B>expgui 1.57</B>  2002/07/18<DD>
604        GSAS2CIF & fillCIF changes<BR>
605<DT>excledt.tcl 1.8  2002/07/18<DD>
606        fix binding with yet newer versions of BLT<BR>
607<DT>export_xml.tcl 1.1  2002/07/18<DD>
608        Initial revision<BR>
609<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.46  2002/07/18<DD>
610        remove iconify from excledt -- seems to work better on Windows<BR>
611<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.22  2002/07/18<DD>
612        GSAS2CIF & FillCIF changes<BR>
613<DT>readexp.tcl 1.36  2002/07/18<DD>
614        fix excluded region read error (in EXCLEDT)<BR>
616<DT><B>expgui 1.56</B>  2002/07/03<DD>
617        minor stuff:<BR>
618          1) networked path may be OK, warn, but no error<BR>
619          2) catch invalid .EXP file names<BR>
620          3) avoid error messages on grab's<BR>
621<DT>export_spf.tcl 1.2  2002/07/03<DD>
622        place only 1 TITL line in file (as requested by Lachlan)<BR>
623<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.45  2002/07/03<DD>
624        catch invalid .EXP file names<BR>
625<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.9  2002/07/03<DD>
626        minor bug fix<BR>
627<DT>profcons.tcl 1.5  2002/07/03<DD>
628        Bug fix: cancel button was broken on Add/Edit profile constraint<BR>
629        Enable continue button on "Editing New Profile Constraint" menu only if<BR>
630           terms are selected.<BR>
632<DT>import_cell.tcl 1.3  2002/02/11<DD>
633        make sure file gets closed<BR>
634<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.8  2002/02/11<DD>
635        Change quote processing of CIF's -- strip quotes as items are read (keep semicolons)<BR>
636        fix bug in spacegroup validation<BR>
637<DT>liveplot 1.27  2002/02/11<DD>
638        add cursor display (livecursor) -- requested by Lachlan<BR>
639<DT>lstview 1.10  2002/02/11<DD>
640        Bug fix -- repeat is was not set (error if .LST file is large)<BR>
642<DT><B>expgui 1.55</B>  2002/01/25<DD>
643        Add absorption correction to histogram pane<BR>
644        move damping on histogram pane, to save space<BR>
645        bug fix: global ref. w/alpha1,2 the ratio param were in wrong spot<BR>
646<DT>readexp.tcl 1.35  2002/01/25<DD>
647        more absorption correction terms<BR>
648<DT>widplt 1.11  2002/01/25<DD>
649        neaten<BR>
651<DT>widplt 1.10  2002/01/24<DD>
652        bug fix: update plot after "Apply" with change in absorption coeff.<BR>
654<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.28  2002/01/23<DD>
655        fix bugs related to adding ValidateAtomsBox<BR>
656        launch import (ImportPhase/ImportAtom) when a import format is selected<BR>
658<DT><B>expgui 1.54</B>  2002/01/22<DD>
659        Significant change in display of atoms on phase panel:<BR>
660          changing an atom queues an update for that atom only<BR>
661          using new routine UpdateAtomLine<BR>
662          avoid duplicate refresh (killer for big lists)<BR>
663        Display atoms in MM phases<BR>
664        Add a Export coordinates menu cascade that gets built<BR>
665           when used rather than every time the software is loaded (better speed)<BR>
666        new routines: FormatAtomLine & UpdateAtomLine so that only 1<BR>
667          atom can be updated at a time<BR>
668         CompressList now divides up the list with <CR> if a maximum<BR>
669           length is supplied<BR>
670        Remove AddAtoms & ReplacePhase buttons for MM phases (not supported)<BR>
671<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.27  2002/01/22<DD>
672        support changes MM phases (where appropriate)<BR>
673        create a atom type validation routine ValidateAtomsBox & remove from<BR>
674           addatoms and replacephase2<BR>
675        call  UpdateAtomLine to refresh display of selected atoms<BR>
676        fix minor bug, if a phase is replaced & the number of<BR>
677          atoms remains unchanged<BR>
678<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.12  2002/01/22<DD>
679        Major changes to add MM constraints<BR>
680          source profcons.tcl when the main pane is created<BR>
681          create the subpanes each time the main pane<BR>
682            is created (in case phases get added)<BR>
683        Most routines now take the phase type as an arg<BR>
684<DT>dumpexp.tcl 1.2  2002/01/22<DD>
685        don't dump mm phases<BR>
686<DT>export_shelx.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
687        Initial revision<BR>
688<DT>export_spf.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
689        Initial revision<BR>
690<DT>export_xtl.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
691        Initial revision<BR>
692<DT>graceexport.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
693        Initial revision<BR>
694<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.44  2002/01/22<DD>
695        support absplt in widplt routine<BR>
696        move export to .xtl to separate file<BR>
697        change order of date-sorted .EXP files, put newest on top<BR>
698<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.21  2002/01/22<DD>
699        add absplt, remove export routines now in own menu cascade<BR>
700        add gsas2pdf * ref2... & ramafit<BR>
701<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.7  2002/01/22<DD>
702        more complete space group checking<BR>
703<DT>import_spf.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
704        Initial revision<BR>
705<DT>import_xtl.tcl 1.1  2002/01/22<DD>
706        Initial revision<BR>
707<DT>liveplot 1.26  2002/01/22<DD>
708        Major revision:<BR>
709          export to GRACE<BR>
710          BKGEDIT use linear least-squares & fits bkg functions 1-6<BR>
711        add label by phase name<BR>
712        edit phase name in "edit tickmarks"<BR>
713        make obs & calc pattern less obscuring in bkgedit<BR>
714<DT>lstview 1.9  2002/01/22<DD>
715        Major revisions<BR>
716        add plot of R's & shifts<BR>
717        update parse routines to changes in .LST file<BR>
718        Add capability to delete sections of file<BR>
719<DT>opts.tcl 1.8  2002/01/22<DD>
720        Add small checkbutton font for LSTVIEW plot<BR>
721<DT>readexp.tcl 1.34  2002/01/22<DD>
722        writing of real values: if a field has more than 6 characters &<BR>
723        too few significant digits will show, switch to scientific notation<BR>
724        -- example: set val .001234; validreal val 8 4 -- val is 0.0012<BR>
725                    set val .0001234; validreal val 8 4 -- val is 1.23E-04<BR>
726        <BR>
727        new routine for MM phases: mmatominfo<BR>
728        add abs correction parameters to histinfo<BR>
729        handle mm constraints in  constrinfo<BR>
730<DT>widplt 1.9  2002/01/22<DD>
731        Major revision<BR>
732          Add ABSPLT capability for absorption/reflectivity plots<BR>
733          change edit menu to cascade menu rather than select<BR>
734            curve on plot<BR>
735        correct LY on type 4 to 0<BR>
736        change lots of proc names<BR>
737        make a edit page creator: NewProfileValues used to create &<BR>
738           edit profile curves<BR>
739           clean code to make ancestry a little less obvious<BR>
740        ... hope it works<BR>
742<DT><B>expgui 1.53</B>  2001/12/16<DD>
743        make top of window a bit smaller<BR>
744<DT><B>expgui 1.52</B>  2001/12/16<DD>
745        don't check for excledt file -- Excluded region button is always present<BR>
746<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.26  2001/12/16<DD>
747        Add "D" as a valid element type<BR>
748<DT>excledt.tcl 1.7  2001/12/16<DD>
749        make -outline BLT version dependent (bug fix)<BR>
750        fix manual zoom reset<BR>
751<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.43  2001/12/16<DD>
752        fix fileinfobox error in open .EXP routine<BR>
753<DT>liveplot 1.25  2001/12/16<DD>
754        bug fix: ignore update if .EXP file does not exists<BR>
755<DT>liveplot 1.24  2001/12/16<DD>
756        Major revisions:<BR>
757                add braces for expressions<BR>
758                move BLT load after sourcing<BR>
759                Add Linear Algebra use (La1.0)<BR>
760                rework Chebyshev fit to use direct (La) solution<BR>
761                fix manual zoom<BR>
762                improve error messages<BR>
763<DT>opts.tcl 1.7  2001/12/16<DD>
764        make top of window a bit smaller<BR>
766<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.42  2001/11/19<DD>
767        include Rfactors on file lookup<BR>
768<DT>liveplot 1.23  2001/11/19<DD>
769        improve error message<BR>
770        deal with duplicate points in BKGEDIT<BR>
771<DT>opts.tcl 1.6  2001/11/19<DD>
772        new smallfont default<BR>
774<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.25  2001/11/08<DD>
775        fix update flag after Uiso/Uaniso conversion<BR>
777<DT><B>expgui 1.51</B>  2001/11/07<DD>
778        get rid of echo command<BR>
779<DT>excledt.tcl 1.6  2001/11/07<DD>
780        change filename to avoid liveplot conflict<BR>
781        catch error if nothing is read<BR>
782<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.41  2001/11/07<DD>
783        remove echo in archive<BR>
784        add get file name for DISAGL/save<BR>
785        support histogram flags for all types of histograms<BR>
787<DT><B>expgui 1.50</B>  2001/10/31<DD>
788        fix .Oxx bug when no files are found<BR>
789        add excledt support<BR>
790<DT>excledt.tcl 1.5  2001/10/31<DD>
791        Very major rewrite<BR>
792          make excledt run inside expgui<BR>
793          add dummy histogram support<BR>
794          add manual zoom and next histogram keys<BR>
795<DT>excledt.tcl 1.4  2001/10/31<DD>
796        unsuccessful Win95 fixes<BR>
797<DT>exclinit.tcl 1.1  2001/10/31<DD>
798        Initial revision<BR>
799<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.40  2001/10/31<DD>
800        change excledt to run "in-line"<BR>
801<DT>liveplot 1.22  2001/10/31<DD>
802        add next histogram feature<BR>
803<DT>liveplot 1.21  2001/10/31<DD>
804        manual zoom option<BR>
805<DT>readexp.tcl 1.33  2001/10/31<DD>
806        support excledt<BR>
808<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.24  2001/10/19<DD>
809        Change use of $newhist(setnum) for 8.0 compatibility<BR>
810<DT>readexp.tcl 1.32  2001/10/19<DD>
811        remove string replace for 8.0 compatibility<BR>
813<DT><B>expgui 1.49</B>  2001/10/18<DD>
814        update archiving<BR>
815<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.39  2001/10/18<DD>
816        fix web page display problem in windows-NT<BR>
817        move EXP archiving here & now use the .O?? files<BR>
818<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.20  2001/10/18<DD>
819        describe new archiving<BR>
820<DT>liveplot 1.20  2001/10/18<DD>
821        add new peak labeling options<BR>
822<DT>readexp.tcl 1.31  2001/10/18<DD>
823        remove unix support for compressed files<BR>
825<DT><B>expgui 1.48</B>  2001/10/14<DD>
826        bug fix: fix so that new histogram buttons are disabled when<BR>
827        no phases are present<BR>
828<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.23  2001/10/14<DD>
829        blank out dummy histogram ranges until a set is selected<BR>
830<DT>dumpexp.tcl 1.1  2001/10/14<DD>
831        Initial revision<BR>
832<DT>import_gsas.tcl 1.1  2001/10/14<DD>
833        Initial revision<BR>
835<DT><B>expgui 1.47</B>  2001/09/25<DD>
836        Add citations, as suggested by Lachlan<BR>
837        Add Set Histogram flag button<BR>
838<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.22  2001/09/25<DD>
839        add comments<BR>
840        improve error message display & try to show all exptool errors<BR>
841        dummy histogram support<BR>
842<DT>excledt.tcl 1.3  2001/09/25<DD>
843        add web error links<BR>
844        list only allowed histograms on submenu<BR>
845<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.38  2001/09/25<DD>
846        Add error highlight into ShowBigMessage<BR>
847        look more closely at histogram types for liveplot, etc (this still may need<BR>
848        more attention)<BR>
849        Set Histogram Flag dialog and some nice scrollable table code<BR>
850<DT>liveplot 1.19  2001/09/25<DD>
851        list only allowed histograms on submenu<BR>
852<DT>opts.tcl 1.5  2001/09/25<DD>
853        resize all plot axes<BR>
854<DT>readexp.tcl 1.30  2001/09/25<DD>
855        Add "D" to all dummy histogram type, save number of histograms<BR>
856        document histinfo x file<BR>
857        support changing dummy ranges, eventually<BR>
858        support histogram flag<BR>
860<DT><B>expgui 1.46</B>  2001/09/04<DD>
861        Add Data Limits/Exclude button<BR>
862<DT><B>expgui 1.45</B>  2001/09/04<DD>
863        adjustable font support<BR>
864<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.21  2001/09/04<DD>
865        adjust font<BR>
866<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.11  2001/09/04<DD>
867        adjustable fonts<BR>
868<DT>excledt.tcl 1.2  2001/09/04<DD>
869        larger optional font<BR>
870<DT>excledt.tcl 1.1  2001/09/04<DD>
871        Initial revision<BR>
872<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.37  2001/09/04<DD>
873        add excledt<BR>
874<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.36  2001/09/04<DD>
875        adjustable fonts<BR>
876<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.19  2001/09/04<DD>
877        add excledt<BR>
878<DT>liveplot 1.18  2001/09/04<DD>
879        set colors/symbols<BR>
880        adjust fonts<BR>
881        cleanup save opts<BR>
882<DT>liveplot 1.17  2001/09/04<DD>
883        reset bkgedit zoom<BR>
884<DT>odf.tcl 1.5  2001/09/04<DD>
885        adjustable fonts<BR>
886<DT>opts.tcl 1.4  2001/09/04<DD>
887        Do a better job with BLT graphs<BR>
888<DT>opts.tcl 1.3  2001/09/04<DD>
889        adjustable fonts<BR>
890<DT>orient.tcl 1.6  2001/09/04<DD>
891        adjustable fonts<BR>
892<DT>profcons.tcl 1.4  2001/09/04<DD>
893        adjustable fonts<BR>
894<DT>readexp.tcl 1.29  2001/09/04<DD>
895        set dmin<BR>
896        set histogram file name (for use in scripts)<BR>
897<DT>readexp.tcl 1.28  2001/09/04<DD>
898        excluded region support<BR>
899        bank & file names<BR>
901<DT><B>expgui 1.44</B>  2001/06/29<DD>
902        Add Marquardt, convergence, LeBail damping to LS page<BR>
903        bkgedit button to background edit dialog<BR>
904<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.35  2001/06/29<DD>
905        Add bkgedit command<BR>
906<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.18  2001/06/29<DD>
907        add bkgedit program<BR>
908<DT>liveplot 1.16  2001/06/29<DD>
909        Major revision: add bkgedit functionality<BR>
910<DT>readexp.tcl 1.27  2001/06/29<DD>
911        brace expr's for better speed<BR>
912        support refinement options: Marquardt, convergence, LeBail damping<BR>
913        get tmin,tmax (for Cheb. computation)<BR>
915<DT><B>expgui 1.43</B>  2001/05/23<DD>
916        use as default location for web pages<BR>
917        fix intermediate or old GSAS versions with fonts file in /fonts/ or named pgfont.dat<BR>
918        clean up file archiving in UNIX<BR>
919<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.20  2001/05/23<DD>
920        Use TOF-min for default when reading TOF banks<BR>
921        for TOF banks default inst parameter set to match the TOF bank<BR>
922        add definition for gsas environment variable (lc) before running exptool<BR>
923<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.34  2001/05/23<DD>
924        allow help pages to be found on $expgui(website), if not found locally<BR>
926<DT><B>expgui 1.42</B>  2001/05/11<DD>
927        change in location of PGPLOT font file in Windows (now same for all)<BR>
928        support gzip compressed archive files as input in Unix<BR>
929        fix bug on disable "add histogram" button (button is missing if no EXPTOOL)<BR>
930<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.10  2001/05/11<DD>
931        Change max constrained atoms to 500<BR>
932<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.33  2001/05/11<DD>
933        test histograms before sending them to liveplot -- avoid errors on read<BR>
934<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.32  2001/05/11<DD>
935        button to display gzip'ed input files on Unix (on expnam)<BR>
936        change in location of PGPLOT font file in Windows<BR>
937        GSAS env var for UNIX<BR>
938<DT>liveplot 1.15  2001/05/11<DD>
939        Add support for WIF David's Cumulative Chi**2 function<BR>
940        Link to web page<BR>
941        put Cumulative Chi**2 & background on top<BR>
942<DT>readexp.tcl 1.26  2001/05/11<DD>
943        accomodate gzip'ed input files on Unix<BR>
945<DT><B>expgui 1.41</B>  2001/04/17<DD>
946        Use CR/LF format files on all platforms<BR>
947<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.19  2001/04/17<DD>
948        revise tk_dialog to MyMessage box<BR>
949        Use CR/LF format files on all platforms<BR>
950<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.31  2001/04/17<DD>
951        revise tk_dialog to MyMessage box<BR>
952        Use CR/LF format files on all platforms<BR>
953        remove unix file conversion<BR>
954<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.17  2001/04/17<DD>
955        use same spelling for geometry program on all platforms<BR>
956<DT>readexp.tcl 1.25  2001/04/17<DD>
957        revise to use CR/LF for all platforms<BR>
959<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.18  2001/04/16<DD>
960        Add atom sort feature<BR>
961<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.30  2001/04/16<DD>
962        fix overwrite problem<BR>
963        widen message box<BR>
965<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.17  2001/04/03<DD>
966        fix bug: if error occurs in adding a phase, don't go on to the add atoms page<BR>
967        check for valid atom types<BR>
968<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.6  2001/04/03<DD>
969        support cifs w/o _atom_site_u_iso_or_equiv or _atom_site_b_iso_or_equiv<BR>
970        fix bug: always set data item names to lc<BR>
971<DT>readexp.tcl 1.24  2001/04/03<DD>
972        TEMPORARY FIX: for SGI use old T/F format for intensity extraction<BR>
973                       other use new Y/N flag<BR>
975<DT>readexp.tcl 1.23  2001/02/26<DD>
976        Change EPHAS (Fobs extraction) to Y/N except on IRIX<BR>
978<DT>profcons.tcl 1.3  2001/02/22<DD>
979        fix weird bug?<BR>
981<DT><B>expgui 1.40</B>  2000/12/22<DD>
982        add autoiconify option<BR>
983        require winexec for Win-9x only (not -NT)<BR>
984        Check for use of network directories<BR>
985        Defer whenidle loop (.EXP modification checking) if expgui.lck exists<BR>
986        Remove various unneeded window restacking commands<BR>
987        Allow Autoload in Windows<BR>
988        Allow "Show EXPTOOL output" for all platforms<BR>
989<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.16  2000/12/22<DD>
990        fix call to RAWPLOT in data load. Put RAWPLOT run into bkg<BR>
991<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.29  2000/12/22<DD>
992        produce error message in DISAGL if .LST file is not renamed<BR>
