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Deploying CSS-BOY at APS Beam LinesΒΆ


CSS [1] (Control System Studio) was designed at DESY, Hamburg, Germany. CSS is software that provides a rich environment for EPICS [3] controls.

The Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory maintains and distributes a tool derived from CSS, CSS-BOY [2] (Best Opi Yet – where OPI is an EPICS term for Operator - Programmer Interface). CSS-BOY is graphical-user interface software for EPICS. Separate executables are provided for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. It is intended to use CSS-BOY to replace MEDM [4] at APS beam lines.

APS beam lines will deploy CSS-BOY expecting to use standard screens from the APS, as well as locally-produced screens. Each beam line will need to install identical customizations at several beam line workstations. The APS will need occasionally to update the suite of standard screens.

This document describes the steps to install and configure CSS-BOY for use at APS beam lines.



This documentation comes from a SVN repo:

svn co cssboy_deployment


[1]Control System Studio:
[2]CSS-Best Opi Yet:
[3]Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System:
[4]Motif-based Editing and Display Manager: