How to create a Windows shortcut for CMPR

  1. Right-click on the cmpr.tcl file and select "Create Shortcut".

  1. Drag the new shortcut to the desktop (or your preferred location). Then right-click and select properties. This opens the properties dialog:


There are several changes to make in this box:


  • In the "Target:" box use the following text:

C:\CMPR\exe\ncnrpack-win.exe C:\CMPR\cmpr.tcl $*

(If you used a location other than C:\CMPR, you will need to change to that, for example Z:\CMPR; if the name contains spaces, put both names in quotes (e.g. {{{

"c:\Programs and Settings\toby\cmpr\exe\ncnrpack-win.exe" "c:\Programs and Settings\toby\cmpr\cmpr.tcl" $* }}}

  • Change the "Start in:" box to wherever you would like to have CMPR start -- where you keep your data files.(Optional)
  • Use the "Change Icon" button to change the icon to the CMPR.ICO file in the C:\CMPR directory (optional).

You may also want to rename this shortcut.

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