993<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.28  2000/12/22<DD>
994        Major reworking of routines to run GSAS routines:<BR>
995          non-EXP using programs run independently by default<BR>
996          Pause is now hard-coded<BR>
997          EXP using programs run in foreground by default (exception is POWPLOT)<BR>
998        Win-95 implementation of forknewterm rewritten to loop over commands<BR>
999          & use lock file (resume when lock file is deleted) & have "lock" window<BR>
1000        Win-NT revised to not use WINEXEC & run in foreground<BR>
1001        UNIX implementation of forknewterm revised to match previous<BR>
1002<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.16  2000/12/22<DD>
1003        make POWPLOT a background program<BR>
1004<DT>liveplot 1.14  2000/12/22<DD>
1005        Implement autoraise<BR>
1006        detect expgui.lck in windows and delay while it runs<BR>
1007<DT>lstview 1.8  2000/12/22<DD>
1008        show sample font sizes<BR>
1009<DT>widplt 1.8  2000/12/22<DD>
1010        fix expload error for DOS format .EXP files<BR>
1012<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.15  2000/11/27<DD>
1013        line up >10 banks in Hist add<BR>
1014        set 2theta max from Bank header<BR>
1015<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.9  2000/11/27<DD>
1016        define type of XYZU+-F<BR>
1017        set phase if only 1 is present<BR>
1019<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.5  2000/11/26<DD>
1020        fix grab for choose block window<BR>
1022<DT><B>expgui 1.39</B>  2000/11/21<DD>
1023        add "open" (same as "expnam")<BR>
1024<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.8  2000/11/21<DD>
1025        change appearance of negative contraint values from red to beige bkg<BR>
1026<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.15  2000/11/21<DD>
1027        fix that geometry is spelled different on Windows<BR>
1028<DT>opts.tcl 1.2  2000/11/21<DD>
1029        fix font use for customization<BR>
1031<DT><B>expgui 1.38</B>  2000/10/18<DD>
1032        move platform-specific runtime code from gsascmds.tcl to here so<BR>
1033        that it gets run after the local config files are read<BR>
1034        Switch tk_dialog to MyMessageBox and add WWW references for soem error mgs<BR>
1035        disable add histogram until after a phase has been added<BR>
1036        add update idletasks to profile, so that something happens right away<BR>
1037<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.27  2000/10/18<DD>
1038        Major change in order of routines!<BR>
1039        Switch tk_dialog to MyMessageBox and add WWW references for some error mgs<BR>
1040        fix bug in GetProfileTerms that prevented use of cached labels<BR>
1041        remove platform-specific runtime code to expgui so that it gets run later<BR>
1043<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.14  2000/10/17<DD>
1044        correct comments w/r focus<BR>
1045<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.26  2000/10/17<DD>
1046        snapshot with revisions for WWW help<BR>
1048<DT><B>expgui 1.37</B>  2000/10/12<DD>
1049        implement optional EXPTOOL output<BR>
1050        Change action for unsaved changes in  whenidle to Save As<BR>
1051        Add help pointers<BR>
1052        Exchange locations of Replace Phase & Add Phase buttons so that "Add Phass"<BR>
1053        is always displayed<BR>
1054        new WWW help commands<BR>
1055<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.13  2000/10/12<DD>
1056        Add www help support<BR>
1057        implement optional EXPTOOL output<BR>
1058<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.7  2000/10/12<DD>
1059        Add www help support<BR>
1060<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.25  2000/10/12<DD>
1061        fix html bugs for Windows<BR>
1062<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.24  2000/10/12<DD>
1063        Add www help support<BR>
1064        improve formatting of help box<BR>
1065        at catch statements to focus and grab calls<BR>
1066        save grab in pleasewait and restore in donewait<BR>
1067        Add link arg in  ShowBigMessage & -helplink to  MyMessageBox<BR>
1068<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.4  2000/10/12<DD>
1069        Add www help support<BR>
1070<DT>profcons.tcl 1.2  2000/10/12<DD>
1071        Add www help support<BR>
1073<DT><B>expgui 1.36</B>  2000/10/04<DD>
1074        variable expgui(bkgcolor1) provides the background color for editing<BR>
1075        coordinates on the phase panel<BR>
1076        <BR>
1077        A no-shell mode is now defined using env(EXPGUI_NOSHELL) or /noshell<BR>
1079<DT><B>expgui 1.35</B>  2000/10/03<DD>
1080        Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid<BR>
1081        numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from<BR>
1082        the .EXP are turned back to black<BR>
1083<DT>odf.tcl 1.4  2000/10/03<DD>
1084        Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid<BR>
1085        numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from<BR>
1086        the .EXP are turned back to black<BR>
1087<DT>orient.tcl 1.5  2000/10/03<DD>
1088        Add definitions and implementation for entrybox array so that invalid<BR>
1089        numbers are set to red. Valid ones, or when numbers are reread from<BR>
1090        the .EXP are turned back to black<BR>
1092<DT><B>expgui 1.34</B>  2000/10/02<DD>
1093        remove unneeded raise command in ReloadExpMsg -- seems to cause a major delay<BR>
1094<DT>odf.tcl 1.3  2000/10/02<DD>
1095        make phase buttons/title like on phase page<BR>
1096<DT>readexp.tcl 1.22  2000/10/02<DD>
1097        *** empty log message ***<BR>
1099<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.3  2000/09/26<DD>
1100        change processing of ' & " for element symbol & element type<BR>
1101        report error when a data name is used more than once in a block<BR>
1102<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.2  2000/09/26<DD>
1103        Various fixes: change data names to all lower case<BR>
1104        better error detection<BR>
1105        use " or ' quoted strings<BR>
1106        fix semicolon recognition -- now characters after ending ; are parsed<BR>
1107        improve comments<BR>
1108        Add Read_BrowseCIF proc for debug and possibly other use<BR>
1110<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.12  2000/09/25<DD>
