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Welcome to your first member's area created by Locked Area.

Please feel free to remove this file and put whatever you like in this directory.

This member's area is protected by .htaccess.  .htaccess is an authentication system developed by Apache.  It's pretty much the most secure main-stream authentication method available on Unix web servers.  Infact, it's so secure it is pretty much impossible to 'hack' through.  Obviously, as with all security systems access is freely given to users with a valid username and password.

Locked Area
As you are aware, Locked Area is a freely distributed piece of internet software that is distributed by Locked-Area.com.  Please maintain all link backs in the cgi scripts and help spread the word about Locked Area.  The more people who know about and use Locked Area, the better it will become as support builds. A Pro version is available for $50 USD, you can purchase this via your administration panel by going to the 'Coniguration' section and selecting the 'Upgrade' option. The upgrade process is completely automated with no need to download any files.

Member's Area Utilities
logger.cgi is a simple little script that will display a Welcome [username] message when loaded into the member's area using SSI tags.  It also records details about the visitor to a log file.  This log file can be read in the administration panel.
To call logger.cgi into your member's area html please place the following tag anywhere in your member's area html.

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/logger.cgi"-->

If you didn't install the scripts into your cgi-bin, just modify the path.  You must use a relative url.  e.g. /dir/dir/logger.cgi or /cgi-bin/logger.cgi, not a full path or url.  You may find that you need to use the extension .shtml to use SSI tags in your html.  If you're not sure, contact your system administrator or have a look at your web host's FAQ page, most good hosts have them.

Final Note
Thank you very much for choosing Locked Area.  We hope you like it!  Of course, all comments, complaints and suggestions are very welcome.  Please email them to comments[-at-]locked-area.com.
Please note, we are sadly not able to offer email support to Locked Area Lite users because the demands are way too high for our team to handle.  If you do have any problems, please feel free to post them in the support forum.  You should receive a quick response.

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Comments, Complaints, Suggestions: comments[-at-]locked-area.com
Sales Questions: http://www.locked-area.com/helpdesk.php
Support, Bug Reports, Problems etc: http://my.locked-area.com/

Copyright © 1999 - 2008 ionix Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1999 - 2008 ionix Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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