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Host computer support documentationΒΆ

The host computer support package consists of a bash shell script and a Makefile, both located in the directory: <epicsdf>/shell/

Most important is the bash shell script: It is used to start, stop, restart, and check that the Python job is running. The shell logs all its output (and that of the Python code) into the file epicsdf.log in the same directory. The process identifier (PID) is recorded in the file

There is also a Makefile in the same directory for convenience.

Makefile bash shell description
make checkup make sure the python job is running and restart it if is not
make start start start the python job
make stop stop stop the python job
make restart restart restart the python job

To make sure the Python script is running, enter these commands as a cron task (which run a check every five minutes):

# cron task
#  watch some local disk partition and report it to EPICS, send emails if space runs low
   */5 * * * * /path/to/epicsdf/shell/ start
note:To edit a cron task, you need to set an environment variable for an editor such as EDITOR=nano and then type “crontab -e” on the command line. Paste in the line above, save the edits, and quit the editor.