1111        Display a message returned by the import_*.tcl on the add/replace phase box<BR>
1112        Note: not displayed if coordinates (only) are imported<BR>
1113<DT>odf.tcl 1.2  2000/09/25<DD>
1114        Add texture index<BR>
1116<DT>import_cif.tcl 1.1  2000/09/24<DD>
1117        Initial revision<BR>
1119<DT><B>expgui 1.33</B>  2000/08/17<DD>
1120        implement Replace Phase<BR>
1121        error trace on error in a *info command<BR>
1122<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.11  2000/08/17<DD>
1123        reformat dialogs for Import buttons<BR>
1124        implement coordinate/phase import capability<BR>
1125<DT>import_cell.tcl 1.2  2000/08/17<DD>
1126        perform origin shifts for Origin 1 settings<BR>
1127<DT>readexp.tcl 1.21  2000/08/17<DD>
1128        Fix bug setting gamma<BR>
1129<DT>spacegrp.ref 1.1  2000/08/17<DD>
1130        Initial revision<BR>
1132<DT><B>expgui 1.32</B>  2000/08/14<DD>
1133        eliminate phase flag box if only 1 phase is present<BR>
1134<DT>import_cell.tcl 1.1  2000/08/14<DD>
1135        Initial revision<BR>
1137<DT>readexp.tcl 1.20  2000/08/08<DD>
1138        Correct creation of off-diagonal Uij terms for non-orthogonal cells<BR>
1140<DT><B>expgui 1.31</B>  2000/08/04<DD>
1141        Change phase buttons, add "Add Phase" after last phase<BR>
1142        change old "Add Phase" to "Replace Phase" (not yet implemented)<BR>
1143        Add xform atoms button w/dialog<BR>
1144        implement sort on occupancy<BR>
1145        change error message when a non-existing atom is selected (happens with empty phase)<BR>
1146        implement phase flags -- when more than one phase is present<BR>
1147        move SetPhaseFlag to readexp.tcl<BR>
1148        /<BR>
1149<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.10  2000/08/04<DD>
1150        new procs: MakeXformAtomsBox, XformAtomsCoord, XformAtomsOcc, XformAtomsU<BR>
1151                   EraseAtoms<BR>
1152        above used for global atom changes on phase pane<BR>
1153<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.14  2000/08/04<DD>
1154        add commands to single xtal menu, as requested by Lachlan<BR>
1155<DT>readexp.tcl 1.19  2000/08/04<DD>
1156        document that  temptype can be changed in atominfo<BR>
1157<DT>readexp.tcl 1.18  2000/08/04<DD>
1158        redo error msgs<BR>
1159        phaseinfo: change atoms and spacegroup<BR>
1160        atominfo: change iso/aniso flag<BR>
1161        new routine: SetPhaseFlag (control which phases are used in a histogram)<BR>
1162        new routine: EraseAtom<BR>
1164<DT><B>expgui 1.30</B>  2000/07/28<DD>
1165        add phase flag box to histogram page when more than one phase is present<BR>
1166        define GetPhaseFlags & SetPhaseFlag to implement above<BR>
1167        fix title on edit background<BR>
1168        label background type (as suggested by Barb & Lachlan)<BR>
1169        start paring out "shell" capabilities for Mac<BR>
1170<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.23  2000/07/28<DD>
1171        remove unneeded ref to Win98 for tcl_platform(os) (98 is reported as 95)<BR>
1173<DT><B>expgui 1.29</B>  2000/07/20<DD>
1174        use file join on notebook.tcl<BR>
1175        move source atomcons.tcl to be done when pane is initialized<BR>
1176        create UpdateCurrentPage to update all displayed panes<BR>
1177        put UpdateCurrentPage into sethistlist; atoms are now updated after a reload<BR>
1178        use array element for notebook panes [expgui(notebookpagelist)]<BR>
1179<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.9  2000/07/20<DD>
1180        select new phase after a phase is added<BR>
1181<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.22  2000/07/20<DD>
1182        correct use R settings in  Profile4Terms & GetLaue<BR>
1183<DT>odf.tcl 1.1  2000/07/20<DD>
1184        Initial revision<BR>
1185<DT>orient.tcl 1.4  2000/07/20<DD>
1186        move MDprefinfo into readexp.tcl<BR>
1187<DT>readexp.tcl 1.17  2000/07/20<DD>
1188        Add odf (spherical harmonic) support<BR>
1189        move March-Dollase support here from orient<BR>
1191<DT><B>expgui 1.28</B>  2000/07/06<DD>
1192        Change profile term labeling to use GetProfileTerms<BR>
1193        use file copy for archive (unix)<BR>
1194        put site multiplity on atoms page<BR>
1195        implement MakeHistBox for histogram selection boxes<BR>
1196        Add a heading for global mode to the histogram selection box<BR>
1197        Implement changing profile type<BR>
1198        add binding to select all atoms<BR>
1199        click on atom box title rotates through atom sorting modes<BR>
1200        new atom sort mode: mult<BR>
1201<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.8  2000/07/06<DD>
1202        use short DOS names for adding histograms in Windows<BR>
1203        Tell RAWPLOT users todo same (in RunRawplot)<BR>
1204<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.6  2000/07/06<DD>
1205        add profile constraint subpage<BR>
1206        rename DeleteEditAtomConstraint to CancelEditConstraint<BR>
1207<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.21  2000/07/06<DD>
1208        Add GetProfileTerms, GetLaue, ChangeProfileType etc.<BR>
1209<DT>orient.tcl 1.3  2000/07/06<DD>
1210        use MakeHistBox for histogram selection box<BR>
1211<DT>profcons.tcl 1.1  2000/07/06<DD>
1212        Initial revision<BR>
1213<DT>readexp.tcl 1.16  2000/07/06<DD>
1214        delete the old expmap (except for expmap(Revision)) before doing mapexp<BR>
1215        set proftype, profterms &  pterm$n in hapinfo<BR>
1216        profile constraints now in constrinfo<BR>
1217        add profdefinfo to get default profile values<BR>
1219<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.20  2000/07/03<DD>
1220        fix aniso atoms in exp2xtl<BR>
1222<DT><B>expgui 1.27</B>  2000/06/09<DD>
1223        Change Reload msg as per suggestions<BR>
1224        add MD pref orientation pane<BR>
1225        fix bug in non-BWidget implementation<BR>
1226        make CompressList survive use of strings<BR>
1227        use -exportselection 0 for listboxes to avoid cut/paste conflicts<BR>
1228<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.7  2000/06/09<DD>
1229        remove puts debugging commands<BR>
1230<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.5  2000/06/09<DD>
1231        avoid error when sorting atoms with ALL as atom #<BR>
1232<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.19  2000/06/09<DD>
