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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#9 wrong extinctions for alumina CMPR defect toby new Jul 3, 2010
#14 logic LOGIC defect toby new Sep 28, 2010
#28 Logic installation CMPR defect toby new Oct 29, 2010
#29 "select all" button CMPR enhancement toby new Nov 8, 2010
#6 move exe files in logic & encode CMPR defect toby new Jan 12, 2010
#8 set GSAS location CMPR defect toby new Mar 9, 2010
#31 Stray Files and WD change for Double Click open files CMPR defect toby new Apr 20, 2011
#30 delete button CMPR enhancement toby new Nov 8, 2010
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