How to Build the Documentation from a Sphinx project


make html

Load the file index.html into your browser and examine the results. The file path is different depending if you have an in-source or out-of-source configuration.

in-source path:
out-of-source path:


For our testing purposes, we’ll document the aalength.mac macro file from the Install section. Edit the new file index.rst and add this line at line 14. Make sure it lines up at the left in column 1:

.. autospecmacro:: ../specdomain/doc/aalength.mac

Build the HTML documentation:

make html

View the documentation using a web browser such as firefox:

firefox _build/html/index.html &

You should see a page that looks like this, if nothing went wrong.

view of aalength.mac HTML documentation

Documentation of the aalength.mac file.

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