1233        Add warning when PGPLOT font file is not found<BR>
1234<DT>orient.tcl 1.2  2000/06/09<DD>
1235        Minor cleanups<BR>
1236        loop on $expmap(phaselist_$hist) so only used phases are shown<BR>
1237<DT>readexp.tcl 1.15  2000/06/09<DD>
1238        Fix dropped character in titles<BR>
1239        Find # of MD Pref Orient terms in hapinfo<BR>
1241<DT>orient.tcl 1.1  2000/06/06<DD>
1242        Initial revision<BR>
1244<DT><B>expgui 1.26</B>  2000/06/01<DD>
1245        define default txtview(font)<BR>
1246<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.6  2000/06/01<DD>
1247        add more than one atom at a time<BR>
1248<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.4  2000/06/01<DD>
1249        fix XYZU bug<BR>
1250<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.18  2000/06/01<DD>
1251        add concurrent arg to runGSASwEXP (for RUNPLOT in histogram addition)<BR>
1252        (NB this is incorrect, change should be to runGSASprog)<BR>
1253        add coments, fix creation with lowercase .EXP filenames<BR>
1254        fix expansion of disagl box<BR>
1256<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.5  2000/05/26<DD>
1257        RUNPLOT & TOF on Add Histogram dialog<BR>
1258<DT>liveplot 1.13  2000/05/26<DD>
1259        revise liveplot bindings so that "H" and "h" label reflections<BR>
1261<DT><B>expgui 1.25</B>  2000/05/18<DD>
1262        Add constraints support<BR>
1263        move to 1st page before loading a new .EXP file in readnewexp<BR>
1264        hange from grid/pack slaves to winfo children<BR>
1265<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.3  2000/05/18<DD>
1266        add revision string<BR>
1267<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.2  2000/05/18<DD>
1268        fix bugs (already!)<BR>
1269        test for more that 100 parmaters in a constraint<BR>
1270<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.13  2000/05/18<DD>
1271        shortcut for powpref<BR>
1273<DT><B>expgui 1.24</B>  2000/05/17<DD>
1274        new option: allow a separate window for DISAGL<BR>
1275        remove most underlines from menu options<BR>
1276        provide keyboard accelerators for selected menu options<BR>
1277        N.B. note new mechanism in gsasmenu.tcl for keyboard accelerators<BR>
1278        use yellow highlight for active button on button bar<BR>
1279<DT><B>expgui 1.23</B>  2000/05/17<DD>
1280        cleanup reading lowercase .exp files<BR>
1281        remove Tix!!! replace with BWidget<BR>
1282        use options (opt.tcl) to get Tix-like appearance<BR>
1283        treat "fixed" .EXP files as changed (to force a write before use)<BR>
1284        Add support for 2 "leBail" options in the '00 version of GSAS<BR>
1285        Change display of update message when .EXP is changed (with attention<BR>
1286        to Windows screen placement)<BR>
1287        Ignore macromolecular phases; recognize & flag magnetic phases<BR>
1288        Use BWidget frame labels where possible<BR>
1289        Move pane drawing from global code to MakePhasePane, MakeHistPane, MakeScalingPane {} {<BR>
1290        Move pane drawing from global code to MakePhasePane, MakeHistPane, MakeScalingPane, MakeProfilePane<BR>
1291<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.4  2000/05/17<DD>
1292        cleanup adding histograms to be prettier and to avoid paths for files<BR>
1293        in the same directory as the .EXP (better portability)<BR>
1294<DT>atomcons.tcl 1.1  2000/05/17<DD>
1295        Initial revision<BR>
1296<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.17  2000/05/17<DD>
1297        add force to rename<BR>
1298        add rundisagl for disagl results in separate window<BR>
1299        add pleasewait & donewait<BR>
1300<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.12  2000/05/17<DD>
1301        add menubutton option line item to command defs (see genles)<BR>
1302        change disagl to use separate script for results in window option<BR>
1303<DT>liveplot 1.12  2000/05/17<DD>
1304        change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait<BR>
1305<DT>lstview 1.7  2000/05/17<DD>
1306        change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait<BR>
1307<DT>widplt 1.7  2000/05/17<DD>
1308        change donewait to donewaitmsg to avoid conflict with pleasewait/donewait<BR>
1310<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.16  2000/05/16<DD>
1311        ignore macromolecular phases<BR>
1312        correct bug in spacegroup for export to .xtl<BR>
1313        handle lowercase .EXP files in UNIX<BR>
1314        use dictionary sort for filenames (so case is not sorted on)<BR>
1315        Add a messagebox that is centered on parent (MyMessageBox)<BR>
1316<DT>readexp.tcl 1.14  2000/05/16<DD>
1317        add constrinfo for atom constraint processing<BR>
1318<DT>readexp.tcl 1.13  2000/05/16<DD>
1319        set expload return value to indicate when .EXP files are "fixed"<BR>
1320        add  expmap(phasetype) to indicate phase types<BR>
1321        ignore * histgrams (I forget why)<BR>
1322        fix error that caused 1st character in phase & overall titles to be lost<BR>
1324<DT>opts.tcl 1.1  2000/04/24<DD>
1325        Initial revision<BR>
1327<DT>liveplot 1.11  2000/04/10<DD>
1328        revise BLT error for bad pkgIndex.tcl file<BR>
1329<DT>widplt 1.6  2000/04/10<DD>
1330        revise BLT error for bad pkgIndex.tcl file<BR>
1332<DT>readexp.tcl 1.12  2000/02/02<DD>
1333        create HST xx EPHAS records if missing<BR>
1335<DT><B>expgui 1.22</B>  1999/11/19<DD>
1336        fixup Archive code for Windows (as per Pamela Whitfield)<BR>
1337        make autoload option UNIX only (until we can run GSAS pgms synchronously)<BR>
1339<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.15  1999/11/17<DD>
1340        Add routine to delete history records<BR>
1341        fix composition bug for multiphase refinements<BR>
1342<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.11  1999/11/17<DD>
1343        Add EraseHistory command<BR>
1344<DT>notebook.tcl 1.2  1999/11/17<DD>
1345        define a -title configuration option<BR>
1346<DT>readexp.tcl 1.11  1999/11/17<DD>
1347        Add routines to delete history records<BR>
1349<DT><B>expgui 1.21</B>  1999/11/16<DD>
1350        Switch over to use of pure Tk notebook widget when Tix is not present<BR>
1351        define expgui(initstring) for user-defined initializations<BR>
1352<DT><B>expgui 1.20</B>  1999/11/16<DD>
1353        add timing option for debug<BR>
1354        try deleting trace for speed up (no improvement in speed under wish 8.1)<BR>
1356<DT>notebook.tcl 1.1  1999/11/15<DD>
1357        Initial revision<BR>
1359<DT><B>expgui 1.19</B>  1999/10/11<DD>
1360        cleanup multiple histogram selection -> single histogram transition<BR>
1361        <BR>
1362        rewrite global profile display code to group or not group phases together<BR>
1363<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.3  1999/10/11<DD>
1364        *** empty log message ***<BR>
1365<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.10  1999/10/11<DD>
1366        document new global modes ("Group Phases Together")<BR>
1367<DT>widplt 1.5  1999/10/11<DD>
1368        Define expgui(debug)<BR>
1370<DT><B>expgui 1.18</B>  1999/09/09<DD>
1371        correct background window bug (spelling of putontop)<BR>
1372<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.14  1999/09/09<DD>
1373        hide grab fail error messages<BR>
1374        ,<BR>
1375<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.9  1999/09/09<DD>
1376        fix vrstplot call so that EXP name is passed<BR>
1378<DT><B>expgui 1.17</B>  1999/07/22<DD>
1379        clear atom box etc when loading an "empty" .EXP file<BR>
1380        avoid DisplayProfile error when loading an "empty" .EXP file<BR>
1381<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.2  1999/07/22<DD>
1382        revise for exptool that adds multiple atoms<BR>
1383<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.13  1999/07/22<DD>
1384        Fix resize of ShowBigMessage<BR>
1386<DT><B>expgui 1.16</B>  1999/07/21<DD>
1387        add autoload mode<BR>
1388        add support for adding phases, histograms and atoms<BR>
1389        reset expmap when loading a new .EXP file<BR>
1390        use putontop and afterputontop<BR>
1391        change alpha, beta & gamma to greek letters<BR>
1392<DT><B>expgui 1.15</B>  1999/07/21<DD>
1393        fix windows archive error<BR>
1394<DT>addcmds.tcl 1.1  1999/07/21<DD>
1395        Initial revision<BR>
1396<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.12  1999/07/21<DD>
1397        adopt putontop and afterputontop<BR>
1398        new autoexpload option<BR>
1399        change file lists to -dictionary<BR>
1400        add ShowBigMessage<BR>
1401<DT>lstview 1.6  1999/07/21<DD>
1402        fix error reading R(F2)<BR>
1403<DT>readexp.tcl 1.10  1999/07/21<DD>
1404        fix bug in create blank exp file (createexp) and make sure that lines<BR>
1405        will always be padded long enough<BR>
1407<DT>liveplot 1.10  1999/04/20<DD>
1408        rearrange order of commands so that graph & menus are made when icdd & cmpr are added<BR>
1410<DT><B>expgui 1.14</B>  1999/04/08<DD>
1411        Add Id to top of file<BR>
1412<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.11  1999/04/08<DD>
1413        define histogram slider to reach all maximum histogram for liveplot options<BR>
1414        Add Id<BR>
1415<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.8  1999/04/08<DD>
1416        Add Id to header<BR>
1417<DT>liveplot 1.9  1999/04/08<DD>
1418        add tick autoscaling<BR>
1419        deal with two word colors (Peach Puff)<BR>
1420<DT>readexp.tcl 1.9  1999/04/08<DD>
1421        Add Id to header<BR>
1422<DT>widplt 1.4  1999/04/08<DD>
1423        Add Id to header<BR>
1425<DT>liveplot 1.8  1999/04/06<DD>
1426        add background subtraction<BR>
1427        adjust pixelregion for hkl labeling<BR>
1428        move tickmarks before histogram in File menu<BR>
1429<DT>liveplot 1.7  1999/04/06<DD>
1430        Add peak label dialog; delete label option<BR>
1431        add obs symbol dialog<BR>
1432        remove update plot on tick mark config<BR>
1433        hkl listbox<BR>
1434        add color example to peak configure<BR>
1435        save more options<BR>
1436<DT>lstview 1.5  1999/04/06<DD>
1437        add Id<BR>
1439<DT>liveplot 1.6  1999/04/05<DD>
1440        fix BLT element -show/-hide option<BR>
1441        add timing debug option<BR>
1443<DT><B>expgui 1.13</B>  1999/03/30<DD>
1444        Set expnam on command line to upper case<BR>
1445        move expgui to center of screen window, if we will put the file open<BR>
1446        on top. This is because the open window can end up partly off screen otherwise.<BR>
1448<DT><B>expgui 1.12</B>  1999/03/19<DD>
1449        bug fixes for reading new .EXP files<BR>
1450<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.10  1999/03/19<DD>
1451        rename file directory routines<BR>
1452        make file menus smarter w/r to windows usage<BR>
1453        fix bug with spaces in filenames<BR>
1454<DT>liveplot 1.5  1999/03/19<DD>
1455        major reworking -- implement tcldump, and new display options, hkl labels<BR>
1457<DT><B>expgui 1.11</B>  1999/02/22<DD>
1458        save the selected atom list and move the scroll restore so it is done correctly<BR>
1460<DT><B>expgui 1.10</B>  1999/02/19<DD>
1461        Cleanup warnings<BR>
1462<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.9  1999/02/19<DD>
1463        cleanup warnings<BR>
1464<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.8  1999/02/19<DD>
1465        *** empty log message ***<BR>
1466<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.7  1999/02/19<DD>
1467        Clean up file input dialogs for convert and .exp files<BR>
1468        Add composition computation (composition & writelst)<BR>
1469        Add XTL coordinate export routine (exp2xtl, SetExportPhase & writextl)<BR>
1470<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.7  1999/02/19<DD>
1471        Add composition and exp2xtl commands, remove slst and sexp [not implemented anyway]<BR>
1473<DT>readexp.tcl 1.8  1999/02/18<DD>
1474        Fix U aniso order<BR>
1475<DT>readexp.tcl 1.7  1999/02/18<DD>
1476        add space group to phase info<BR>
1477<DT>readexp.tcl 1.6  1999/02/18<DD>
1478        Add support for atom multiplicity<BR>
1480<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.6  1999/02/16<DD>
1481        change comment<BR>
1482<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.6  1999/02/16<DD>
1483        bug fixed<BR>
1484<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.5  1999/02/16<DD>
1485        add vrstplot<BR>
1486<DT>liveplot 1.4  1999/02/16<DD>
1487        1. better error messages<BR>
1488        2. allow pointflag in cols 6/7<BR>
1489        3. ignore file delete errors<BR>
1491<DT><B>expgui 1.9</B>  1999/02/02<DD>
