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epicsdf project: documentationΒΆ

epicsdf (an implementation of UNIX diskfree, in python) is a set of support tools to monitor the space available to a single disk partition and report that information periodically to EPICS process variables.

This support is of interest to those acquiring data onto disk partitions where the space is limited. Typically, this is for support of area detectors writing large numbers of data files, each with large sizes, to disk. An EPICS client would monitor the free or available space PV and react when a particular threshold has been reached.

A Python client will run (in the background) on the computer hosting the disk partition to be watched. Periodically, the client will obtain and report the amount of disk free space to EPICS PVs running in a database on an EPICS IOC (not necessarily on the host computer).

Assuming that the host system is UNIX, then a cron task will be scheduled to ensure that the Python client is running by calling a shell script. A shell script will control the start, stop, restart, and check that the Python client is running. It will write a text file with the PID of the running job and maintain a log file with any console output from the Python client.