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HDF5gateway: HDF5 File I/O Support

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Administrative Matters


Author:Pete R. Jemian


Just the most recent IgorPro procedure file (text) from the development trunk:

subversion checkout

svn co hdf5gateway


version date comments
0.1 2012-11-24 development version for user testing
1.0 2012-11-26 initial production version

Known Problems

  • HDF5 links are not handled properly.

    Additional code will be necessary to identify linked items and structures will be needed to establish/preserve this information within IgorPro. Notably, linked datasets will be replicated while linked groups will be empty on reading into IgorPro. How external file links are handled is not known at this time but likely, datasets will be replicated, groups will not, and the association with the external file willl not be preserved. The HDF5 XOP has capabilities to write all these structures so it is likely to provide a scheme to write links, once a scheme is devised to describe this within IgorPro.

Building the documentation

The documentation for HDF5gateway is built from .rst files and from content in the hdf5gateway.ipf IgorPro procedure file by a Python script called, located in the same directory.

The current documentation was built: November 26, 2012.


  • Python
  • Sphinx
  • LaTeX

How to build the documentation

  1. change to the directory with the file

  2. extract the docs from the .ipf file and build the HTML docs:

  3. build the LaTeX and then PDF files:

    make latexpdf
  4. copy the PDF file to the source directory and rebuild the HTML:

    cp _build/latex/HDF5gateway.pdf ./
  5. copy the rebuilt HTML directory to the publishing space



Copyright (c) 2012 University of Chicago. All rights reserved. See the LICENSE file for details.