1492        fix typo in 1.8<BR>
1493        update phase page on reload<BR>
1494        make sure that all set commands trigger the expgui(changed) flag<BR>
1495<DT>readexp.tcl 1.5  1999/02/02<DD>
1496        add label-set<BR>
1498<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.5  1999/01/25<DD>
1499        fix bug in ChooseExpFil to allow lower case .exp<BR>
1501<DT>liveplot 1.3  1999/01/21<DD>
1502        move & consolidate sourcing<BR>
1503<DT>liveplot 1.2  1999/01/21<DD>
1504        drop arg #2 (get gsasexe from location/.gsas_config)<BR>
1505        use localconfig & .gsas_config<BR>
1506        add SaveOptions<BR>
1507        change histdump.inp to histdump$hst.inp in case 2 liveplots are running at once<BR>
1508        track mod. time on .EXP file to avoid extra reads<BR>
1509        use file read to pull cycle number from .EXP file<BR>
1510        comment out background for now<BR>
1511<DT>lstview 1.4  1999/01/21<DD>
1512        add SaveOptions<BR>
1513        use localconfig & .gsas_config<BR>
1514        move AutoAdvance to new Options menu<BR>
1515<DT>widplt 1.3  1999/01/21<DD>
1516        now 1 arg (get gsasexe from location/.gsas_config)<BR>
1517        use readexp.tcl<BR>
1518        remove /tmp/ in makepostscriptout<BR>
1519        move some global vars to array elements<BR>
1520        use catch on compute loop for undefined widths<BR>
1521        SaveOptions<BR>
1522        use localconfig & .gsas_config<BR>
1524<DT><B>expgui 1.8</B>  1999/01/20<DD>
1525        use custom file open box<BR>
1526        allow for a new .EXP file to be opened from a dialog<BR>
1527        add filesort option<BR>
1528        add phase select to readnewexp<BR>
1529        fix bug in SetupExtractHist for empty .EXP files<BR>
1530<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.4  1999/01/20<DD>
1531        change labels on .EXP select menu<BR>
1532<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.3  1999/01/20<DD>
1533        use custom file open box; fix GSAS env definition on -95 and -NT<BR>
1534<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.4  1999/01/20<DD>
1535        remove unused stuff<BR>
1536        add SaveOptions<BR>
1537        remove New_expnam<BR>
1539<DT><B>expgui 1.7</B>  1999/01/13<DD>
1540        redo loadexp so that page does not change on reload<BR>
1541        Add SaveOptions<BR>
1542<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.3  1999/01/13<DD>
1543        minor changes<BR>
1544        document "Override backspace" & exit<BR>
1546<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.2  1999/01/09<DD>
1547        minor wording<BR>
1549<DT><B>expgui 1.6</B>  1999/01/07<DD>
1550        misc fixes:<BR>
1551                set working directory when expgui(expfile) is changed because GSAS must be<BR>
1552                run in the directory of the EP file<BR>
1553        <BR>
1554                fixup relative paths if used for the script name<BR>
1555        <BR>
1556                fix bug in expgui(gsasexe) file join<BR>
1557        <BR>
1558                in DisplayProfile & make sure that entrycmd(trace) is as 0 when return is done<BR>
1559        <BR>
1560                add Override backspace to options<BR>
1561<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.2  1999/01/07<DD>
1562        remove compressprog -- not used<BR>
1563        <BR>
1564        move definition of environment variables so they are defined at runtime<BR>
1565        <BR>
1566        move xterm errors to catch statement<BR>
1568<DT><B>expgui 1.5</B>  1999/01/06<DD>
1569        Many changes so that expgui incorporates tkgsas (gsas shell) capabilities<BR>
1570        <BR>
1571        Allow expgui to create nearly empty .EXP files<BR>
1572                Fix the various menus so that these blank files are treated properly<BR>
1573<DT>gsascmds.tcl 1.1  1999/01/06<DD>
1574        Initial revision<BR>
1575<DT>gsasmenu.tcl 1.1  1999/01/06<DD>
1576        Initial revision<BR>
1577<DT>readexp.tcl 1.4  1999/01/06<DD>
1578        add createexp to create an EXP file<BR>
1579        fix bug in exphistory when no HSTRY records are present<BR>
1580        add title to expinfo<BR>
1581        add set option for name (phase name) in phaseinfo<BR>
1582        fix padding in expwrite<BR>
1584<DT><B>expgui 1.4</B>  1999/01/01<DD>
1585        add tcl_version < 8.0 error<BR>
1586        add history display & tracking<BR>
1587        update title when modified<BR>
1588        move lsPage to 1st page<BR>
1589        change option menu name & merge in Global mode menu<BR>
1590        add loop to flag external changes to current exp file (afterawhile & whenidle)<BR>
1591        move Archive Exp to options<BR>
1592<DT>readexp.tcl 1.3  1999/01/01<DD>
1593        add existsexp, delexp, exphistory<BR>
1594        change cdatget to use existsexp to avoid the debug warning<BR>
1596<DT><B>expgui 1.3</B>  1998/12/31<DD>
1597        move scale to "scaling" (prev phase frac) page<BR>
1598        add scroll bar to phase fractions<BR>
1599        rename archiveexp to savearchiveexp<BR>
1600        move "set expgui(changed) 0" to savearchiveexp<BR>
1602<DT><B>expgui 1.2</B>  1998/12/28<DD>
1603        minor fixes<BR>
1604        comment out $expgui(lsFrame).f1.a.cbXXX entries until Bob gets the new version out<BR>
1605<DT>readexp.tcl 1.2  1998/12/28<DD>
1606        fix bug -- set print option as 0 for missing entry.<BR>
1608<DT><B>expgui 1.1</B>  1998/12/26<DD>
1609        Initial revision<BR>
1610<DT>readexp.tcl 1.1  1998/12/26<DD>
1611        Initial revision<BR>
1613<DT>liveplot 1.1  1998/11/23<DD>
1614        Initial revision<BR>
1615<DT>lstview 1.3  1998/11/23<DD>
1616        Fix Revision bug<BR>
1617        Change name to LSTVIEW<BR>
1618<DT>lstview 1.2  1998/11/23<DD>
1619        Bug for cycles > 999 fixed<BR>
1620        Added "Auto advance" feature<BR>
1621<DT>lstview 1.1  1998/11/23<DD>
1622        Initial revision<BR>
1623<DT>widplt 1.2  1998/11/23<DD>
1624        Fix revision<BR>
1625<DT>widplt 1.1  1998/11/23<DD>
1626        Initial revision<BR>
1630    <p><hr>
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1633    </TH><TH><A Href="wishlist.html">Past and Planned<BR>Updates</A> 
1634    </TH></TR></TABLE>
1635    <P><font size=-1><A HREF=" page <?=$PHP_SELF?>">Comments, corrections or questions:</A></font><BR>
1636    <font size=-1><? lastmod(); ?> </font>
1637    <br>
1638    </blockquote>
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