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(edit) @513   10 years toby address double-click problem
(edit) @512   11 years suchomel added new write_tcl scipt for CHI xy format, can be opened by FIT2D, …
(edit) @511   11 years toby Major rework of fit routine
(edit) @510   11 years vincewest no longer adds distributed gnuplot to the path, and simply uses a …
(edit) @509   11 years toby better output msg
(edit) @506   11 years toby add exe/gnuplot to path on Mac; get rid of broken gnuplot
(edit) @505   11 years toby fix Kaduk's error in file with parens in name
(edit) @504   11 years vincewest Further polishing of export code, titles in Origin now transfer …
(edit) @503   11 years vincewest polishing up a few linux items, including refreshing the auto cache so …
(edit) @502   11 years vincewest More polishing of the export code, trying to intelligently clean up …
(edit) @501   11 years vincewest fixed a small bug for unix display of the new changes to the plot window
(edit) @500   11 years vincewest Code for handling Origin and other file output has been polished up a …
(edit) @499   11 years vincewest Updated the Origin output to more generally handle worksheet window …
(edit) @498   11 years vincewest Linux CMPR now looks for gnuplot, and if it finds it, uses it for the …
(edit) @496   11 years toby make save backwards compatible
(edit) @495   11 years vincewest Added an option on Windows to export plot to Origin. This replaces …
(edit) @493   11 years vincewest updated so that Mac OS can export gnuplot pdf files, added legend in …
(edit) @492   11 years vincewest Bug fix for Export to CSV routine
(edit) @491   11 years vincewest quick fix to make the default "make postscript out" look nicer, as it …
(edit) @489   11 years vincewest Fixed a bug where system looked for gs in the system path instead of …
(edit) @487   11 years vincewest 1) the Export Plot to CSV button has been changed to use a new routine …
(edit) @486   12 years suchomel added new write scripts to dev version
(edit) @485   12 years toby copy [484] to trunk
(edit) @481   12 years toby add tkcon to dist for use w/o ncnrpack
(edit) @480   12 years toby still more attempts to fix logic location for development cmpr
(edit) @479   12 years toby fix logic location for development cmpr
(edit) @478   12 years toby fix logic location for development cmpr
(edit) @475   12 years toby more logic fixes & back out a bad edit
(edit) @473   12 years toby fix logic support files
(edit) @472   12 years toby fix up makefiles
(edit) @467   12 years toby rename 11-bm read; reorg the logic src
(edit) @465   12 years suchomel added beta write tcl for Philips ascii UDF format
(edit) @464   12 years vincewest Oops, I forgot this in the last revision. I accidentally deleted a wm …
(edit) @463   12 years vincewest Fairly significant update regarding the plot window and output …
(edit) @461   12 years toby bypass error on deleting gpls.out
(edit) @460   12 years vincewest Added the ability to read 40 bytes of the Bruker Raw format header in …
(edit) @459   12 years vincewest A read routine 'read_binaryRaw.tcl' was added to read basic binary …
(edit) @458   12 years toby remove error in ITO parsing
(edit) @457   12 years toby from Vince: add a scrollbar to the list of files
(edit) @456   12 years suchomel modified header formating on read_GSASdata script
(edit) @455   12 years suchomel add write script for RIETICA dat format to cmpr dev version
(edit) @454   12 years suchomel add write script for JADE mdi format to cmprdev version
(edit) @453   12 years toby fix ReverseList? bug on 'plot in listed order' w/o files
(edit) @452   12 years toby add plot options to plot panel, as requested by Matt
(edit) @450   12 years toby fix the fix
(edit) @449   12 years vincewest
(edit) @448   12 years suchomel fix loading of command array
(edit) @445   12 years toby problem in cmpr w/o startup files
(edit) @444   12 years toby more version switching fixes
(edit) @443   12 years toby more svn fixes
(edit) @442   12 years toby cleanups on exec
(edit) @441   12 years toby more work on versions: disable menu for version selected
(edit) @439   12 years toby again fix getsvnversion
(edit) @438   12 years toby fix getsvnversion, init file display in about box
(edit) @437   12 years toby rework update, about box
(edit) @436   12 years toby launch runindex w/o commandline params
(edit) @435   12 years toby run runindex in work dir (don't pass); change zero header to …
(edit) @434   12 years toby several index changes to better interface w/EditCell; fix bug in peak …
(edit) @433   12 years toby improve starting peak intensity estimate
(edit) @428   12 years toby alpha 1,2 fitting in FIT when two wavelengths are specified; add a 2nd …
(edit) @427   12 years toby fix bug showing cell w/o a selected peak file
(edit) @426   12 years toby index fix
(edit) @424   12 years toby fix bugs on windows testing
(edit) @421   12 years toby major changes: Revise to keep stable & devel versions loaded at same …
(edit) @410   12 years vincewest
(edit) @406   12 years toby updates for testing
(edit) @405   12 years vincewest Changes: 1.) editfile.tcl - 293-5, New name given for a buffer is …
(edit) @403   12 years toby add option for Matt to prune read format list
(edit) @402   12 years toby update to 11-BM live read
(edit) @401   12 years toby Fix reading of 11-BM step scans
(edit) @400   13 years toby change web pages to html
(edit) @399   13 years toby Add Vince's scaling stagger request, sort of along his idea
(edit) @396   13 years toby deal with unverified server, at least on mac
(edit) @393   13 years toby change reset command; fix About w/o svn; update browser open on Mac
(edit) @392   13 years toby Bug in prefwritelist thanx to Vince West
(edit) @391   13 years toby add diagnostic to update
(edit) @390   13 years toby cleanup the read/write order preference code
(edit) @389   13 years toby more doc updates; add Vince's Set Color Sequence; add read/write …
(edit) @385   13 years toby update docs
(edit) @382   13 years toby fix yet bugs
(edit) @381   13 years toby fix bugs
(edit) @378   13 years toby update docs to match
(edit) @374   13 years toby fix windows problem where ncnrpack.exe is locked
(edit) @371   13 years toby some work on switch branch
(edit) @370   13 years toby menu cleanup
(edit) @369   13 years toby fix typo
(edit) @368   13 years toby some work on switch branch & self-update
(edit) @367   13 years toby some work on switch branch
(edit) @366   13 years toby fix typos
(edit) @365   13 years toby fix update bug
(edit) @364   13 years toby More updates to change branch
(edit) @361   13 years toby test version that updates w/o separate app
(edit) @358   13 years toby fix script pass for windows & misc
(edit) @354   13 years toby Update docs and a few message dialogs
(edit) @353   13 years toby Update docs on Update
(edit) @352   13 years toby Fix update routine
(edit) @351   13 years toby Show svn version in about box
(edit) @350   13 years toby migrate exes to separate dirs, but not yet done for logic; add Combine …
(edit) @342   13 years toby Add plot stagger from Vince West
(edit) @340   13 years toby fix bug
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