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subversion repository

The PvMail project is hosted on the APS XSD subversion server. You may check out the entire project source code subversion repository and development subdirectory:

svn co ./pvMail

project management site

You may find it easier to view the various code revisions and other aspects of the project from the project management site. Links there will direct you to the resources (documentation, source code) for the PvMail project.


Documentation for the PvMail project, maintained using Sphinx (, is available from and also EPUB and PDF versions.

Change History

  • (2013-10-18)
  • Simplify startup of pvMail by installing launcher as <python>/bin/pvMail as part of tasks
  • (2012-09-07)
  • new home for documentation
  • check for existence of sendmail program before trying
  • (2012-06-19)
  • release of new code

TODO items for a future release

  1. Connect status updates from pvMail.PvMail() with status in the GUI
  2. Report PV connection problems in an obvious way
  3. GUI: display the tail end of the LOG_FILE.
  4. GUI: save/restore settings from a named file
  5. GUI: manage multiple pvMail.PvMail() objects (starting, stopping, detaching, ...)